Keep you in my arms

Chapter 98 Very Good! Angela!

"Edward, I... I don't plan to get married all my life. I just want to do what I want to do." This time, she
didn't push him away, but answered him seriously.

Not married? Do what you want to do? Who told her that she couldn't do her own thing after getting
married? How could she think so?

He moved his thin lips, but before he could say anything, he just let go of her slightly.

She had to face it. Not to mention whether she had feelings for Edward or not, even if they didn't care
about the money, ability and other aspects, just as Anna said, as soon as Edward's birthday was
celebrated this year, he would be thirty-five. He needed a woman who could marry him as soon as
possible, but how could she know when she would pass the exam? If not this year, I will take the
examination next year; if not next year, I will take the examination the year after next year... After she
passed the examination, she would have to study for three years. Three years later, maybe she wanted
to continue her study.

Marriage was different from study and career. It was not a result that could be calculated by probability.
It was not like a postgraduate entrance exam or a job. As long as she worked hard, she could do it.
Angela didn't want to give herself a hopeless hope. At last, she lost her dream and her life.

"I'm still so young. Even if I'm going to get married, it will be ten years or at least seven or eight years
later. You know very well that the Yan Family won't let you wait."

Edward frowned and stared at her eyes seriously. For a while, he was lost in thought.

From the beginning to the end, he and Angela were in line with each other. Although he ignored what
she said just now, he could understand her when she said it.

After waiting for ten years, he finally met a woman who made him fall in love with. It was not that he
didn't want to wait, but that he couldn't promise her. He knew very well that his father would not let him
wait like this.

In the past, he was just like her, with a dream and without hesitation. But he was deprived of his dream
by his responsibility. Every time he saw her trying to chase her dream, his heart would beat very fast,
as if he had seen himself in the past. So he didn't want her to live a life arranged by others like him.

Seeing that he was silent, she thought he acquiesced in Anna's arrangement. Somehow, she felt a little
disappointed. But maybe she had expected him to make such a choice, so she didn't feel sad.

She restrained her sadness and smiled: "thank you very much, Edward!"

Thank you for being an episode in my boring life, which made me feel pampered unprecedentedly.

There was a kind of balance in the world. If she wanted to get something she liked, she must lose
something. Angela didn't want to bet her whole life on his love.

"For what?" He asked with his brows slightly loosened.

"Thank you for giving me a job!" When it came to work, she remembered something important. "Well...
Can I go to work tomorrow?"

He didn't allow her to go to work because of her injured foot. But if it went on like this, her salary would
be deducted!

"I won't deduct your salary." He said lightly.

She was stunned and frowned: "No way? The DC Capital Group follows the rules, doesn't it?"

According to the rules was indeed, Edward only used his own money to make up for her deducted

He didn't answer her question, but stared at her. Edward firmly believed in the law of conservation of
mass. Since he liked Angela, he had to accept her as a woman who didn't accept other people's
kindness casually.

Therefore, except for the extra salary he deliberately gave her, he only gave her a cell phone. She
accepted it because he broke it.

Angela was not the kind of woman that could be get by money. What made him even more headache
was how should he spend money and take care of her so that she wouldn't feel uneasy and gradually
trust and rely on him.

After a while, he came to his senses and rubbed her head: "Maybe I owe you in my previous life!"

He rubbed her head affectionately. When she was in a daze, he said: "I'll pick you up. If you can accept
it, you can go to work tomorrow."

He pick her up? They always appeared and left together. Even if she didn't want to admit, others would
judge that they were unclear.

"But..." She was about to refuse, but when she thought that if she refused, he would definitely not
agree, she changed the topic and said: "but isn't it good?"

"Nothing is wrong!"

"Okay, I'll go to work tomorrow." "I want to read more. Then I'll go to bed soon." She said in a subtle

Of course, Edward knew what she was thinking, so he had to go out first.

As soon as he returned to his room, his eyes were filled with sadness.

The sky in July was as blue as washed by water. While drinking coffee, he looked at his watch. It was
already eight twenty-five. Why hadn't Angela come out yet?

After thinking for a while, he went over and knocked on the door gently. He knocked on the door for
several times, but no one answered. He tried to open the door, but found that it was not locked. He had
a bad feeling. As expected, when he pushed the door open, the room was tidy and empty.

At this time, his phone vibrated. It was a message reminder. He clicked it and found it was from Angela,
"Mr. Edward, I got up early today. I came to the company before you got up." I have arrived at the
company. You don't have to wait for me.

Get up early? Don't need to wait for her?

She did it on purpose! ! !

Edward's face darkened. He held the phone, angry and sneered: "very good, Angela! It's not a waste to
read the army descendant method!"

The little girl even used the delaying tactic! Good! The battlefield was treacherous. There was no need
to respect or rules. It only depended on who would win and who would lose. Since she regarded this as
a battle, he would not be polite!

In the company, Angela walked out of the elevator. She was in a good mood when she saw the
message showed "read" in the dialog box! Since Edward was always threatening and tough, she had a
lot of ways to deal with it!

Looking at the long lost office door, she was in a good mood!

As soon as she swiped the card, she smelled the fragrance of flowers. When she walked to her desk,
she found two bunches of flowers.

Angela thought it was someone who put the flowers on her desk, so she moved the flowers aside and
began to check the e-mail and the documents on the desk to see where the work was going.

At eight fifty, the colleagues arrived one after another. When they saw Angela, everyone smiled and
greeted her.

The colleagues who were familiar with her teased: "what? Did Mr. Edward let you work today?"

Angela retorted: "what do you mean? I asked for leave just because my foot was injured. What does it
have to do with Mr. Edward?"

"Come on! Angela, you underestimated our analysis ability! Mr. Edward hasn't come here for the past
few days when you asked for leave. I guess he will come today if you come here today! "

As Yvonne was speaking, her colleague called her from behind at the same time: "Mr. Edward!"

On the other side, Edward glanced at Angela with a cold expression.