Keep you in my arms

Chapter 94 Edward! Help Me!

Anna had tried to find a substitute actress to be her daughter-in-law, and Winnie's suspicion was
reasonable. Anna felt guilty for what she had done.

Seeing Anna lowering her head, Angela thought she was too humiliated to raise her head. She thought
that since she had said this, she would not mind saying a few more words. She gritted her teeth and
raised her head: "It's not like that. It was just because I was too tired that he finally stopped. I was so
tired that I just wanted to sleep, so I didn't look at the time."

The aunts sighed. Anna had always thought that there was something wrong with his son. Hearing her
words, she finally felt relieved.

Angela suddenly remembered that night when he got off her, it was already gray and a little bright.

Without hesitation, she muttered: "it seems that... It's dawn..."

"Morning? !" They stared at her in shock.


Aunts, can we skip this topic?

Angela lowered her head silently, took a sip of water and put down the cup: "I'm going to the

In the bathroom, Angela patted her face with water for several times, but her face was still hot. She
fanned herself with her hands to cool herself down.

Her brain was buzzing, and she wandered around the bathroom a few more times.

What the hell did she say? Didn't you say that you had forgotten what happened that night? How could
she remember so clearly? Didn't you say that you had turned the page? How could it be possible for
her to get out of it all!

Crazy! She must be crazy!

She looked at herself in the mirror with a sad face. After a while, she thought of another possibility.
'These aunts won't say this to their children, will they? 'you are right. Everyone is so busy. Who will talk
about this topic?

She calmed herself down a little bit and told herself several times that there would be nobody else to
know. It was okay! it will be OK!

When Angela returned to the box, Winnie and Linda had left. When she pushed the door open, she
heard Anna say excitedly: "what's wrong with my Angela? Her skin was also white, her forehead was
full, her nose was small and her mouth was beautiful. Why was she not as beautiful as her daughter-in-
law? Do you think so, Fiona?"

"That's impossible. Angela and Regina are two different beauties! But Regina suits the taste of modern
people more!"

"What's so good about an awl face? I think my Angela is beautiful with a round face. She will bring
good luck to her future husband!"

"Yes! Angela is a classic beauty, different!"

Regina was Winnie's daughter-in-law. With fair skin, oval face and big eyes, she was a beauty that
everyone would praise on the street.

Winnie couldn't find anything to dislike. She had to find something better than Anna!

Angela sat down and was about to continue eating when Anna noticed her coming back and suddenly
stared at her. Suddenly, she smiled: "Angela..."

Anna changed from anger to tenderness so fast that Angela grew a bad feeling.

"What's wrong? Aunt... "She was afraid that Anna would ask her to do something strange again.

She looked her up and down. Angela was frightened by her stare. She chewed the food and swallowed
it with fear. Then she asked carefully: "auntie... Auntie?"

"Get up!" Anna held her hand and asked her to stand up.

Angela was 1.60 meter high and Anna was 1.68.

Anna looked at her up and down again and frowned: "indeed a little shorter" Then she looked at
Angela's collarbone, shook her head and sighed: "it's far from enough!"

Angela was speechless: "..."

Suddenly, Anna gripped her waist, which scared her to scream. Ignoring her rejection, Anna smiled and
said: "you have a good ratio." When Angela was caught off guard, her hand moved upward and
touched her soft part and said: "Except here, her figure is no worse than that of Winnie's!"

Angela froze as the sensitive part of her body been touched and looked terrible. Without scruple, Anna
touched her buttocks, thighs, and calves, and then got up and took a wet tissue to wipe her hands. She
said slowly: "other parts are no worse than Regina!"

Angela trembled, but she couldn't lose her temper because she was an elder.

It was not easy for Anna to stop "invasion", and before she could react, she stood there like a pillar, and
Fiona's hands came up again. The method was almost the same as Anna's, but more familiar than

Anna's. After wiping it, she was naturally willing to say: "a natural beauty! She had never received a
surgery and maintained it very well! Especially her buttocks!"

Angela felt that she was like a pork on the board for others to judge and choose, which made her
unbearable. She took a deep breath and asked: "Auntie, are we going back?"

Anna noticed that there was something wrong with her face, but she didn't expect that it was because
of their professional "diagnosis". She asked: "what's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable? Is it because
your foot hurts?"

"I want to go home." She had a headache today!

Anna glanced at her and felt sorry for her: "Thank you so much today! Good girl!"

After Winnie and the others left, seeing that Anna was angry, Fiona sent the conversation recorded in
the bathroom to Anna. Anna was very fond of Angela when she heard that she protected the Yan
Family and her son decently!

Then she said to Fiona, "Fiona, my daughter-in-law said she was tired. You can go back and see how
to fix it. Then let's see if you can open her eyes and cut her bones!"

The high-end plastic surgery company owned by Fiona was the most influential one in the country at

"Boobs or something like that is feasible. We still need to think about cutting the bones. After all,
nowadays, it's not common for people to see a face with classical temperament like Angela. Maybe she
will become a typical beauty of the mainstream in the future!"

Open her eyes? Breast augmentation? Chop my bones?

Hearing their conversation, Angela shivered with fear.

At this time, a waiter came in. Anna paid the bill and said to them: "let's go!"

When they arrived downstairs, Fiona said: "Anna, I don't want to wait for my daughter to drive here. I
can take your car back directly! Anyway, we are on the same way!"


Fifteen minutes later, the car stopped in front of the high-end international medical beauty. Fiona got
out of the car and suddenly said: "Since we're all here. Do you want to come in and have a test?"

Anna thought it was boring to go back! "Okay!"

Angela tensed up when she heard her answer!

Sure enough, Anna said to her: "since we're all here, let's go inside and have a test!"

Then she pulled her out of the car.

Now that we're here, let's go inside and have a test! ——

Ten minutes later, they would definitely say: "since we're already here, let's do a surgery!"

Angela wanted to refuse, but Fiona and Anna walked by side with her in their arms around her and
went in. Anna still smiled and said: "don't look at Aunt Fiona as a gentle little woman. In S City,
everyone knows that Holly is her company!"

"What are you talking about! My achievement is not even worth mentioned in front of that of the Yan

The female employees in the shop were the main ones. When they saw the three of them passing by,
they all smiled and respectfully bowed their heads slightly to call Mrs. Fiona.

It was indeed a high-grade place, but she was not interested in plastic surgery. At the thought that they
would hurt her made her fear spread like vines. As soon as she came in, she found an excuse first and
said: "Aunt, I want to go to the bathroom!"

"Turn right ahead!" Fiona said with a smile.

Angela strode as fast as she could. When she entered the bathroom, she closed the door and called

Edward answered the phone soon.

"Edward! Help me!"

On the other side, Edward was having a video meeting with someone else. When he saw her call, he
told the person on the other side to wait. Hearing her words, he stood up nervously and asked: "what's