Keep you in my arms

Chapter 104 Fight Because Of Her

"As you know, I have a husband. But give me two pearls. Feeling your love, I tied it to the red slip. In
the twinkling of an eye. Your heart was as bright as the sun and the moon, but I had vowed live and die
with my husband. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I couldn't accept your emotion. I wish we could
meet before I get married."

"Drop my tears. I wish we could meet before I get married..." He put the bead back into the box and
smiled as he read out the line of the poem slightly.

This song was written by Zhang Ji who refused to be bribed by Li Shidao and used it as a metaphor of
her loyalty.

What Angela meant was that she wanted to concentrate on her studies. However, the poem literally
meant that the woman admitted her love for the other party.

Suddenly, he was in a good mood and went out with the bead. As soon as he came out, he saw the
employees standing in front of the French window.

"It's not as clear as looking at the photos in the group, huh? Isn't this Secretary Angela?"

"Exactly! Who are those two men?"

"Video! This was more interesting! Those two people are fighting."

Standing behind them, Edward saw that Angela was dragged by two people in the video.

At this time, some employees saw him. They stopped watching the play and said in awe, "Mr. Edward...
Mr. Edward."

Thinking about Angela all the time, Edward couldn't hear others' words. He glanced at the crowd
downstairs and made sure that Angela was still there. Then he took out his phone and called her while

running out.

Downstairs, Greg was beaten up and felt ashamed. But when Angela squatted down and asked him
with concern, "are you all right?" However, he felt that the beating was not in vain.

Angela helped him up and said, "you can go to the hospital."

But how could he be beaten like this in front of her? Greg pushed her behind him and punched Chuck,
but unfortunately, he was directly resisted by him.

"Hey! Don't fight anymore. You're adults now. Don't you think it's childish?"

However, her voice was completely ignored, and the two of them began to fight. Angela was anxious
and wanted to stop them, but was pulled by someone.

"Mr. Edward?" She turned around and saw his forehead full of sweat.

"Come with me." Edward pulled her out of the crowd.

After they left the crowd, Angela asked worriedly, "what about them?"

"You have left. What are they going to do?"


On the other side, when Chuck saw her taken away by Edward, he wanted to get rid of Greg and leave.
However, Greg was so angry that he pressed him on the ground again. "You... You'd better stay away
from Angela."

Chuck let go of him and ran after Angela as fast as he could. Seeing him trotting over, Edward pulled
her and said, "let's go home first."

"That Chuck is prone to violence. Greg will be beaten to death." Thinking of the night that he beat the
gangster so seriously and ruthlessly, she couldn't help but feel tremble.

When he heard that she cared about Greg, his heart sank. At this time, Chuck had already run over,
followed Greg.

Twenty minutes later, in the coffee shop, Angela stood up, picked up a cotton swab and hydrogen
peroxide, and was about to apply medicine to Greg.

"Let me do it!" Edward and Chuck stood up at the same time and reached out for the swab in her hand.

Angela was stunned. Edward had already taken the cotton swabs and hydrogen peroxide from her
hand, and Chuck also took out a few cotton swabs from the bag to apply medicine to Greg.

How could they have applied medicine to others? But if Angela applied medicine to Greg, they were
more willing to do it themselves.

Edward didn't like Greg at the beginning, and the wounds on his face were all given by Chuck. Seeing
that the two were about to apply medicine for him, Greg shook his head and said, "I'll do it myself."

When the two of them were about to put down the things in their hands, Angela said, "How do you
know where is your wound?"

As she spoke, she was going to apply medicine to his wound with a cotton swab. Seeing this, the two
of them quickly wiped the wound for Greg.

"Ah..." Greg screamed.

Seeing that they pushed him so hard on purpose, Angela couldn't help saying, "be gentle."

It would be better if she didn't say it, but the two of them went even worse. Greg had no choice but to
pull a long face. Angela could read the minds of the two people, so as not to make Greg suffer more.
Although she was anxious, she still stood aside and watched.

"You are Greg, right? Don't badger with Angela anymore!" Chuck just thought that Greg was her ex-
boyfriend, and he was polite because of Angela.

On the other hand, Edward was different. He said with a mocking smile, "I heard that it's not easy to
serve Mary. Mr. Greg doesn't care about your own life and safety, and it's secondary. If you get Angela
into trouble, don't blame me for disregarding my face."

Speaking of this, Angela finally remembered the reason of the whole thing. Greg had gone too far. He
was a married man, but he still came to pester her and wanted to drag her away. He deserved it!

Hearing what Edward said, she felt warm in her heart and her face was a little red. She avoided eye
contact with him because of embarrassment.

For a man, what he had, even if it had become a "past", was always regarded as "only" in his heart.
Before that, Greg only thought that Angela belonged to him. Even if he did something wrong, as long
as he lowered his head a little, she would forgive him and come back to him.

Angela muttered, "Eye the pot while eating from a bowl. I'm not stupid!"

At this moment, Greg felt that he had completely lost Angela, and he had lost her wholeheartedly...

Although she had been disheartened with Greg, but he was injured very serious this time.

"How about... You'd better go to the hospital."

Greg is such a bastard. Why does she still care about him? Afraid that she would say that she would
take Greg to the hospital, Edward lifted her collar and said, "don't you need to study? Let's go home."

It was true that they didn't get along well with each other at all. Being dragged by her, Angela was very
angry. "Don't be like this! It's so ugly!"

"If we go home, no one else can see us." Without stopping, Edward dragged her out.

"Edward, if you keep doing this, I won't forgive you for making ten tomato noodles!"

Angela was really pissed off, but she didn't think too much about it.

Again? Ten tomato noodles?

In this case, it was like a fight between young couples.

Through the glass, Greg stared at them. His eyes gradually dimmed and tears could not help falling.

And Chuck followed them and shouted, "Angela!"

At this time, Edward had released her. When she saw Chuck, she thought of the flowers sent in these
two weeks. She said to Edward, "wait a minute. I have something to talk to him first."

Chuck was her vigorous pursuer. How could Edward let them talk alone?

He didn't answer, nor did he get in the car first.

Chuck had already walked up to her. She said politely, "thank you, Mr. Chuck. You helped me again."

In the past, it was him who couldn't remember any woman. This woman, not only forget him, but also
said he sent the wrong person after he sent so many flowers and the reminded on the card.

"Okay." How did Chuck chase after a woman before? He didn't need to say anything. As long as he
sent flowers, paid the bill for them, and satisfied them on the bed, they would follow him, even if he
didn't say a word of love.

"Those flowers... Is it from Mr. Si?" Although she was sure that it was from him, she was not 100%
sure. It would be awkward if she recognized the wrong person, so she asked carefully.