Keep you in my arms

Chapter 102 In Pairs

Seeing his confused eyes, Angela said mysteriously, "you are so wise, Mr. Edward. Of course you
know what it means."

"A perfect match?" Although Edward knew that she pretended to be asleep that night and didn't get up
to beat him, she wouldn't agree so easily. But he just couldn't help teasing her with a smile.

Is it mean a perfect match? Why didn't she expect that he could explain it in this way? She compared
her fingers and said, "I'll give you a hint. Two beads, two!"

"In pairs?" He raised his eyebrows and reached out to hold her hand.

At the beginning, she kept a great distance from him. In order not to scare her away, he behaved
himself. Now, he knew that she didn't push him away, so he would get closer to her.

Angela's hand shrank, showing a rather speechless expression. Although she knew that he was
deliberately flirting her, she smiled and said, "I know Mr. Edward know the meaning behind the bead."

Then she left the office.

An hour later, Edward called Aaron.

"Two beads? Does it mean in pairs?" Aaron smiled deliberately.

"If she agree so easily, it won't be Angela." He felt a little disappointed but also proud.

"A perfect match?"

"It's not that easy to guess."

"It's said that the brain of boys in the science and technology department can't be explored by ordinary
people. First Angela studied science and engineering, now she's transferred to arts. I think it will be

easier for you to find a science and technology geek."

Edward was speechless "..."

"Ordinary women are already very complicated, but no matter how complicated they are, they can't
compare with boys in science and technology. But then again, no matter how complicated a woman
was, couldn't them all yield to lipstick and bag in the end? Only you have the guts and can try to
decipher Angela's mind. You ignored the simple minded woman that is so easy to be cheated, but have
to find a free horse!"

There were a lot of women that want to throw themselves at him. However, he didn't want those
voluntaries to come to him, but wanted to tame the wild horse, Angela.

On the other end of the phone, Edward kept silent for a long time and then replied, "maybe I'm out of
my mind."

At first, Aaron thought Edward chased after Angela because he wanted to continue the good sex life
between them after being single for such a long time. However, three months had passed, but Edward
was still shut out from her heart. If it was really just physical greed, it was not difficult to find a
replacement. But now, not only did Edward endure it, but he also spent time playing the game of youth
dating with Angela. And when he said that, there was a hint of happiness in his tone by said that he
was out of his mind

He was in love! How could Edward, a man who was almost qualified to shaved his hair and entered the
temple, had a desire for women?

Aaron didn't respond. After a long time, he said, "it seems that my sister can rest assured."

At the mention of this, Aaron couldn't help but ask, "is the gift for September ready?"

"I'm going to take a look when I go to the H Administrative Region."

Because there was a business trip in two weeks, according to the arrangement of Edward, Angela had
to study in other departments besides in the Personnel Department. But it was urgent. She had
originally arranged to stay in the Personnel Department for a month, but now it was two days for each
department to learn.

After Angela finished writing the summary of this department, she had to write another one, she could
hardly breathe to face constant new environment and desperately busy to cope with all kinds of affairs.

When she arrived at the Personnel Department, Corrine said, "did Manager Lucas tell you? You can go
to the Technology Department today."

So she walked out of Corrine's office with a stack of documents in her hands. All the way, everyone
greeted her respectfully. Angela replied politely. She knew that their respect for her came from Edward,
which made her very uncomfortable.

The Technology Department was on the twentieth floor. She planned to take the stairs directly. The
people behind her also followed her. When Angela just stepped on the second step of the stairs, there
was a sound of door opening behind her.

Noticing that she didn't turn around, Christa asked again, "will you attend Greg's wedding this week?"

In the past few days, the most talked about in the company was Angela. Since she was injured and
took a week off, the CEO had been working at home, and now she was taking turns in study. All the
colleagues were talking about that Angela was about to become the CEO's wife, and she would
definitely help Mr. Edward manage the company. According to the comments, Christa got acknowledge
that it would take at least a year for ordinary senior executives to take turns. Angela's arrangement of
taking turns in the next half month was really a record breaking.

Although Angela didn't care about it, in the eyes of outsiders, she had a good time in the DC Capital
Group. She not only hugged the big tree, Edward, but also walked smoothly with the help of him.

Since Angela ruined her marriage, Christa had been wishing to let her fall into the abyss. She had
thought that what happened to Greg was a punishment from God to her, but she didn't expect that she
would get such a good man as Edward. Why could she get the favor even if she ruined other people's

If she agreed to meet Greg, it might make Mr. Edward distrust her.

Hearing the name of 'Greg', Angela stiffened. Although there was a wave in the bottom of her heart, it
was not a violent storm. She turned around and saw Christa's delicate face expectedly.

Although Angela didn't want to have anything to do with her anymore, she always provoked herself
from time to time, which was really annoying. This time, she didn't show any mercy. She simply smiled
and said, "if Bryson marries another woman, will you go?"

Sure enough, her little face turned pale with anger, and her fists were clenched tightly. The hatred in
her eyes was as strong as fire.

Angela stopped as soon as she saw that, "Christa, everyone in the world has wounds. Don't rub salt in
the wounds all the time. It's not good for you."

Then she walked up. Thinking of the purpose of her following up, Christa restrained her anger. Her face
softened a little and stopped her again. "You know, I didn't mean that. Yes! I admit that I'm not as good
as you in many aspects. I am not good at speak, and I don't have as many friends as you. Just
because of our previous relationship, Greg has come to me many times. I have tried to explain to him
that we are not that close anymore. But he has been waiting for me downstairs the whole night. My
boyfriend even misunderstood our relationship, that's why I came to you! I'm just sending a message
for Greg."

When Angela heard that Greg had been waiting downstairs for a whole night, she was slightly stunned,
but soon she calmed down and only lowered her head, lost in thought.

Seeing her frown, Christa knew that her nonsense worked. So she pretended to feel sorry for Greg and
said, "he said he regretted. He said that if you could bear to see him marry someone else, he would
make do with it for the rest of his life. But if you were willing to forgive him and take him away on the
wedding day, he promised that he would treat you sincerely in the future!"