Keep you in my arms

Chapter 96 Why Are You Running

Angela trotted to keep up with Edward. The latter took her to the place where there were few people
outside. Then he looked back at the door and saw that his mother didn't follow them. Edward said with
a smile, "It's safe now."

Angela followed his gaze and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that they didn't follow. But when
she saw the building, she was still terrified. "Let's go quickly!"

But Edward was not in a hurry, because he held her hand. He followed her when she left. He asked
with interest, "Is it so terrifying?"

"How can it not be terrible? Cut your skin, put something in it and sew it up. " She couldn't help
trembling as she said, "It hurts even to think about it."

"Why do Mom want to take you to have a plastic surgery?"

Although his mother had nothing else to do, she had never done plastic surgery. How could she
suddenly say that she would take Angela there?

"Alas! Maybe I'm ugly. " Angela lowered her head slightly, but soon looked up and said, "I'm ugly, and I
have no choice! I can try to be more beautiful if you said my clothes is not fashion, but I can't change
my appearance through the efforts! "

Edward was amused by her feeling wronged and complaints. He held her hand firmly with his right
hand, and his left hand pinched her little face that she raised a little. After looking at it carefully, he said
seriously, "Not ugly. It's their bad taste."

'If it weren't for the drug, you think I'll even go for you? I won't be taken advantage of so easily!' ——

'Take advantage of you? Do you even have a mirror?' ——

When they met for the first time, she was drugged, but he was not interested in her at all. What he said
was hurtful. Although she was angry, she could still answer. Or if he was cynical, she might not care.
But Edward's serious expression made her blush.

"Not ugly? How do I remember you asked me if there was no mirror in my house? " She was always
straightforward and blurted it out accidentally.

At first, Edward rarely remembered the details of that night. After hearing her words, his memory was
as clear as last night. His hand was still pinching her chin, and she raised her face to show her flawless
neck, which made his body stiff.

He loosened her chin and said, "I didn't say you were ugly at that time."

"All right! I know. Your mother thinks I'm ugly, so she wants me to have a plastic surgery. Let alone that
I have nothing to do with you, even if I have, I won't have a plastic surgery!" She muttered angrily.

Angela wasn't a stunning beauty, but she wasn't ugly. Moreover, the more people looked at her, the
more attractive she was. Especially the classical literary temperament, in the modern society, it was
difficult to find such a girl. If she was plastic surgery, it would destroy such a pure and natural beauty!

"I won't let it happen."

Although his tone was indifferent, it made her unconsciously trust him. Angela's heart skipped a beat.
She didn't even realize that he was still holding her hand and just now he pinched her chin and touched
the outline of her face, but she didn't push him away with disgust.

Not far away, in a car, a man stared at them. His eyes were full of melancholy and sadness, and even
tears were rolling in them. Looking at the intimacy between the two people, he tightened his hand on
the steering wheel. The man's phone rang for a long time. Finally, he recovered from his thoughts and
answered, "Mr. Chuck?"

Chuck asked, "Have you found her?"

"Yes! Angela's foot was injured and she stayed at home for the whole week. Today, she came out with
Anna, the mother of Edward. "

"Oh? It seems that he is in a panic. "

Harriet Zhang could imagine that on the other end of the phone, Chuck curled up his lips slightly, and
his complacent expression of strategy and control of the overall situation.

"Mr. Chuck, what should we do next?" Harriet Zhang asked, looking at the two people not far away.
Seeing that Edward took Angela away, he felt as if his heart was stabbed by a knife.

"You come back first." Then Chuck hung up the phone.

Harriet Zhang put his phone aside and didn't drive away. He put his hand on the steering wheel and
rested his head on it. All the memories of those years came to him. Although he tried to control his
tears, he could not help but shed silently.

"Edward, I don't have to go shopping with your mother anymore. It won't happen again!" Angela
stopped him from calling Anna, because she didn't want any conflict between his mother and him on
such a small matter.

Avoiding her grab of the phone, Edward dialed his mother's number.

"Is it Moo moo?"

"Yes! Mom, I have something to discuss with you. " When Edward heard his mother call him warmly, he
was about to come straight to the point.

"Yes! Tell me! " Her son seldom said anything to her forwardly. It was rare!

Hearing their conversation, Angela pulled a long face and gently begged, "Don't say it!"

"Don't take Angela to this kind of place anymore. She doesn't need plastic surgery."

"What? Doesn't she want to be beautiful? "

Hearing Anna's displeasure, Angela wanted to cry. Aunt Anna was kind-hearted, but Angela couldn't
accept it. She was afraid that if Edward said so, Anna would be angry.

"She is very beautiful. I like her very much." Edward said lightly.

Angela was stunned and her ears turned red. The next second, she realized that what Edward said
didn't really praise her, but put the problem on himself, and Anna wouldn't blame her!

Anna kept silent for a while, which made Angela very nervous. She thought that Anna would definitely
hate her for driving a wedge between them. After a long time, Anna's voice came through the phone,
"Don't she need to have a breast enhancement?"

Edward glanced at Angela subconsciously and answered without hesitation, "No."

Seeing that he was staring at her chest, Angela covered her chest with her hands and said angrily with
her lips, "Don't look at me!"

"That's right. You have always had a different taste from others." Anna didn't show any dissatisfaction
when she said this. Instead, she said in a light and happy tone, "Fiona also said that Angela is a rare
beauty of classical style. Your Aunt Cassie said that she had a good luck face, which was afraid of
being deducted if taking a cosmetic surgery."

"Okay, I'll go on with my work." After hanging up the phone, Edward opened the door for Angela.

"Thank you." Before Angela came to her senses from his words "I like her", she got on the car in a

That night, Angela had been hiding in her room. At eight forty-seven, she couldn't help but walk out of
the hall and said to Edward, who was watching the news, "Mr. Edward, I want to go to work!"

Edward turned the TV voice to zero and patted the sofa, "Come here. I happen to have something to
talk to you."

What else did he want to say to her? Besides, it's okay to talk standing, why did she have to sit next to

She shook her head and took a step back subconsciously. With a forced smile, she said, "Mr. Edward,
if you have something to say, you can say it directly. I can hear it even if I stand."

Mr. Edward? Why did she call him "Mr. Edward" again?

He frowned and stood up. "If you don't come over, I'll come to you."

Seeing that he stood up with an unreadable smile on his face and walked towards her, Angela's mind
was full of the scene of being molested this morning, the sense of humiliation, and the fear still left.

"I... I..." Angela took a few steps back. Seeing that he was about to walk to her, she turned around and
was about to run to her room. But before she could take two steps, her back collar was lifted up.

"Why are you running?"