Keep you in my arms

Chapter 107 I Will Be Responsible For It

The Yan Family was one of the most powerful families in the S City. Edward's education and
intelligence were all above hers, and his morality and self-cultivation were impeccable. Till now, she
was not only the first woman who disliked the Yan Family and him.

Angela didn't really dislike him, but speak it out as a quick response. After saying that, she felt his
murderous eyes and felt a little guilty, "I didn't mean that. You know, I don't want to get married."

After saying that, she hurried to take something and said, "I have to go out, so I won't go to see
Grandma Carol with you."

Originally, he woke her up early in the morning because he was afraid that she would go on a date with
Chuck when he left, so he wanted her to go with him. Now her parents came to her, she probably didn't
have time to date with Chuck.

"I'm on the same way. See you off."

"No! If you don't want me to die there, don't follow me." Angela said hurriedly.

Only then did Edward know why she was so traditional. In this era, it was not a big deal for a man and
a woman to live together, but when the people of the Xu Family knew about it, they actually came to
blame her so solemnly. The Xu Family had such a strict family education. No wonder Angela kept her
chastity while she's with Greg in almost two years.

It only took two hours from L City to S City. At eight o'clock this morning, as soon as they saw the news
that their daughter lived with a strange man, Walter and Darcy, Angela's parents, rushed over. At ten
thirty, Shawn had picked them up.

In the private room of the teahouse, with a long face, Walter sat upright, trying not to blame Angela who
was burying her head. With red eyes, Darcy scolded, "I've raised you for nothing! How did I teach you?

A girl lives with a man casually. What if he doesn't take responsibility for her?"

"No..." Angela looked up and said, "I really have nothing to do with him.

Walter banged the table and said angrily, "if you have nothing to do with him. Why do you still live with
him? !"

"As I said, he is the brother of my roommate. Because the electric circuit in his house was burned, he
temporarily lived in her sister's house. I have mentioned many times that it is not convenient... "

"Can't you go out and rent a house yourself? !" The reason why Walter didn't allow this to happen was
that he didn't want his daughter to be slandered. After all, L City was a small town, and it was difficult to
find a good mother-in-law if her reputation was damaged. On the other hand, he was afraid that her
daughter would be abandoned and was hurt in the end.

"Dad, didn't you cut off her money?" Shawn reminded.

"……" Walter was stunned for a while and remembered it.

At that time, both the Xu Family and the Fang Family met and were choosing their wedding's date.
Angela suddenly said that she didn't want to marry. But in the Xu Family's opinion, the Fang Family
was also in the S city. If their daughter was bullied after she got married, it would be good to find a
support from her mother's family. Moreover, they believed that Greg was a good young man who was
active to advance. The relatives of both sides had heard about the fact that Angela and Greg were
together. Even though the two of them hadn't had sex, if Angela suddenly said that she wouldn't marry,
it was inevitable for them to gossip about her. The Xu Family just thought that she was a little angry and
didn't want to marry, so they forced her to marry. Angela was so excited that she quarreled with her
parents. In a fit of anger, Walter said, "I raised you up not for expecting you to irritate me!"

Angela said that if they forced her, she would leave home. She grabbed her suitcase and cried angrily,
"even if you support me, you can't force me to marry anyone!"

"If you have the ability, don't ask us for money anymore!" Although the Xu Family was just a well-off
family, it never made their daughters poor. Walter thought that suppressing her with money would make
her obedient. But how could the daughter of the Xu Family have no self-esteem?

At first, Walter asked Shawn to transfer money to Angela, but Shawn thought it was wrong for her sister
to contradict her father, so she blamed, "anyway, she can't talk back to father! Look, he just asked me
to give you money secretly."

Knowing that it was her father's money, Angela said stubbornly, "no, I don't need his money!"

Therefore, she would rather rely on Christa than spend her father's money.

Thinking of this, Walter felt somewhat guilty. He took a deep breath with anger. Darcy looked at Angela
and said anxiously, "Angela, tell me, what happened between you two?"

The day she and Edward met was the day they had sex. If she admitted it, she would be courting
death. She waved her hand and said, "no! Although he lives in his sister's house, I live in my own room
and lock the door every night!"

They hadn't done anything since they lived together. So she didn't lie to her parents, did she?

Darcy trusted her daughter very much. The fact that they lived together had spread all over the streets
and lanes. It was really a mess. She stood up and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

"Mom! I'll go with you!" Angela was afraid that her father would break her leg in anger without her
mother's protection.

As soon as the two of them opened the door, they bumped into a man in a white shirt. Angela was
surprised to see that it was Edward. "Why are you here?"

The Yan Family's education was more strict than the Xu Family's. When Hilda was in high school, he
remembered that it was Saturday. She didn't go home until eleven o'clock in the evening. She was hit
by Jonson, who was the first time he hit his daughter.

Perhaps all fathers knew men's bad intentions, so they were more afraid that their daughters would be
hurt. They loved their daughters so much that they had to be strict with them. Edward was worried that
Angela would suffer a lot, so he followed her secretly.

From the beginning, Walter and Darcy scolded and pounded the table. He was so anxious that he
wanted to break in. Fortunately, Shawn spoke for her and they gradually calmed down. But from
Walter's tone, Edward knew that it was a serious matter for Angela. So he was worried and had been
standing outside for more than 40 minutes.

When Darcy saw the man in front of her was the man in the photo, she was shocked and her face
darkened. Walter, who was inside couldn't sit still and walked over.

The appearance of Edward was merely added fuel to the fire! Angela urged him in a low voice, "Do you
want to kill me, Edward? Hurry up and leave!"

She didn't forget to push him as she said. So that he could leave as soon as possible.

Edward looked serious and tried to hold her hand. Seeing that he still wanted to touch her at this
moment, Angela said angrily, "my father is an antique. If you don't want to break your hand, let me go!"

But he ignored her and grabbed her wrist directly!

"Hello! What do you want? !" She wanted to scold him angrily, but she tried to lower her voice because
her parents were watching her behind.

Edward pulled her into the room. At the same time, Walter stopped.

"Uncle, aunt, I'm sorry to make you worried. I'll be responsible for it."

Damn it! Angela didn't want to get married at all. It took her parents a long time to calm down. Did he
think that he said he was responsible for her was to help her? Oh! No! Edward was always wanted to
marry her. It was obvious that he did this on purpose!