Keep you in my arms

Chapter 99 His Jealousy

However, Edward went straight into his office.

Angela felt a little uneasy, thinking about how to deal with him if he came to her. At this time, Yvonne
looked at her from Edward and said, "Mr. Edward doesn't look well. Does he jealous?"

"Even if he has to drink something in the early morning, it should be coffee! Why does he jealous?" She
was amused.

"I think he is jealous! You've been receiving flowers every day for more than a week. How can Mr.
Edward not be jealous?" All the people in the office thought Mr. Edward and Secretary Angela were
together. That's why Yvonne said that.

"Is this flower for me?" Angela looked at the two bunches of flowers, one was tulips and the other was
baby's breath.

"The seven bunches of white roses were thrown away because Mr. Edward said that the fragrance of
the flowers had polluted the air. How could the fragrance of flowers pollute the air? It's obvious that Mr.
Edward is in a bad mood!" At the thought of Mr. Edward's jealous face, Yvonne would imagine the
sweet scent of him and Angela and she smiled ambiguously at her.

Angela frowned and picked up the cards on the two flowers, ignoring the sincere wishes on the cards.
The signature was 'Si'.

She thought for a long time and couldn't remember that there was a word 'Si' in the name of someone
she knew. She put the card back into the flower and said, "it was most probably sent to the wrong

"It's been a week in a row. How can they make such a mistake?"

"It must be a mistake!" Said Angela. She looked at the small table and sighed, "what a pity for these

As she spoke, she wanted to throw the flowers away. Yvonne stopped her, "Hey, hey! Do you want to
throw it away?"

"This is not for me. There's no room for them!"

"Don't throw it away! I'll take it to the tea room and ask the maid to put it in a vase. I want to improve
the appearance of the tea room!" Yvonne smiled.

"Okay, I'll go with you!"

The two of them took a bunch of flowers in their hands and went to the tea room. Seeing that the
cleaner was not there, they directly inserted the flowers into the bottle. Yvonne asked curiously, "are
you sure it's the wrong delivery?"

"It should be! None of my friends' names has the word 'Si'!

"Send them here on time at ten o'clock every day. I don't think so! Is it possible that the word 'Si' is not
the name of the flower deliverer?"

That's right!

"If it is just a normal friend, why does he send flowers here for a week in a row? The person who sent
the flowers must be a pursuer!" Yvonne said.

Angela, "the pursuer is so careless that he doesn't even know he sent the wrong person!"

As the two of them talked, they went back to their office. At this time, they happened to meet someone
knocking on the glass door. The delivery man asked them if they could open the door with a bunch of

flowers in his hand.

When they opened the door, the elevator door on the side opened and Edward came out.

Before the delivery guy could ask, "is Angela here?" He asked the delivery guy, "who is this flower for?"

Yvonne and Angela were rendered speechless.

The delivery guy said, "it's for Miss. Angela."

Yvonne was a little excited and asked, "is the person who sent the flowers surnamed 'Si'?"

"I don't know!" The delivery guy said.

At this time, Edward had reached out his hand and said to the delivery guy, "give me the flowers."

The delivery man gave the flowers to him, and then took out the form for him to sign. Unexpectedly, he
turned around, walked to the trash can beside the elevator and threw the flowers into it. Under the
confusing expressions of the three people, he walked over calmly, took the pen and receipt from the
delivery man's hand, signed his name quickly and said, "I've signed for it."

Then he went straight to his office. When he passed by Angela, he gave her a cold look.

The delivery man was anxious and said, "This gentleman... No! How can I explain this to my custom?"

Yvonne clicked her tongue and said, "Mr. Edward is so jealous. But he also looks fresh and elegant
even he is full of jealous!"

Angela was speechless: "..."

As the delivery guy was about to rummage through the trash can, Angela smiled and said, "it doesn't
matter! I am Angela."

She showed her work card again, and the delivery guy finally loosened his grip, but he was still worried
and said, "how about you sign your name again? That gentleman signed it for you. If the employer
comes to us, we really don't know how to explain it!"

The flowers were not for her. She felt it necessary to tell that guy that he sent the wrong person.

She agreed without hesitation. After signing her name, she said, "by the way, can you help me tell Mr.
Si that he sent the flowers to the wrong person? I don't have a friend whose surname is 'Si'."

"Okay! I'll go back and talk to the owner of the flower shop!" The delivery man was very grateful to her
for her signature, so he agreed.

Because she hadn't worked for a week, she was very busy today. However, they were all very busy
recently, so it could be said that they worked overtime together. At eight o'clock in the evening, their
colleagues all got off work one after another. Angela took a look at the CEO's office. Seeing that almost
all the people in the office had left, she packed her things gently and wanted to sneak home first.

According to Edward's character, he would definitely try his best to force her to take his car back. But
now she just wanted to get rid of him, so she'd better run away!

She thought she would be stopped halfway, but unexpectedly, she clocked out and left the company
smoothly. Then she waited for the bus smoothly and returned home smoothly.

"Whoosh!" She was a little excited and thought, 'maybe she behaved so obviously this morning that
Edward has understood what she meant, so he retreated from difficulties.' If so, that would be great!

"Hilda is right! If you refuse a few more times, no one will bother you. After all, men nowadays don't
have much patience!" At the thought that she wouldn't be disturbed by Edward in the future, Angela

was so happy that she almost threw her bag on the sofa. Her bag fell to the ground as she lost her
balance. She picked it up again and took it into the room.

When she turned on the light and saw the room, her smile froze and her eyes were full of shock.

The bed curtain, the bed, the quilt cover, the table, and even the bag on the cabinet were all replaced.
Beside the window, there was a small bookshelf and an armchair. The room looked more comfortable
and cozy!

"Oh my God! What's going on?" If she hadn't seen the book on the table and the words on it, she would
have suspected that she had entered the wrong room.

She immediately called Hilda and asked, "Hilda. Are you back?"

"No! I can't go back until a while later!" Afraid that Angela would urge her to go back, Hilda said,
"Angela, I'm so busy. Leave me a message on WeChat first. I'll call you back after I finish my work!"

Seeing that she was about to hang up, Angela hurriedly asked, "wait! Did you change the curtains and
bed set of my room?"

"What? what? I didn't change the curtains and bed set for you! Your room has been changed?"

Hilda once said that only four people knew the password of the house. Anna, Edward, Hilda and
herself! If it weren't Hilda, it would have been Anna and Edward!

When she was wondering who it was, she heard someone come back. On the other end of the phone,
Hilda said, "no wonder my brother asked me a lot of strange questions today! Did he change my room

"Edward? What did he ask you?" Angela asked curiously.

"He just asked me what color and style you like, and sent me a bunch of photos, asking me which bag
you would like better if I was you. The bed curtain, bed sheet set, handbag, skirt... There are all kinds
of staff!" Hilda said excitedly, "by the way, I've also told him which one I like. Can you help me to take a
look? Does my room also change?"

Angela was shocked, "didn't you ask him why he raised you these strange questions?"

"I did! But he directly ignored my question and asked me to choose. He also said that he would give me

"So... You sold me out as soon as you heard that there would be benefits?" Angela's eyes twitched,
thinking that one day, she would be sold by Hilda!