Keep you in my arms

Chapter 91 Woman Who Leave People An Amazing Image


"You can set off early. I've booked a table for dinner at Bruce's restaurant. I'll pick you up at that time."
Addison knew that Angela wanted to explain their relationship, so he interrupted her. Because now that
Angela met his mother and was misunderstood as his girlfriend, it was not easy for her to get rid of him!
That's good. Chuck will get the news soon. Although he won't shrink back because of this according his
character, at least he should be given a warning!

Lucas looked at Edward in confusion. Having been working for him for so many years, Lucas knew
Edward was a man of few words and he rarely interrupted others halfway. But now, it was obvious that
Mr. Edward didn't let Angela continue on purpose. But what did Angela want to say?

Hearing that Angela's foot was injured, Anna proposed to directly go to have lunch at the appointed

Angela checked the time and asked in surprise, "Aunt Anna, isn't it too early?"

"After I dress you up, it will be almost at time!"

"Dress up?" Wasn't it too exaggerated to dress up just for a lunch?

However, Anna took her to a hair care, and Angela was very suffering to finish the spa, thinking that it
was over. Looking at her smooth and glossy hair, Anna was very satisfied. Just when Angela thought
they was going to have dinner, Anna took her to a beauty salon.

Angela knew that if getting in, she could not get out without one or two hours. She shook her head to
resist, but was still pushed in by Anna. As soon as she entered, the waiter who received her said
respectfully, "Miss Angela, you can take off your clothes now."

Angela was stunned. "Take off my clothes? !"

"Yes, we will do a whole body spa for you."

Angela shook her head desperately and was about to rush out, but was stopped by Anna. "Girls' skin is
very important. Even if it's not on your face, you should take good care of it."

"Aunt Anna, I think my skin is good enough now!" Angela made a helpless face.

"You should start skin care when you are young, because when you get old, you can't get it back! You
are still young and Moo moo was not tired of you. But if your skin turns bark and the little girl outside
has a smooth skin, I'm afraid that Moo moo will change his heart. "

"It's none of my business whether he changes his mind or not..." Angela finally understood the reason
why Edward said that.

"How can you say so? Even if you can ignore it, you can't let yourself go like this! "


Before Angela could explain, Anna ordered them, "Hurry up! We are in a hurry! "

"Aunt, aren't we in a hurry? How about we leave now? " Angela didn't want to take off her clothes and
show her body to so many people!

However, Anna knew what she was thinking. Seeing that Angela was about to slip out, she winked at
the staff. So, in Angela's scream, they dragged her into the room and stripped her clothes.

Half and an hours later, Angela was done. She stood in front of the mirror, wrapped in a bath towel.
Anna looked at her face, neck, collarbone, arms, and shins, and nodded with satisfaction. "You has a
good basis in skin, but you take few care of them."

Angela was also surprised. After their care, her skin was much more delicate.

"No one's skin can be better or worse than others when they are eighteen years old, but once they are
more than twenty-five years old, women's beauty will be made up of money!" Then she touched
Angela's shoulder and said, "I didn't expect you to be a beauty. Your figure and skin are just hidden by
your clothes! No wonder Moo moo treats you differently! "

Angela blushed at once and said, "No, Aunt, the relationship between me and Edward is not what you

Angela finally explained.

But Anna didn't take it seriously. She smiled and said, "Don't worry, Angela. We don't have prejudice in
family background. A few days later, his father and I will choose a date to visit your family. Moo moo is
old and he will get married sooner or later. It's better to get married as soon as possible, isn't it? "

It was great for Anna to see her son get married in her lifetime, and as long as her son got married, her
husband would not have another child with another woman!

Get married?! Angela just came to have dinner with him. Why was she even planned to get married?
Besides, had Edward explained to his family? Why did his families all treat her as his girlfriend?!

"No..." Angela wanted to explain again, but Anna's phone rang.

She answered the phone. When the person on the other end of the line finished speaking, she smiled
and said, "You order some dishes first. We will be there soon."

Anna turned around and asked the staff to bring the clothes for her and handed them to Angela. It
turned out that when Angela was doing the spa, Anna had helped her choose a new dress, a matched
bag and shoes.

"Aunt, what about my clothes?"

"I've sent it to the dry cleaning shop for you. You wear this one. It should be the right size!" Anna
seemed to dress up her daughter, expecting her to leave people an amazing image.

"Okay!" Angela really regretted that she didn't listen to Edward's words. If she had known it would be so
troublesome to have dinner with Anna, she would rather have dinner with Edward!

After she changed her clothes and came out, Anna smiled with satisfaction. She clapped her hands
again and said, "Very good! You have looked great without makeup! Sure enough, you look much more
beautiful than them when you dress up! "

Angela looked at herself in the mirror, dumbfounded. From the usual casual style to a real socialite
Diva style! She didn't expect that she could be so beautiful! It was as if she had just come out of novel!

"Ms. Anna, this is your bill. The consumption is twenty-six thousand this time. Would you like to pay by
card or by mobile phone?" The waiter respectfully handed the bill to Anna. Angela was stunned and
muttered in her heart, "Aunt is right. Beauty is really made up of money!"

On the way to dinner, Angela felt uneasy. It cost tens of thousands to do a spa today! How could she
pay it back!

When she was worried facing her cell phone, she received a text message. She clicked on it and saw
the caller's name: Moo moo.

Huh? Moo moo? Isn't this the nickname of Edward? But when did she have his phone number?

Suddenly, she remembered that the new phone was bought by Edward. She guessed that he had
saved it himself.

Moo moo: you are just accompanying my mother today. If you don't take the initiative to buy the
products, I can reimburse.

At first, Angela was still upset. She was the one who served the spa, and whether she should return it
to Anna or not. But the message from Edward reminded her of one thing that she was forced. So she
just wanted to accompany Anna well today!

Thinking of this, she felt much more relaxed and replied, "Okay."

According to his mother's tradition, she would definitely take Angela to the transformation, and then
take her to see a group of dames. And according to Angela's character, she would definitely worry
about whether she should pay back the money to his mother. But if she did, how could she have so
much money? Hearing her say "Okay", Edward was relieved.

Angela thought it would be enough to have dinner with Anna after dressing up, but she underestimated