Keep you in my arms

Chapter 87 The Woman Who Suddenly Appeared

"Give yourself to him! In this way you can not only repay his help, but also... "

"Wait! I am now increasingly suspicious of your ulterior motive!" Angela suddenly came out of the
thought and she asked: "you didn't go on a business trip, did you?"

She didn't like to suspect her friend, but she had to question this due to what Hilda said just now.

Hearing that she was already unhappy, Hilda stopped her teasing and quickly smiled: "I'm just kidding!"

"Hilda! As you know, I am not interested in love, let alone marriage!" She said excitedly.

On the other side of the line, Hilda knew that she was about to cross her line. She quickly put on an
aggrieved look and said: "Angela! Angela! You shouted at me! You are scolding me! You don't love me

This move was always worked!

As expected, Angela was in a great headache: "Okay, come back as soon as possible."

"I will. I can't let you be alone every night as you miss me so much."

"Uh..." She couldn't do anything to her. "Good. Get your things done and come back! I'm making a
curry potato for you! Chicken is raised by our family this time!"

On the other side of the phone, Hilda had already shown a foodie's saliva, and swallowed finally. "I... I'll
go back next week!"

"Okay! That's settled then!" Angela afraid that she'll regret then and said: "I'm going to read something.
I have to go! Bye."

After hanging up the phone, Angela looked at the phone and muttered in her mind: "this Hilda is
obviously trying to sell her to someone!" Not to mention that she was pretending to go on a business
trip, even if she was really going on a business trip, she would go if there was something worth for her
to hurry to eat!

Angela was so pleased with the success of her plan that the door opened suddenly. Angela thought it
was Edward, so she turned her head and asked: "so soon?"

After saying that, she and the person who pushed the door in were all stunned.

Was she the cleaning lady who broke Edward's cup?

Anna only heard that the circuit of the Edward's house was burned out. Now he was in the apartment of
Hilda. She didn't expect that Angela was here too.

"Ha-ha..." Anna wanted to run away, but was that useful as she was already saw by Angela? She had
to give an awkward smile.

If she was really a cleaner, how could she know the unlock code?

Anna Chen... "Hilda Chen...

She looked at the face of Anna. No wonder she felt a little familiar when she met her for the first time!

Shock and surprise flashed across her face!

"Hello..." Anna tried to act naturally, but there was still an awkward smile on her face.

Seeing that Anna was carrying her bag with one hand and waving the other hand to greet her, Angela
hastily stood up and greeted: "Hello!"

Ten minutes later, Angela poured a glass of water for her and they sat on the sofa.

"Auntie, you are Hilda's mother, right?" She asked with a smile, trying to sound as relaxed as possible.

"Yes! Hilda told me that she had some roommates. I didn't expect you to be so kind that you could live
with her for such a long time. " Anna didn't expect that Angela could bear Hilda so long, after all, Hilda
was of a capricious and bad tempered girl!

The answer was so ridiculous!

Angela smiled and said: "How could it be? Hilda was a real kind girl! As kind as Auntie!"

"She doesn't look like me! She was as willful as her father! Moo moo is like me, considerate and

Anna would not have said something like that to Angela as she had already treated Angela as her