Keep you in my arms

Chapter 114 You Can Only Marry Me!

Obviously, what Dianna did was to focus everyone's attention on Angela. Angela stared at her angrily
and said, "Do I know you well?"

"We have lived together for three or four years. Do you think we are not familiar with each other? Or
are you afraid that I will expose your past, so you deliberately keep a distance from me? "

Angela's face darkened with anger because of her excessive words.

"Please move your hand away!"

The cold voice attracted Dianna's attention. Then she found that the man next to Angela was the
handsome man in the corridor just now. And looking at Angela's dressing today, it was obvious that she
was the woman who threw herself into his arms just now.

So... Did they hear her gloating just now?

Dianna was stunned at first, but soon she didn't feel embarrassed.

Edward gave her a cold stare. Although Dianna was a bold woman, but she didn't dare to not let her
go. He pulled Angela into his arms, as if announcing to them that he was protecting her.

Under his arms, although she was so angry, she was not as flustered as she was at the beginning. It
seemed that even if the sky fell, there would be Edward to back it up. Even Greg had never given her
such a sense of security.

At this moment, a voice came from behind them, "What's wrong with your hotel? Is everyone allowed to
come in? "

Arrogant as Alina was, she glared at the waiter and said, "Why does your hotel let everyone in? What if
the wedding is ruined? Are you responsible for it? "

The waiter could only ask Edward respectfully, "Hello, may I have a look at your invitation?"

Invitation? She had already given it back to Greg!

Although Angela looked calm on the surface, she was a little timid in her heart. She pulled his sleeve
and said in a voice that only two people could hear, "I forgot to bring it. Take your invitation."

"No, I didn't have it." Edward lowered his head slightly and looked into her eyes. After saying that, he
smiled faintly.

No?! Without the invitation, why did he bring her here?

"Then why did you bring me here?"

Seeing their strange behavior, Dianna rolled her eyes and smiled, "Is it possible that they didn't invite
you at all?"

"Look! I've told you that we don't know these two people. They must be here for free meal! " Cherry
Fang tried to stir up the trouble.

Because they were surrounded by several people, and soon more people came to surround them.
Alina felt disgusted at the sight of Angela, as if she was driving out a pestilence. She said to the waiter,
"This has seriously affected the wedding. Why don't you get them out?"

"Relatives by marriage! There might be some misunderstandings during this period! " They didn't know
Edward, but did Yvonne! Richard Wei was the president of the Anson Bank and her father's elder
brother. She didn't have much friendship with Mary, she would watch the fun if it was someone else, but
Mr. Edward was her boss! Besides, she had a good relationship with Angela, so of course she was on
her side.

As a waiter of a five star hotel, she wouldn't drive a guest away rashly. He immediately contacted the
person in charge of the wedding. Soon, Bryson, the manager in charge of the wedding, came.

"Bryson?" Angela once heard that Bryson was a manager of a five star hotel. But it was normal for
Greg to give his business to his good friend!

"Angela?" Bryson had always been fond of Angela. Seeing that it was her who was in a dilemma, he
quickly contacted the host beside the groom and asked the host to tell Greg that Angela had come.

Greg and Mary had been taking photos with the guests all the time. When he heard that Angela was
here, he ran to her without saying anything, and Mary couldn't stop him.

The people around were about to leave, but the bridegroom seemed to have something urgent to do
and ran over leaving the bride alone, which attracted more attention.

As soon as Greg came over, he stood in front of her and stared at her. When his classmates saw him
running over, they all greeted him with a smile, but he couldn't hear anything.

'Angela... Are you here to take me away? As long as you say you will take me away, I can give up more
than a year's efforts and everything the Wei Family has given me.'

He looked at Angela affectionately and eagerly, as if there was no one else. Angela could see the
emotion in his eyes. Being stared at by him made her uncomfortable, and more uncomfortable by the
guests around.

After a long time, she squeezed out a smile and said, "Congratulations!"

His eyes became redder with tears.

He thought she would say, "Greg, let's go!" But she didn't. She felt a little uncomfortable, but said
calmly, "Congratulations!"

How could she congratulate him for marrying another woman? And also with such a sincere look, how
could she be so cruel?

Bryson walked to Greg and gently pushed him as a reminder, "Greg..."

When they were in high school, Bryson, Greg, Angela and Christa, the four of them always played
together. Since Greg and Angela were a couple, Bryson had to hide his feelings for her. Later, because
of the ardent pursuit of Christa, Angela once said, "If you are with Christa, our two families can have
dinner together in the future! That's great! " She had also said, "When will you be together! I'm looking
forward to it! Be together! We four can travel together! "

Just because Bryson wanted to travel with Angela, he agreed to be with Christa.

At this time, Mary also came over. She was dissatisfied with what Greg did. When she was about to
lose her temper, she saw her husband staring at his ex-girlfriend. She deliberately held Greg's arm and
smiled, "Miss Angela, you are here. That day, I asked Greg if I should invite Miss Angela. He said he
was afraid that you would be sad so we gave up. " Then she acted coquettishly to Greg, "Greg, I knew
it! How could Miss Angela be sad? She is very good with that gentleman! "

"Enough!" Angela couldn't stand it anymore! Whether it was Mary or the Fang Family, she really didn't
want to have anything to do with these people anymore!

Standing aside, Edward frowned and wondered what kind of friends Angela had made in the first
twenty years. Why are they all weirdos?

Soothing music was heard all the time at the wedding. At this moment, the music was suddenly
replaced by a harsh sound. Everyone looked at the screen. The wedding photos of Greg and Mary
were played there, but now they were taken by photos of Greg and Angela.

The harsh sound was gone, and Greg's voice suddenly came from the speaker.

"We are going to have four children in the future. Two of them will have your surname, and the other
two will have my surname. It's better to have two boys and two girls!"

Then a girl answered, "Who wants to have babies with you?"

"Angela, you can only give birth to my child for the rest of your life!"

"You wish!" Although the girl said so, her tone was full of shyness and sweetness.

The voice was a little noisy, as if it was at the top of the mountain, and the wind was a little strong.
Then there was a play between Greg and her, and he roared, "Angela, you should marry me! You can
only marry me! I will only be good to you all my life! ! !"

The sweet sound of a couple came from the speaker. On the screen, there were sweet photos of them
in the university: they were in the library, they were jogging, they were having dinner together...

Everyone was stunned. The Wei Family and the Fang Family were in a mess. Bryson ran to the front of
the media and asked the person in charge, "What happened?"

The man was also extremely flustered. "I don't know! My computer is out of control! "

Angela was also shocked. More than eighty percent of the people present recognized her. The girl in
the photo was her! She panicked under so many gazes and comments.