Keep you in my arms

Chapter 95 Let Me Take You Home!

"I don't want a surgery! Don't..." Angela couldn't help but sob.

Although she was not a tough woman, she was not a delicate woman who would cry easily. Hearing
her cry, he became more nervous and asked: "What's wrong? where are you? Where is my mother?"

In fact, the reason why Angela choked with fear was that out of curiosity, she watched the video of the
plastic surgery with her roommate. The bloody screen cast a shadow on her.

"I don't know..." She was already in a panic and shook her head: "I'm in the car. I can't remember the

"Place! Are you still in the restaurant?" Edward's heart was in his throat and he wanted to rush there
right away. Before he could explain to the client, he closed the laptop, took the key and went out.

On the other side of the phone, Angela's face turned pale and her mind was full of the words that Anna
and Fiona said they were going to give her a plastic surgery. "Eye opening, bone cutting, breast
bulging, fat filling..." All of them flashed through her mind.

"Hello? Hello? Angela? Angela?" Edward called her several times, but he didn't hear any reply. He was
afraid that something might happen to her, so he wanted to rush to the elevator, but the elevator was
very slow. He had always been calm, but now he was too worried to press the button of the basement
floor several times.

Edward didn't hear her answer and thought it was because of the bad signal. Thinking that she went
out with her mother, he hung up the phone.

At the other end of the line, Angela finally came to her senses and said: "Holly! They said..."

Then she found that the man on the other end of the phone had already hung up.

Angela was in a panic and wanted to dial back, but when she thought that he had hung up the phone,
she didn't press the dial button.

She was stunned and then remembered a terrible thing. Once upon a time, she would be the first one
to ask for help from Greg. After they broke up, she tried her best not to look for him and tried to solve
everything by herself. But at this moment, she suddenly wanted someone to help her, but how could
that person be Edward?

She stood there in a daze for a long time before she came to her senses.

Anna, who was waiting outside, answered the phone when she saw it was from her son.

"Where are you?"

"We are in your Aunt Fiona's company, Holly!" Anna answered subconsciously.

After getting the place, Edward was stunned. His mother was just too bored! He guessed that it might
be his mother who was going to take Angela to have a plastic surgery.!

"Where is Angela?"

"She went to the bathroom. I don't know if she is not feeling well. We just went to the washroom in the
dining room before we left. When we arrived here, she ran to the washroom again!"

It seemed that Angela had hidden herself in the bathroom.

Hearing her words, Edward breathed a sigh of relief and said: "I'll pick you up now."

Before his mother could respond, he hung up the phone. After all, he was driving as fast as he could.

"Your Aunt Fiona and I..." Anna wanted to say that they were not going back, but before she could say
anything, Edward hung up the phone. She mumbled: "this child..."

Fiona asked: "why hasn't Angela come out yet?"

"Yes! She'd been in there for more than ten minutes!" Anna also felt a little uneasy.

The two of them walked to the washroom in tacit understanding. As soon as they entered, Fiona and
Anna called out respectively: "Angela?"

In the bathroom, Angela was trying to find a way to make her get away with it when she heard them
calling her. Angela didn't dare to answer. She didn't say anything until she heard them push open the
door of each bathroom and call her again. "Yes!" She replied.

The two people outside were relieved to see that she was fine. Angela hadn't figured out a way, so she
had to use the delaying tactic first. "I'm in the bathroom! I need more time, you go out and wait for me.
I'm afraid that you will be smoked to death!"

"Yes! We'll wait for you outside."

When the two were about to go out, Angela's phone rang. It was from Edward.

As soon as she answered the phone, the person on the other end of the line said: "I've arrived at Holly.
Are you in the bathroom on the first floor?"

It seemed that he had hung up the phone before she told him the address. How did he know she was


"You can come out now. I'll take you home!" He had seen the bathroom, but he was afraid that she
would be afraid, so he didn't hang up.

Edward rushed over. The two people waiting outside were surprised to see him. Anna asked: "why do
you come so early?"

"Are you here for your wife!" Fiona raised her eyebrows and said with interest.

In the bathroom, Angela was still holding her phone. She kept saying in her mind: "I want to go home."
"I'll take you home," said Edward It was warmth that made time stop! She felt so warm!

After a while, the person on the other end of the phone said: "Angela, come out. I'm already at the

"Okay!" Angela hung up the phone and walked out. She wanted to go out directly, but she turned
around and came to the mirror subconsciously. She washed her hands and tidied herself up a little
before she walked out.

Today, Anna took her to have a hairstyle, with a slightly curled and buttoned hair tail. She looked like a
lady. Because she had done beauty treatment and makeup, she looked very beautiful. The black
waisted short dress made her even more outstanding.

When she walked out, Edward was stunned. She usually wore loose clothes, which blurred her waist
and concealed her real height. Besides, her dress today outlined her curve, and even he was slightly

Angela felt at ease when she saw Edward. She was a little excited and ran towards him

Seeing that she was still full of trust and excitement when she trotted over, Edward was very happy. He
reached out to pick her up, and this time she put her hand in his palm, stood next to him, and then
slightly stood back, as if she wanted to be protected by him.

This was just like the scene of a young couple meeting each other. The girlfriend rushed to her
boyfriend with a little happiness, and her boyfriend was full of care and protection to hold her and
protect her behind! Fiona's heart melted when she saw this! She whispered in Anna's ear: "to be
honest, I thought Angela was who you asked for to pretend Edward's girlfriend originally. I didn't expect
it to be true this time!"

Seeing their love, Anna felt complicated and sighed: "Moo moo is always busy. Now that she has a
girlfriend, I'm afraid that he won't have time to accompany me!"

"What are you afraid of? Soon you will have a grandson to accompany you!" Fiona teased.

Edward felt her palms sweating and she was still flustered. He held her hand to reassure her. Then he
said to his mother, Anna: "mother, I'm taking Angela back."

What!? Why didn't he ask her if he just wanted to take Angela away? Sure enough, a grown man
cannot be kept by side!

Anna wanted to blame him, but was hit by Fiona. Anna knew what she meant. She wanted to have a
grandson as soon as possible, so she said: "I want to talk more with your aunt Fiona. You can go back

"Okay!" After saying that, Edward pulled her out.

"Auntie, I'm leaving now!" Hearing that he was going to take her away, Angela was very excited and
turned around to say goodbye to them.

Anna felt relieved and happy to see her son take Angela away in a hurry! She waved at them and said:
"drive safe!"