Keep you in my arms

Chapter 88 The Reason Why Mr. Edward Didn't Go To Work

Though Edward was a man of few words and be angry without infuriation, but he was also very
considerate to his mother and sister. Of course, Angela was more or less taken care of by him, but
unconsciously, she regarded his care for her as a kind of effort to achieve his goal.

But she didn't care what kind of person Edward was. However, after Anna confessed her identity, her
perception of the Yan Family was changed again.

She had thought that she could handle with such a mischievous woman, Hilda, but now there was
another woman, Anna! The way she looked at her was like a caring mother which made Angela's hair
stand on end.

"Angela..." Anna suddenly grabbed her hand and asked with great anticipation: "are you free this

She was shocked by her words, and felt a little scared as she recalled that she had wasted several
days because Anna broke the glass last time. However...

"Auntie, if you have any problem, just tell me. I will try my best to help you."

She was worrying about how to return the favor to Edward! If so, she could give it back to his mother!

Anna looked at the clock and found that it was already past ten o'clock. She said: "I want you to have a
meal with me later and then go shopping with me this afternoon."

Having dinner? Go shopping?

She looked at the beautiful woman in front of her in surprise. Then she remembered what Hilda had
told her: "Sometimes I feel pity for my mother. She wants someone to accompany her, but my father,
my brother and I don't have time. Anyway, she was not count pitiful! That's what life is like. A coin has

two sides. Since she married my rich father, my father spend his time on earning money. It's impossible
for him to spend too much time with her. What's more, my father has to accompany other women."

"Why didn't you and your brother stay with her?" Angela asked Hilda back then.

"Let me ask you this question! Angela, do you have time to accompany your mother?"

Besides the fact that she really wanted to prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam at the same
time of her work. Even if she would apply wholeheartedly, there would be sixteen hours for her study
every day, 24 hours a day. She would not be able to accompany others all the time when she had a
weekend break. She even needed to read the books she was interested in and to see her friends! If
she did pass the exam, she would be busier if she could be enrolled in the academic research!

"Only during vacations are available."

"Right! We have a family dinner every week. We must go home for dinner as long as we don't go on a
business trip. There was also a family dinner in a month, on tenth every month. Even if we went on a
business trip, we had to go home for dinner! But it's just for dinner. Think about it. My mom has been
living alone in such a big house. How can she not feel lonely and bored?"

Thinking of this, Angela had a rough idea. Perhaps, Anna was so bored that she just looked for
someone went shopping and having dinner with her.

It was indeed a waste of time, but it was a fair thing that Edward spent thirty minutes dressing her
wound everyday for eight days, that was, four hours. So the whole afternoon's time was almost the

At this moment, Edward came back, followed by Lucas.

Anna and Angela were stunned when they saw them coming in.

Holding a pile of documents, Lucas wondered what was wrong with Mr. Edward recently. He had never
been absent from work for no reason, but he even didn't go to work on time for a week. He even
ordered Lucas to bring documents and laptop here early in the morning, to review those at home and to
have a meeting online.

As soon as he saw Angela, Lucas suddenly understood what had happened.