Keep you in my arms

Chapter 100 What Do You Mean By Sneaking In At Midnight

"I thought he was just chatting with me. How could I know he was so thoughtful! On my mother's
birthday, he just gave her a big red envelope and said that he had no time to choose a gift! Who would
have thought that he would change into another person when he knew you? "

"He has already asked you this question and still brought you a pile of photos to choose. Isn't that clear
enough? Shouldn't you find some better words to fool me? Are you insulting my intelligence? " Angela
replied and went to Hilda's room, but nothing changed.

"How dare I! You are so smart. Am I courting death? Maybe it's because I'm not smart enough that I
naively think my brother is just asking casually. "

Hilda was such a clever girl. Angela really didn't want to hear her nonsense again. Rolling her eyes,
Angela returned to her room and said, "Your room is still the same as before. There is no change!"

"Ah! That's too much! I am his sister! The married man was just like spilled water. My brother doesn't
love me anymore... " Hilda pouted and said sadly.

Angela could tell whether she was really angry or coquettish. She smiled and said, "How about I
exchange it with you?"

"Hey! No! I'm afraid my brother will strangle me! "

The farce was over. Although Angela was shocked, she didn't want to waste too much time here. She
walked to the wardrobe, prepared to find clothes to take a shower, and said to Hilda, "I want to take a
shower -"

"I want to take a shower. I have to hang up now." Before she could finish her words, Angela was
shocked by the scene in the wardrobe.

"God damn it!" She couldn't help cursing, "Hilda, I have to hang up. I'm going to strangle your brother to

According to Angela's tone, it's like that an important play was going to take place. Hilda was excited
and wanted to ask her what had happened, but the other party had already hung up.

Angela opened the wardrobe doors on both sides. The clothes inside were brand new and none of
them was hers. Her underwear, socks, and even her chest wrap were all changed.

Only a freak like Edward could do such a thing!

She was so angry that she was about to call him when she heard someone coming. She walked out
angrily and became more furious when she saw Edward. She walked up to him and asked, "Where is
my clothes?"

Without raising his head, Edward changed his shoes and said, "I broke it by accident, so I compensate
it to you."

She put her clothes in the wardrobe. How could he break them for no reason?

"Broken? Edward, do you think I'm three years old? No matter why you did that, I have to take a
shower now. I hope you can return my clothes to me! "

"From inside to outside, the clothes inside are all in line with your size." He looked at her seriously.

Edward bypassed her and walked towards his room. Angela was very angry, "But why did you throw
my clothes away?"

"I have broken it, so I compensate you."

She followed up, "Break it? Then why did you break it? "

Why did he break it? He just wanted to find an excuse to give her something and see her happy face.
But she was always the opposite. Giving her something would make her feel burdened, so he had to
find another way to give it to her. The gift was sent out, but he didn't see her as happy as Hilda. In fact,
he was very disappointed and a little irritable.

He suddenly paused and she bumped into his back. While she was massaging her forehead, he turned
around and took her to her room. He stopped in front of the wardrobe and took out a slip nightdress
and a pair of underwear. "I think these are also good. Why don't you try them on?"

The nightdress in his hand was a camisole, which felt good, but the style was very sexy. She looked at
the clothes in his hand and instantly blushed. How could he take a girl's underwear so casually? And
did he wash his hands?

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Edward looked at the nightdress in his hand again and found that it
was a slip dress. He threw it aside and took out another short sleeve pajama. "You like to kick the quilt
at night. In order to avoid getting cold, you'd better wear this one!"

Kick the quilt? How did he know that she liked to kick the quilt at night? She remembered again the
night when he sneaked into her room and kissed her on the forehead. Although she locked the door
and went to sleep later after that, she remembered that he opened the door with the key.

Was he so lewd to sneak into her room at night?

Angela's hair stood on end, and her anger erupted in her chest. "Edward! Don't you think you are a
freak? I'm a girl. What do you mean by sneaking into my room at midnight? !"

In fact, he had only done such a thing once. He wanted to figure out what Christa had given her, which
made her cry secretly and put it into her bag in a hurry for fear of being seen by him.

Sure enough, since he had to choose a smart woman, he couldn't fool her.

"Oh! Since you like to kick the quilt, I'll take care of you out of mercy. "

So, should she be grateful?

Angela was furious, "It has nothing to do with you if I'm sick. You don't have to cover me with the quilt!"

"We live in the same room. I'm afraid of being infected." Seeing her red face with anger, he felt it

"Since you don't want to get infected by me, why did you kiss me secretly?" Angela was so angry that
she couldn't think carefully. After saying that, she regretted.

Surprised, Edward looked at her. So she knew he went in and kissed her secretly that night, but didn't
she stop him?

God! Angela patted her head, and then kept silent and embarrassed. She peeked at him again, only to
find that he had recovered from surprise and looked at her with a slight smile at the corners of his

He rubbed her head and said, "Well, go to take a shower. Wear the short sleeve pajama. "

If he hadn't said that, she would have thought that he had bought her a slip nightdress with ulterior
motives! However, since he deliberately gave her a step down, she would not be polite.

"Well. Edward, even if you want to give me something in another way, don't throw my clothes away! "
Although Angela was in a hurry to get her clothes back, she knew what kind of person Edward was. If
she argued with him, she was afraid that he would throw all her clothes away.

Although Edward wanted to force her to accept his gift, he didn't want to throw her clothes away
disrespectfully. He just hid the clothes so that she could only wear these new clothes. Angela didn't like

wasting. She would feel it was a waste if she threw it away after she wore it.

"No, I didn't. I'll give you back a month later." He said coldly.

His words confirmed her guess.