Keep you in my arms

Chapter 90 I'm Afraid You'll Regret It

She had just been humiliated and was still angry. How could he have the face to flirt with her again?

Angela pushed his hand away and took a step back: "Who is as boring as you? !"

He was bored? He pursued her so seriously, just because he was afraid that she would be cheated by
Chuck. It turned out to be a boring thing in her eyes! She didn't understand amorous feelings at all!


He sighed.

It was the first time that she had heard him sigh. She felt it a little strange. It seemed that he, an
otherworldly man, would sigh?

At this time, Anna outside said something. Because of the good sound insulation, Angela couldn't hear
it clearly. She wanted to go out, but was surrounded by Edward. Angela raised her head and asked:
"can you let me go?"

He turned his body aside and saw her walking past him. He asked: "did my mother make any strange
request to you?"

At the mention of this, Angela realized that she hadn't told him yet.

"Nothing strange. Auntie asked me to go shopping with her."

"You agreed?"

"You came back before I could say yes."

"Don't say yes!" He suddenly felt a little nervous.

"Why?" Is it just eating and shopping? She thought for a while and said: "how about this, Edward? It
took you about four hours to change the medicine for me in the past seven days. Now I also spent four
hours with your mother. Is this a reward for you?"

He had never thought of asking her to pay him back. Even if she wanted to pay back, she shouldn't
have accompanied his mother!

"I changed the medicine for you. How can you pay back by accompanying my mother?"

Judging from his tone, was she going to accompany him? She would rather go shopping with Anna
than go shopping with him!

"I suddenly remember something. Did you know that aunt had something to do with the broken glass
last time?"

Edward looked away. Angela knew that he was guilty, so she said: "you're right to let me take the
blame, which almost made me unable to stay in the DC Capital Group!"

She felt wronged at the thought that he scolded her for being uneducated at that time.

"I didn't know it until later." He felt very guilty when he knew that his mother broke the glass, but he
didn't know how to apologize.

Before he figure out how to apologize. He didn't want her to meet his mother again. When he took her
to see his grandmother, the time was staggered! But he didn't expect that it was his mother who
disturbed him.

"Look, if it weren't for the glass thing that delayed my study progress, I wouldn't have worked overtime
to study. If it weren't for the study, how could I go home so late? If I didn't come back so late, how could
I meet a bad guy who hurt my foot? So, to tell you the truth, I didn't need to pay you back for helping

me change the medicine, but! I'm kind. How about this? I'll go shopping and have dinner with aunt as a
way to repay your favor. And I don't care about the cup thing anymore!"

Hearing her analysis, Edward knew that she was talking nonsense! She went to the library because he
was here. She was better at playing tricks than Hilda!

He was being kindness and didn't want her to be deceived by his mother to do strange things. But she
didn't appreciate his kindness. In that case, let her feel how terrible his mother was.

He came to his senses and looked at her with a hint of interest in his eyes. "I have no objection, but I'm
afraid that you will regret it!"

Although she didn't like shopping, she wouldn't regret it for a merely whole afternoon! Edward must be
trying to frighten her so that she could accommodate to his thought!

"How could it be? I think Auntie is easy to get along with!" She smiled.

"Easy to get along with..." He smiled meaningfully, "okay! Although you still don't trust me, but... I don't
hold grudges. If you really can't stand it this afternoon, you can call me. oh! By the way, I broke your
phone last time. Manager Lucas bought me a new one today as compensation for you!"

"No need!" Angela refused subconsciously.

"What? I broke your phone. Can't I compensate you? " He knew she wouldn't accept a gift from a man

If she didn't accept it, she was afraid that he would find a way to make her accept it. Perhaps, he
couldn't help but give her a lottery or something like that. Since she had to accept it sooner or later, and
it was true that he had smashed her phone, so it was not that she took it for nothing.

She thought for a while and said: "okay! You broke my phone. You deserve it!"

Angela wanted to go out, Edward reached out to open the door for her. As soon as he opened the door,
Anna lost her balance and almost fell down.

It was obvious that she was eavesdropping.

She glanced at her son and then looked at Angela. Then she asked: "Angela, did Moo moo bully you?"

At the mention of the word "bully", her face instantly flushed. It was all her fault that she was too
honest. Her expression was full of what happened just now. Anna was delighted to see that and said to
Edward: "Moo moo, I'm going shopping with Angela and having dinner together. You can eat by
yourself today!"

Anna said so because she thought that they lived together as normal couples.

Glancing at Angela, Edward thought that he hadn't taken her seriously yet, but his mother's question
made her blush like this. She might cry for help later. Thinking of her interesting expression, he
suddenly looked forward to it.

"Yes! Since you want to do these things, you'd better hurry up and don't come back too late."

It seemed that she was his wife, which made Angela unhappy. As the saying goes, "little forbearance
upsets great plans." thinking that she could only kick him out after paying the debt of gratitude, she
endured it.

At this time, Lucas came over and said: "Mr. Edward, this is your phone."

Edward took the phone and handed it to Angela.

In front of so many people, it was even more difficult to explain why she took his things.

Seeing that she didn't take the phone, Edward raised his hand again, indicating her to take it.

The atmosphere in the room was awkward when she didn't take the phone. She thought for a while and
smiled: "I'm really sorry. My foot was injured. I need your help to buy a cell phone!"

How could Edward not know her thoughts? He didn't expose her, but said to his mother: "Angela's foot
hasn't fully recovered yet. Just take a walk a little. Remember to find a place to rest."

"Your feet are injured? What happened?" Anna asked nervously.

"I was accidentally hurt by the broken glass. It's not a big deal."

"It's okay if you don't get hurt, but you can't work too much. In that case, let's go shopping. I'll take you
to a place where you can have a rest and relax! "

When they went out, Edward reminded her: "if you are tired, don't forget to tell her."

He knew very well that when her mother went shopping, she was really energetic. She didn't know
what fatigue was!

"Moo moo, what do you mean... Why do you make me look like a stepmother?" Anna was a little
jealous. Why did her son take the side of his girlfriend?!