Keep you in my arms

Chapter 106 I Will Marry You

"They even have the photos of them visited grandma in the hospital."

She had really convinced the media.

Not knowing when, Edward leaned against the door frame and said indifferently, "my father had no idea
about the news and I will admit that you are my fiancée in the press conference. Now, not only the DC
Capital Group, but also all the stock markets of the Yan Family would be affected. The best way is we
get married.

Was this the reason why he proposed to an agreement marriage?

In the past month, even blind people could see that Edward had a crush on Angela. Seeing that his son
hadn't made any progress, Jonson had to take such a method to force him. It was such a big news
about the Yan Family. If it weren't for Jonson's approval, who would dare to report it casually?

This time, he didn't hate his father's coercion. On the contrary, he appreciated his father for giving him
a reason so that he could make a reasonable request. As for the reason why he came up the proposal
of an agreement marriage was because he knew very well that if he asked for a real marriage, Angela
would never agree.

So he gave her what she wanted, and he only had one request, as long as she cooperated with him to
act as a couple.

Angela had no reason to refuse such an agreement!

"I think it's too absurd!" She put the agreement aside and hadn't completely accepted all the
information yet.

"Aren't you going to never get married? So you don't need to care about what your future husband
thinks, do you? If I marry you, my family won't urge me to get married again. And you don't need to

waste your time on making a living. You just need to focus on your study."

"You are right, but..." She felt creepy at the thought of the dinner Anna brought her and the subsequent
things. Besides, she was not so stupid as to think that it was easy to be his nominally wife! She glanced
at him and smiled, "to be the daughter-in-law of the Yan Family, I'm afraid it'll be busier than work!
Besides, your parents are urging you to have a baby. I won't sell myself!"

Sure enough, Angela was not a silly woman and it was not easy to deceive her.

"You are right." He couldn't fool Angela by bluffing her, let alone with low intelligence. He rubbed his
forehead with a headache and said, "my mother alone is already hard to deal with. There are all kinds
of occasions that need your cooperation."

"Edward, how about you marry a woman directly. Even if I agree to marry you, I won't have a baby with
you. You are thirty-five years old now. Your parents are urging you. Where can you find a child to fool
your family then? Besides, your family is so intelligent. Can you deceive them? I think you'd better
marry a woman and ask her to give birth to a baby for you. Then everything will be solved."

In fact, what she said made sense. Aaron also said before, "It's just a joke to get married based on an
agreement. Is it necessary to do such a childish thing to chase a woman? It's better to find a woman
and get married in real form. Then everything will be solved."

He didn't feel anything when others spoke it out. But Angela's indifferent tone annoyed him.

Didn't she care about him at all? Even a woman who didn't know him would shout loudly when she saw
such an excellent man get married, "the citizen favored husband was taken away. I'm very sad!" But
she still wanted him to marry someone else.

But he couldn't reveal his true feelings. After thinking for a while, he tried to be calm and said, "you are
the only one who is in the same picture with me on the news, and you even live with me. If I married

with another women in the end. What will others think of me? How would them comment on the style of
the Yan Family? I'm afraid that the stock market will fall even more heavily!"

That was true...

But it was his business! Why should she has to take the blame with him?

Angela was about to retort when her phone rang.

It was from her elder sister, Shawn.

Her elder sister was noting the civil service. She wouldn't have called her for nothing. Although in the
past few months, because her mother didn't agree her to take the exam, Angela had a quarrel with her
family and didn't go back, nor did she call her family. However, her elder sister never called her actively.
She was afraid that something happened at home, so she answered the phone subconsciously.

"Angela, what's the news today?"

What? News?

She didn't expect that the news was not only known by the people around, but also seen all over the
world. It was all because of the importance of the Yan Family in the economic chain.

"Well... There's some misunderstandings."

"You rent a house with a man?" Shawn was not a fool. In the photo, both Edward and Angela were
wearing home clothes and eating at the table. If they didn't live together, how could such a scene

"Hey! I don't know how to explain it. He is my roommate's brother. He has been living in her sister's
house which is also my roommate's house temporarily because the electric appliances were all burnt

down in his own house. My roommate happened to be on a business trip again."

"So, are you really living with a man?"

"……" Kind of it.

"It's not that I don't believe you. Gossip is a fearful thing! Mom was so angry that she said she'd come
to the S City to see you." Shawn was speechless with her sister. When Angela was with Greg, she was
the only one who objected in the whole family. She said that Greg was a phoenix man and she would
suffer a lot if she married him. As a result, Angela had enough of it before she got married.

"Really?" Angela didn't expect the situation to be so serious. She had always admired and trusted her
sister, and asked subconsciously, "what should I do?"

"Now that your photos have been exposed, now that it's impossible that I want to lie to them that you to
live with me. Our parents are not stupid! Just tell me the truth!"

"Then I will be beaten to death!" If she tell the truth and admitted that she lived with a man. No matter
what the reason was, her legs would be beaten broken. The Xu Family was a traditional family and had
always been strict with their daughter's education. If Angela hadn't fallen out with her family, they
wouldn't have turned a blind eye to her for three or four months.

"Later, I can only try to tell our parents that the photos are not credible. I'll send you the address later.
You'd better come early to wait dad and mom and sincerely apologize. Maybe there's a chance of
survival." Shawn said in a light voice, but in Angela's ears, it was like a heavy stone pressing on her

Shawn hung up the phone, leaving Angela sighing. Staring at her, Edward heard all the conversation
between the two. Angela raised her head and saw him. As soon as she saw him, she became irritated.
"It's all your fault! ! ! Do you know that I'm going to die because of you?"

If the Xu Family put pressure on Angela, she would be in a desperate situation, which would increase
the chance of her signing the agreement. On the contrary, Edward was more confident. He looked
serious and hold an expression which is benefit to both of them. "Now it seems that I'm not the only
one who benefits from this agreement. If you marry a good man, I think uncle and aunt won't make
things difficult for you anymore."

"That must be a good family!" Angela was so angry that she didn't think too much.