Keep you in my arms

Chapter 86 Snuck Into Her Room At Midnight

He caught the obstinate eyes of Angela, who tried hard to hold back her tears and defend her dignity.

He wanted to ask more, but he didn't open his mouth.

Anyone would like to avoid his or her scar being uncovered, and she was stubborn. If he really wanted
to help, he would choose another way.

The night of the S City was as bright as daytime. The traffic on the road was constantly flowing.
Looking down, it was like seeing a river with lights shining. The continuous flow of "rivers" was also like
the tears that Angela shed.

On the table laid the latest Chinese Literary History, and there was a red and burning invitation card.
The name of Greg was in it, but there was no her name.

Greg Fang, Mary Wei...

Although she had thought about it many times, Mary was holding his hand with a bright smile, and
Greg would never rub her head, because it was Mary who stood next to him.

How many times did she persuade herself not to care? How many times did she implicated herself that
if Greg didn't trust her, then it was not worth it.

The recollection of Greg and her first love, Minnie Zhang, all poured into Angela's mind for no reason.

Was she really so bad? She had given her heart and soul to both of the relationships. At last, Minnie
left her and Greg chose someone else.

Or, just as her mother said, in a marriage, the sacrifice of a woman must be very great. If the woman
was not willing to sacrifice, then she could not get the family warmth she wanted.

But why was that? Was there no one willing to wait for her? She couldn't tell whether she was sad
because she lost Greg or because her faith was destroyed.

She sat at the table with empty eyes and cried for two hours.

At three o'clock in the morning, the woman on the bed curled up in the quilt.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open slowly. A man walked in.

The tall figure cast a shadow and enveloped her in the bed. Edward squatted down so that he could
see her face clearly. He thought she might have fallen asleep long ago.

He couldn't help but reach out his hand and put his finger on her forehead. Then he slid his finger along
her face to her chin.

Suddenly, the scene that she struggled in his arms, cried and cursed him "bastard" came to his mind.

At the beginning, he was afraid that she would entangle him because of something like that. Now, he
felt that she only belonged to him back then.

He smiled, but he couldn't help but leave his own mark on her lips.

Seeing that Angela didn't react much to his touch, he couldn't help raising the corner of his mouth.
When he released her, she licked her lips with her pink tongue unexpectedly.

He thought she was awakened but she just licked her lips. He couldn't help chuckling.

Suddenly, he remembered the purpose of sneaking into her room. He stood up and looked at the bag
on the table. He walked on bare foot. Then he opened the flashlight app and unzipped her bag.

He checked a little and found nothing suspicious. Then he zipped back the bag and put it back to
where it was.

He then looked at the table again. When he saw the red card, he was confused and subconsciously
opened it.

With a glance, he knew why Christa came to her and why she cried secretly today.

He frowned and remembered that he also received an invitation yesterday. It was said that the
daughter of the president of the Anson Bank, Richard Wei was married and the bride's name on the
invitation was also Wei.

It took a long time for him to recover from his thoughts, and then he put the thing back to its place.

Then he walked to her and stared at her. In the dark, he didn't need to worry that she would refuse him.
He just kissed her forehead again. Think of it as "goodnight kiss". After that, he went out of the

In the quiet room, it's as light as if you can't hear the "click" of closing the door. The people in the bed
would open her eyes. His eyes were as bright as the stars, but there was also a hint of astonishment in

Edward didn't let her go to work because her foot hadn't recovered. She was in a bad mood, so she
followed his arrangement.

In the beginning, she felt very uncomfortable when hearing that Edward wanted to change the medicine
for her. On the seventh day, he held her foot and sterilized the wound. She had already get used to it.

"You've helped me change the medicine for so many days. How many tomato and egg noodle do I
need to cook for you?" She looked at him and teased.

Over the past few days, although Angela's attitude toward him was less than enthusiastic, but she was
not as sharp as before and also not as cold as before.

Edward was not in a hurry to achieve quick success and instant benefit. On the contrary, he would feel
more natural if he got along with her step by step.

"I don't need many dishes." He looked up and smiled.

"Then how many do you want?" She asked.

He raised his right index finger and smiled faintly.

"One time?"

He smiled and shook his head and continued to bandage her wound.

She frowned and thought it for a while. Isn't it a meal to raise a finger?

"The cut on your foot has already been cured. You don't need to bandage it anymore. There should be
no problem with walking, but remember not to exercise vigorously."

"Okay, thank you!" Raising her head, she looked into his eyes and asked: "so how many tomato
noodles should I treat you? It's just a meal, isn't it?"

Then she raised a finger.

He poked his head and said: "you are so smart. You will figure it out."

After saying that, he turned around to pick up his coat: "I'm going out for a while. I'll be back soon," he

After he left, Angela took out her phone and called Hilda.

"What's wrong? Angela?"

"When will you come back?"

Edward has been living here for a week! Since that night, when he sneaked into her room and kissed
her, she was too scared to lock the door every night.

Although in the past week, except for that day when he kissed her secretly, he had done nothing
excessive. But she knew very well that there is no free lunch in the world.

Edward was doing the job of changing medicine for her and taking care of her every day. If it weren't for
the inconvenience of her legs and feet, and if he had insisted, she wouldn't have come to this! So she
asked him to cook noodles for her to pay off his help.

Hilda received her phone call every day, asking when she would come back.

It was not easy to create the opportunity, how could she easily disturb it?

"How are you getting along with my brother?"

"He gave me food and drink and help me to change the medicine! Hilda, if you don't come back, I can't
repay your brother even if I sell my two kidney!"

"It's not that hard to repay. I have a way to let you pay him back!

"What's it?" Angela didn't like to owe anyone anything!