Keep you in my arms

Chapter 93 Her First Man

Seeing Angela's smiling face, Winnie's face turned pale. Linda felt extremely embarrassed. Fortunately,
she didn't say anything disrespectful to the Yan Family just now.

"Hello, Aunts!" Angela said politely to the two, but her eyes were fixed on Winnie.

"Hello..." Even though she was a little embarrassed, Linda still maintained her gentle and decent

"He...Hello." Winnie wished she could dig a hole in the ground to hide herself.

Angela calmly walked to the wash basin, washed her hands and wiped them with tissue. Then she
turned around and said to Winnie, "Oh! By the way, please don't worry. All the people in the Yan Family
are healthy. They are not as frigid as you said. In the past few years, the reason why my Edward
remained single was that he hadn't met me, so he kept his chastity. After all, not everyone is so horny! "

Originally, the matter of the Yan Family had nothing to do with her, but somehow, when she heard
Winnie's words, her anger arose. Angela thought that maybe she wanted to speak for them
subconsciously because Edward and Hilda treated her so well!

Then she kept smiling and finished saying. Winnie's face looked terrible as if she had eaten shit.

Winnie thought it was the most embarrassing thing, but unexpectedly, after Angela left, there was a
burst of laughter in the bathroom. They had already recognized who laughed, and Winnie immediately
became angry.

"Ha ha..." Fiona walked out of the toilet and laughed out loud. When she passed Winnie, she patted her
on the shoulder and said, "Winnie! I can't help you this time. What did you say? Why did you say that
her husband had impotence? "

"I... I..." Winnie was in the wrong. Although she was angry, she had no reason to lose her temper!

Fiona washed her hands and smoothed her hair. "Let's go back first. The dishes should be served."
Said Linda behind her.

In the private room, Anna saw that they came back one after another. Angela was calm, Fiona was
smiling, Linda was embarrassed, and Winnie seemed to be terrible.

Anna was keenly aware of something. She turned to Fiona and asked, "What happened?"

"Something interesting."

Since Fiona didn't say it directly, it must be inconvenient to say it. Although Anna was tantalized, she
could only be patient.

At this time, the dishes were served, and everyone ate a few silently. Suddenly, Fiona put down her
chopsticks and asked Angela, "Angela, when did you know Moo moo?"

"What?" Angela came to her senses and said, "Not long. It's only March this year."

After saying that, she felt a little flustered. She was so impulsive just now that she said something like
that. She didn't really have that kind of relationship with Edward. It would be more embarrassing if it
was found out! Perhaps even Edward would be laughed at more.

However, what she said was like water pouring out.

But in order not to let them see through her mind, she picked up the cup on the table and drank a few
mouthfuls with her head down, trying to cover up the panic in her eyes.

"Your relationship is developing very fast. How long can Moo moo stay when you have a sex at night?"

All of a sudden, there was a weird silence at the table. The four of them looked at her. Angela was
choked by the water because of these unexpected words and coughed, "Eh hem..."

For a moment, her face was as red as blood!

When the four people saw that she had calmed down, they stared at her expectantly, waiting for her

"I..." She wanted to explain that she had nothing to do with Edward, but it contradicted what she said

She shouldn't have been so impulsive just now. She had dug such a big trap for herself!

Angela took a look at Anna. She had thought that Anna would speak for her, but Anna swallowed and
stared at her, asking gently, "How long has it been?"

Angela's last assistant turned into an accomplice of her opponent. She was on the verge of breaking

But how could she say that?

"Is it Very short? " Fiona asked. Hearing her question, Winnie couldn't wait to hear Angela's answer.
Linda was embarrassed, but she couldn't hide her expectation.

Was it really appropriate to say it in public? And it was on the table!

Angela was embarrassed, but they stared at her and didn't want to let her go. Besides, judging from
their expressions, it seemed that this kind of thing was not something that should be kept secret!

Was this the reason why Edward asked her not to regret? Angela really regretted that she had set
herself up! It was not right either that she answered or not.

She lowered her eyebrows, ashamed, angry and regretful. Seeing her so silent, everyone took her as
acquiescence. Anna was anxious and pinched Angela's thigh under the table.

Angela finally came to her senses and glanced at Anna.

Winnie sneered. Fiona frowned and touched her jaw, "It shouldn't be! According to Moo moo's figure,
even if it is less than three hours, it shouldn't be short! "

"Don't judge a book by its cover. It was what you always say." Said Winnie.

"Alas! I haven't expected that he didn't inherit the good gene from his father and I."


Seeing that Anna was full of sadness and Winnie was snickering, Angela couldn't help retorting. This
retort made her regret again. She shouldn't have answered such a topic!

"Oh! I see! " Fiona suddenly remembered something and clapped her hands excitedly. "Is Edward your
first man?"

Hearing this question, Angela suddenly raised her head and looked into Fiona's eyes. This time, her
ears turned red.

"Aha! I knew it! No wonder Moo moo has waited for ten years and wants to marry no one except you. I
didn't expect that Moo moo has such a good taste. He can still find a girl as clean as you in this era! "
Of course, Fiona didn't really think that a girl should keep her virginity in order to keep her clean. She
glanced at Winnie intentionally or unintentionally, just in order to rub her sharpness. Later, Angela knew
that it was because Winnie's daughter-in-law was a three tier star and had been kept by a rich
businessman a few years ago.

Fiona fought back. She really cut Winnie's heart and also put a big handful of salt on it!

As expected, the smile at the corners of Winnie's mouth froze. She still glanced at Angela with disdain.

"So, how long will it last?" Anna was so excited! She just hoped that Angela could tell her more about
her son and wash the dirty water they poured on him!

Facing pairs of fiery eyes, Angela was really hard to say, "I... I don't know either..."

So she admitted that she had sex with Edward! And Anna finally confirmed that her son had sex with
Angela the night she asked someone to drug him!

"How could you not know? Or... Isn't it true? " Winnie finally caught her words and smiled with
contempt, "Anna! You don't have to find an actress every time! "

Winnie thought of a very strange thing. If Edward was really with Angela, why hadn't Anna sent them a
photo of them? Young people nowadays, which couple don't take a photo together? Moreover, Anna
had never said that Edward had a girlfriend before! Wasn't it too abrupt to bring a daughter-in-law here
all of a sudden?