Keep you in my arms

Chapter 112 I Didn't Expect You Dare to come!

Her chin just touched his chin. The cutest height was the most suitable height. He should be able to
slap him in the face for her this time.

"I just want to test the height of your shoes!" Edward took another step back to keep a distance from
her. Angela felt his behaved strange and didn't know where he was going to take her.

At ten forty-nine in the morning, they arrived at the gate of a five star hotel. Edward indicated her to
hold his hand, Angela asked, "so, you want me to be your female companion today?"

"You can say that!" Edward's eyes were full of expectation.

It turned out that he wanted her to be his female companion. No wonder he took her to buy shoes and
tidy up her hair.

"I can't dance." Now that she had come, she had to take it easy. So she simply held his hand and

"It doesn't matter. There is no dance in this party. If you don't want to dance at other banquets in the
future, I can invite other dancing partners." Edward replied as he led her away.

The two of them turned to the right. After taking a few steps, they saw a big poster. On the poster, the
bridegroom lowered his head slightly, while the bride raised her head slightly. As they wanted to kiss,
the two of them showed shyness and happiness. Such a sweet poster deeply hurt Angela's heart.

Her steps gradually stopped, and the faint smile on her face froze. Then it was covered by the strong

"What's wrong?"

What's up? Was it fun to take her to her ex-boyfriend's wedding? Why did he ask her what happened?

Angela threw him a long face, turned around and was about to leave. Before she could step out, her
arm was grabbed. He simply took her in his arms and comforted her, "don't worry. I'm here."

She admitted that she was a coward. She and Greg were classmates, so many people who come for
the wedding knew them. Besides, everyone in the same department of the University knew that they
were together. How embarrassing was it?

At this moment, she saw several familiar figures at the corner. Before they came over, she recognized
that they were her classmates in college. One of them said loudly. It was her roommate, Dianna.

"What? What did I say! The public display of affection died soon! There were a lot of couples separated
even before their marriage, let alone they were not married yet! How could Angela deserve Greg?"
Dianna shouted.

"Keep your voice down. He is going to get married. Why do you still mention these old things?"

Angela recognized that the classmate who responded to Dianna should be Johnny. Although she didn't
have a very good relationship with him, their relationship was not very bad.

"She won't come anyway!" Dianna gloated.

When they turned the corner, Angela suddenly turned around. However, When Edward heard Dianna
said, "How could Angela deserve Greg?" He looked at her direction with a murderous look.

"Edward, let's go..." Angela gently pulled his clothes and one foot already stepped out.

Edward steadied her and lowered his head slightly. "The more you retreat, the more aggressive the
enemy will be."

Angela didn't care about her enemies and friends. She only knew that she couldn't let them see her. It
was so humiliating!

She leaned out, trying to escape, but Edward held her firmly.

Angela couldn't escape. As her classmates got closer and closer, she felt a chill on her back. As they
were getting more and more close to them, she gritted her teeth and buried her head in Edward's arms.
Feeling her trembling body and the force of fear in his arms, he realized that he only wanted her to face
this relationship and not to be affected by what Greg had done to her. But he did not expect that she
was also forced a little.

Feeling sorry for her, Edward put his arm around her shoulder and held her tightly in his arms.

Four or five students passed by them and looked at them with strange eyes for a while. But because
Angela had never worn any makeup and usually in casual clothes, they might not recognize her at a
glance today, let alone her back.

Angela was in his arms and heard their footsteps getting farther and farther.

"Did you see that man? He is so handsome!" Dianna, who was walking away, said anthomaniac.

Her classmate Alysa said, "I think that woman has a good figure too. I wonder what her face looks like."

"They are at the door. They should be here for the wedding!" Guessed Kaila in the dormitory next door.

"hurry up! Johnny said. Otherwise, we can't take a photo with the bride and groom!"

She didn't get out of his arms until she was sure that she couldn't hear the voices of her classmates.
She took a few deep breaths to sober herself up. And she didn't come back to her senses until she
became anxious again.

Greg was one of the most handsome men in the Department in their college. At that time, many girls
liked him. Dianna was a weirdo, it was not that she like Greg. She just couldn't see Angela with him. To
be exact, she couldn't bear to see anyone better than her, but jealousy was hidden in her heart. Angela

was not inferior to others, so the two of them were at odds. Angela didn't care about people, but Dianna
was only against her!

Among these classmates, only Dianna always seek her troubles. But the last thing she wanted was her
sadness to be seen by Dianna. After all, Dianna would surely rub salt in her wound and make it worse.

"Not good enough? Huh... " Dianna's mean words echoed in Edward's mind for a long time and he
couldn't help sneering.

It was obvious that Greg didn't deserve her!

"Are you bullied like this?" Edward asked angrily.

"I'm not been bullied! I just don't want to argue with her!" It was true that Dianna wanted to bully her, but
she failed every time. She recalled a lot of things in the past and said, "I'm just not as childish as her.
She's just thinking about how to deal with people and how to scold people from the bottom of an egg! If
I quarrel with someone like her, what's the difference between me and her?"

Hmm... That's what Angela's style!

Edward nodded, "among your classmates, only that fat girl seems to be dissatisfied with you."

"She has a problem with everyone, but much big with me!"

"She is waiting to laugh at you." Edward provoked her deliberately.

Angela knew that he was trying to goad her, but she couldn't help saying, "what's wrong with me? I
have at least had it. She has been in College for four years, but no man has chased her! I was chased
back then!"

Seeing her indignation, he felt it was funny. "It seems that your university life is very wonderful!"

"It's more than that. It's just a college version of the palace fighting drama!" The more unpleasant thing
of the past came to her mind, the more upset she felt.

"It's really you!" Suddenly, a woman passed by her and stared at her with a sneer. "I didn't expect you
to dare to come!"