Keep you in my arms

Chapter 97 What Are You Afraid Of

She didn't run away and wait for him to tease her again?

Angela tried to push his hand away, but failed. Holding her collar, Edward said to her: "I have
something to tell you."

"Just say what you want to say. Don't touch me!" Seeing that she couldn't reach him, she stopped. But
he was still holding her back collar. She was so angry.

"How can I do that if you don't leave?"

"All right! I'm not leaving now. Let go of me first!"

Hearing her words, Edward let go of her. However, as soon as her back collar was loosened, Angela
ran to her room. Before she closed the door, she made a face at him and said: "I don't believe you! If
you have anything to say, just say it on the phone. I'm afraid it's not safe!"

After saying that, she closed the door and locked it firmly before he could answer.

Edward was speechless. After a long while, he turned around and went back to his room.

In the room, Angela sat on the chair and there's a pile of books, she thought complacently: "fortunately,
I'm smart, or else Edward will be taken advantage of again!"

Suddenly, she heard some noise from the door, like a frightened bird. She turned around abruptly. At
the same time, Edward opened the door.

Angela was shocked. She stood up and said: "you -".

Seeing her pale face, he shook the key in his hand and smiled: "If I really want to do something to you,
do you think locking the door will work?"

Oh my God! This was really horrible!

"Don't, don't come over..."

Seeing him approaching her step by step, Angela was so scared that she couldn't speak fluently. She
stepped back, but found that there was no way back.

Just two steps away, she rolled her eyes and was about to run around him, but was held by his arm.
Edward not only stopped her, but also pulled her into his arms.

Angela was forced to turn her back to him and let him hold her from behind.

For a moment, the posture of the two people changed. He was behind her, one hand holding her in
front of her collarbone, his jaw leaning on her warm head, and the other hand turning on the phone,
which was very easy.

When she was about to struggle, she heard a conversation on his phone.

Daughter-in-law? Moo moo's girlfriend? I think 80% of them are part-time actors rented from
somewhere. What's the use of the Yan Family being so rich? Isn't her son a sick man? If it was normal,
how could he not have a girlfriend at his age? Most possibility that he was incapable of having sex with
woman. We didn't know if there was something wrong with the Yan Family or something wrong with
Anna and her husband. Anna doesn't care that Jonson keeps a woman outside all day long. If she is
not a frigid, why doesn't her husband go home all day long? Maybe she could inherit her coldness,
otherwise, how could her son and daughter have no girlfriend or boyfriend? ——

Hello, Auntie! ——

Hello... ——

How... How are you? ——

It was the sound of her washing her hands. Angela knew what she said next! She was so frightened
that she turned around and was about to grab the phone, regardless of the ambiguous posture
between the two!

With one hand around her waist, Edward held the phone so high that she couldn't reach it.

He chuckled: "I've heard it all."

Oh! By the way, please don't worry. All the people in the Yan Family are healthy. They are not as cold
as you said. In the past few years, the reason why Edward remained single was that he hadn't met me,
so he kept his chastity. After all, not everyone was so greedy! ——

Angela covered her face with her hands, wishing to dig a hole on the ground and go into it.

Over the years, he had been surrounded by many temptations, but he had never met someone he
liked, but he had never been hungry for anything. People around him said that he had an abnormal
sexual orientation, cold sex and so on. They even directly told him that they didn't mind his physical
disease. Only Angela spoke out his mind: "he is just waiting for the person he wants!"

In the past ten years, except for Aaron, Angela was the only person who could see through him. That
alone was enough to make him treat her differently, not to mention that she had protected the Yan
Family's face so politely.

Edward found that he really didn't want to miss her.

"Edward! I just want to defend you against the injustice judgment! If it was someone else, they would
also help!"

"Oh? Is it? He saw her flushed face in his eyes, and suddenly felt very interesting. He said with a faint
smile: "aren't you satisfied with my capability?"

Angela was merely going crazy. She shouldn't have set such a big trap for herself. She really didn't
expect that Anna would tell such a thing to her son. Of course, she didn't expect that Anna would tell
this to Edward with comfort and excitement tone!

She only knew that she was very angry. She helped him selflessly, but he teased her. She was so
angry that her eyes were filled with tears. She said: "I have told you! Let's turn that page! Today, Aunt
Winnie had gone too far! I can't think of any other way to protect you. I just said that in a hurry! I don't
want to admit anything! The aunts held me tightly. I was so nervous that I spoke without thinking. What
can I do..."

The more she said, the more excited she became. Regret was spreading in her heart, and tears were
rolling in her eyes.

Seeing that she was so anxious that she spoke without thinking, he suddenly stopped teasing her. But
seeing that she was so excited that she kept talking, he suddenly hugged her and said in a gentle and
serious tone: "Angela..."

Angela was stunned by his sudden hug and stopped talking.

"Thank you very much for speaking for me today." He said softly and left a kiss on her forehead.

He was always so inadvertent and naturally intimate with her, which made her have an unknown
emotion. At the beginning, she rejected him, but now she didn't reject his physiological contact, and
she didn't want to love him, but she couldn't avoid him and push him away which made her extreme

"Can you let go of me?" She didn't know how long she could hold on, fearing that she would fall into a
big pit again.

"No." He said lightly: "I will... I don't want to let you go anymore."

All of a sudden, her heart missed a beat, and then she could not control herself. And when she heard it,
his heart was beating fast.

Angela put her hand on his chest and tried to push him away, only to find that he held her back more

"What are you afraid of?"

His warm breath floated over her head, making her restless today.

What am I afraid of? She skipped over one pit after another, thinking that there would be the
tenderness she needed, but in the end, she found that there were more hardships, so she tried to climb
out of the pit alone. She was afraid that once she stepped into this trap, she would have no strength to
climb out!