Keep you in my arms

Chapter 105 You Are In Period

"Okay." Chuck nodded.

"That's so kind of you. It was Mr. Chuck who saved me, so it was me who supposed to sent you the
gift!" Angela asked him not to send her gift in a subtle way.

"Hmm... I don't need the gift. Miss Angela, you can treat me a meal." The eyes of Chuck were
unfathomable, and his words were very natural, but Edward could see his "intention".

He looked at Angela, who frowned and then relaxed her brows. "Of course. When will Mr. Chuck be

Without answering her directly, Chuck took out his phone and dialed a number. Soon, Angela's phone

At the time she took out her phone, Chuck hung up. "This is my number. I'll call you when I have time."

"Okay!" She subconsciously saved his number and said, "I may be on a business trip in two weeks. Mr.
Chuck, please tell me in advance."

Hearing this, Chuck glanced at Edward and couldn't help smiling. "It doesn't matter. We will meet
sooner or later."

They would meet sooner or later?

Angela felt that the atmosphere was a little weird, so she followed his gaze and looked at Edward.

Edward's face darkened. Angela didn't know what he was angry about. She immediately became
vigilant and carefully responded.

"It's late now. Angela, see you next time." All of a sudden, his tone became cheerful. He reached out to
hold her hand and wanted to kiss the back of her hand.

Although he slowly bent down, he glanced at Edward.

When he saw the unhappy look on Edward's face, he was in a good mood!

Sure enough, Edward pulled Angela away. He said, "it's very late now. We won't disturb you!"

As he spoke, he opened the door and pushed Angela into the car, ignoring her helplessness.

"Edward... Ah..." He stepped on the gas. Because of inertia, her back hit the back of the chair.

Standing still, Chuck looked at the car driving away and felt more and more interesting.

Over the years, he had tried to grab what Edward had, but he couldn't get anything except for some
unimportant bidding. Sometimes, he even fell into the trap set by Edward.

In the business world, he didn't have an indestructible backstage like Edward, but in terms of women,
he was absolutely confident.

First of all, she was on duty for two days in the Personnel Department, and then two days in the
technical department. On Friday, she was sorting out documents all day long. It was not easy to wait
until Saturday. She wanted to sleep naturally, but she was woken up by the bell.

She felt that she was so stupid. After turning off the alarm, she wanted to continue to sleep, but she
heard a gentle knock on the door.

Angela got more annoyed when she heard the knock on the door. She didn't open her eyes and
covered herself with the quilt.

She fell into complete asleep immediately. However, as soon as she fell asleep, she heard a knock on
the door. Angela pushed the quilt away, walked to the door angrily, gathered all her anger on the
doorknob, opened it suddenly, and roared, "let me sleep in the early morning!"

Although Angela was not gentle all the time, she was well-educated and reasonable. Although she was
not in fashion, she still maintained her image. But now, she was wearing pajamas, her hair was in a
mess, and she was angry with him and shouted at him, which frightened Edward when he saw the
other side of her. Then he asked, "I'm going to the hospital to see grandma today."

"Didn't I say that I wouldn't have to go?" That was their grandmother. As an outsider, it was strange for
her to visit her all the time.

"It counts that you work overtime." Edward knew that she was sensitive to money, so he tried to tempt

"No!" I don't even want to work overtime! She followed him so frequently that she really couldn't explain
herself even she jumped to the Yellow River.

She said angrily and closed the door. Angela was sleepy. She closed the door heavily because of the
morning temperament. Only then did she find that the door was held by Edward's hand and clamped.
He groaned in pain before she turned around and saw him.

"Edward, why are you so stupid recently? Why do you put your hand here?" For a moment, Angela's
sleepiness was completely gone. She grabbed his hand and saw that it was clamped red. She was
annoyed and irritable. "If your hand is disabled, how can you sign the document?"

Seeing that she was so nervous, Edward suddenly felt better. With a smile in the corner of his eyes, he
pretended to be indifferent and said, "it's okay as long as the muscles and bones are not hurt."

Her hands were fair and slender, so attractive. It was really a sin to destroy them.

At this time, Angela was not sleepy at all and felt a pain in her lower abdomen.

Angela looked at his hand and frowned when she felt the pain. Edward was tall. When he looked down
at her, he saw some red blood on her trousers.

At the same time, she felt a hot stream gushing out from somewhere.

Dame! She was in her period!

"You are on your period." Seeing that she was silent and uncomfortable, Edward said.

Why did he have to say such an embarrassing thing out loud?

Angela's ears turned red in an instant, and he had bypassed her into the room and walked to the
bedside. "I heard that you can't catch a cold. Go and change your clothes. I'll help you deal with this."

"No need -" Angela wanted to stop him, but he had already taken a tissue to absorb the blood on the

It was an emergency. She didn't have much time to talk to him. Then she took the sanitary pad and
clothes and went to the bathroom with her head down.

When she finished, Edward had put the bed set into the washing machine to clean it.

Angela was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Seeing her, Edward said, "go to see grandma with me today."

"But I want to review..." Angela refused cautiously.

In other words, he had never been refused so decisively by anyone since the DC Capital Group was on
the right track.

"Angela, shall we make a deal?"


"Marry me. I'll give you an environment to study."

Angela was stunned and looked at him in shock.

Was Edward crazy? How could he marry her?

She moved her lips and was about to say something. But Edward said first, "don't refuse in a hurry. You
can read this agreement first and add any conditions you want."

Then he picked up the agreement from the tea table and handed it to her. Angela seemed to be
dragged and picked up the document unconsciously.

Edward also felt that he was crazy. Besides the impact of today's news, he needed to take measures.
Since the appearance of Chuck, he was worried that Angela would be cheated away. He thought, since
she had decided not to marry, why not make an agreement to get married first? Not only could he keep
her by his side, but also could he solve the news problem.

Angela walked into the room with the agreement in her hand. It took her a long time to come to her

"Am I crazy? Why should I take this agreement?" Although she said so, she couldn't help but look

The conditions offered by Edward was tempting. Generally speaking, first of all, he gave her thirty
thousand dollars a month as a reward. Second, he needed to help her to resist the man who entangled
her. However, what Angela needed to do was only his nominal wife.

Generally speaking, except for some unspeakable matters, this agreement was a two-way profit.

Why's that? Because Angela couldn't concentrate on her study in the past month, her progress had
been much slower. But it was unrealistic to resign and prepare for the exam. If she didn't have the
basic economy to support her life.

Angela thought the agreement was a little exaggerated, and at this time, Hilda sent her a link on
WeChat. There are also several messages added.

First of all, Hilda was shocked. "You are with my brother?

Then she was excited: great! Sister-in-law! You finally become my sister-in-law!

Then there were a series of questions. When did you get together and how far did you go?

Angela was confused. She clicked on the link and saw the headline: the photo of the citizen favored
husband and girlfriend living together was exposed...

In addition to the photos of her coming in and out with Edward, there were also some of them when she
went to a dinner party with Anna.