Keep you in my arms

Chapter 103 Okay, It's Up To You.


"Ha-ha..." She sneered, "Christa, don't treat others as idiots!"

With Greg's arrogant character, it was impossible for him to say such humble words to her. Moreover, if
he didn't want to marry Mary, he wouldn't agree even if someone put a knife on his neck.

Until Angela's back disappeared, Christa didn't come to her senses for a long time.

In the past, Angela would never doubt what she said. Now, even if she made up the story carefully, she
couldn't deceive her.

In the past, they were like crossed lines. Once they crossed paths, they would only drifted apart...

Trust was accumulated day by day. But to destroy it, you only need to hurt the person once.

Angela gave Christa so many chances. From the beginning of calculating by her, she waited for
explanation, to take the initiative for reconciliation. But in the end, Angela found that the collapse of her
friendship with Christa was just a fuse. What really made them separate was that they had different

It was not that someone had changed, but that one could see people's heart as time went by.

The summer day was very long. After six o'clock, the sky was still bright.

At six o'clock, Angela picked up her bag quietly to minimize her value of existence. Then she clocked
out and left quietly.

At the gate of the DC Building, Greg had already smoked his sixth cigarette. Seeing the figure he
hadn't seen for a long time, he quickly stubbed out the cigarette and strode over.

As soon as Angela walked out of the door, she saw Greg standing five steps away.

Angela stopped. Sadness flashed across her face, but she didn't stop. She looked straight at Greg.
Seeing that he was just staring at her with red eyes, she ignored him and walked straight forward,
intending to pass him and leave.

Seeing that she didn't want to talk to him, Greg became anxious and strode to catch up with her.

This time, Angela was prepared and dodged before he grabbed her arm.

"Angela..." Called Greg.

Angela took two steps back subconsciously and said, "if you have something to say, just say it. Don't
take too long. I'm still in a hurry to go home."

When they were in school, they had learned a text that the opposite of love was not hatred, but
indifference. He had never thought that one day she would no longer look at him gently, no longer with
a sweet smile, but as indifferent as a stranger.

"I want to talk to you."

"What do you want to say?"

"Find a place, okay?"

Angela didn't refuse him immediately. Instead, she looked at him seriously and said, "Greg, if I were
your fiancée, I wouldn't have wanted my husband went to find his ex-girlfriend while I was carrying his

Not to mention that he was about to get married, she already knew what kind of person he was when
he drugged her before. Even without Mary, she would not be entangled with him anymore.

She would never become a third party in other people's marriage. Although she saw the pain in his
eyes, she still bypassed him.

"Mary's child is gone."

He said when she passed him. But she didn't find much sadness in his tone.

Seeing that she paused, Greg continued, "I was drunk that night. I think of her as you."

What's the point of saying that now? No matter who he thought she was, since it had happened and he
would marry Mary, he shouldn't have come to her.

"Greg, please don't look for me again." After saying that, she was about to leave. Suddenly, something
occurred to her. She took out the invitation card from her bag, turned around and handed it to him. "I
won't go to the wedding. I will transfer the cash gift to you."

Just now, she was stunned. He thought she would change her mind, but unexpectedly, she handed him
the invitation.

"This invitation..." When Greg was about to ask her why she has the invitation, Angela said indifferently,
"Greg, I used to have a lot of wrong acquaintances about you. But anyway, you were a gentleman in
college. "

Angela felt heavy in her heart. After two steps, Greg hugged her from behind and said, "don't go... "

She was frightened and struggled subconsciously, "Greg! What do you do? !"

"You won't be so cruel, will you?"

Although Greg had male chauvinism, he was also a tough man. It was true that he had a crush on her.

It was him who hurt her, but in the end, it seemed that she had let him down. Unlike the first time when
she was filled with sadness, now she was more angry.

"Greg, show me some respect! "

He was married now, which made her a sinner.

Greg didn't think too much. He only knew that he seemed to have spent a lifetime in the past two
months. In the battle between Mary and his mother, he wished he could stay away from that family. He
began to miss Angela, missed her knowledge, reasonable and magnanimity. When Mary pointed at him
with contempt, he missed Angela's encouraged words.

He felt that he didn't want to leave Angela for the rest of his life, even if she had sex with other men,
even if he had to beg her humbly, as long as he could return to the original peace and happiness, he
wouldn't mind anything!

Regardless of her struggle and scream, he was about to pull her away when he was suddenly pushed
away by a force.

Angela was still in a state of shock and was protected behind.

"What do you want to do? The man behind her said coldly.

Greg looked at a strange face and then looked at Angela behind him.

Tall, handsome, overbearing and indifferent, Angela remembered this man as soon as she met him. It
was Chuck who saved her that night!

"Mr. Chuck..." Angela felt embarrassed and tried to pull her hand out. Seeing this, Chuck didn't want to
let her go. On the contrary, he suddenly held her in his arms.

"Ah..." She screamed. Seeing that Angela also resisted against Chuck, Greg grabbed her other hand
and asked, "who are you?"

"You have no right to talk to me!" Without any hesitation, Chuck pulled Angela away and punched him.

All of a sudden, the two men loosened their grip on Angela, and then the two men began to fight. To be
exact, Greg had been punched several times by Chuck.

Angela's mind went blank when she heard the sound of his fist hitting Greg's face. All of a sudden, she
remembered how ruthless Chuck was when he beat the gangsters that night. Then she looked at the
scene in front of her and found that it was almost the same.

Although Greg was not weak, he was really vulnerable to a martial artist like Chuck. Seeing that Greg
was beaten to the ground, Angela hurried forward and grabbed his hand, "stop it! Mr. Chuck! Stop it! "

Chuck's hand stopped in the air and looked at her. Although his eyes were cold, he replied, "Okay, it's
up to you. "

Earlier, when Greg was holding her and she was struggling, many people had gathered around. After
this intense battle, they had already been surrounded by people, and some even took pictures of the

At the same time, in the CEO's office on the twenty-two floor, sitting on a chair, Edward raised his head
and was lost in thought. His eyes narrowed and he suddenly sat up straight.

"Two beads! Two pearl? !"