Keep you in my arms

Chapter 126 The Marriage Is Settled

Angela was a little slow in the end. Her sisters were sitting on the windowsill, and her bag was also put
there. Before she could ran to them, they already took out the marriage certificates and opened them.

She was on the verge of breaking down and patted her head.

Seeing the shock on her two daughters' faces, Darcy couldn't help but walk over. Seeing her daughter
get the marriage certificate already, Darcy covered her chest and pointed at the drawer.

"Mom!" Shawn quickly dropped the marriage license, ran over to hold her mother, and said to his sister
Ella, "Heart Saving Pill!"

Half an hour later, in the hall of the Xu Family.

Angela sat straight on the sofa obediently, with her head lowered down. Edward sat upright, waiting for
the scold of the Xu's parents.

Darcy was so angry that she threw the marriage license to Angela. When Edward wanted to cover it for
her, she stopped him by holding his hand.

"Angela], are you going to piss me off? Marriage is such a big deal. Why are you so childish?"

Although there were thousands of words that she wanted to refute, Angela knew that under the current
situation she'd better listen to the lesson compliantly! If they argued, it would do no good.

"What do you think we should do now?" Darcy was almost driven mad by her daughter. First, she ran
away from the wedding, and now she brought a man who was ten years older than her. What made her
angrier was that she secretly signed the marriage certificate!

Although Walter liked Edward very much, but for this thing the two of them really did not respect their
parents. What's more, his daughter married someone else so casually. It was really a child's play! If

Edward was an unreliable man, her life would be ruined!

"It's my fault." Seeing their faces darkened, Edward was afraid that they would blame her again.

"Of course it's your fault! You are already thirty-five years old! How old is Angela? If you were a few
more years older, you could be her father! You are so rich. You can get obtain all kinds of women.
Angela is innocent. You can't hurt her like this!" At the beginning, she was angry and reproachful, but
after that, Darcy choked with sobs with red eyes, "how can you let our Angela see others in the

He was just more than nine years old than her. How could it be so exaggerated?

It never occurred to Edward that her parents cared so much about his age. No wonder Angela cared so
much about their age gap. It seemed that it was influenced by the traditional thoughts of her parents!

The fact that he was much older than her was not up to him to decide. Edward felt a headache. He had
seen so many women, and even some of them born after 2000, they were willing to be his wife, but he
met such a family that was not vain. But it was also because of Angela's not vain in any way that made
him fell in love with her, wasn't it?

He took a glance at Angela, only to find that she was lowering her head and holding his hand tightly. He
could feel that she was trembling slightly.

Shawn knew that parents were really traditional, so she stopped smiling and said seriously, "there is a
saying that if you marry the wrong person, you will have an extra son. If you marry the right person, you
will have an extra father. 'Nine years old gap is indeed many, but Edward looks very young!"

Darcy took out a piece of tissue and wiped her tears, "he's thirty-five years old. But still looks like in his
twenties. Men are getting older slower than women. There are so many young women outside, and
naturally they forget the one at home!"

Edward was speechless: "......"

Angela thought that her mother had thought too much. She didn't expect that a marriage certificate
would almost kill her mother. If the marriage agreement was discovered, she was afraid that her mother
would hold her and perish together.

Hearing that her mother was still worried about this, she whispered to Edward, "don't eat too much fish
soup and bird's nest soup in the future, and don't take such a good care of your appearance!"

"Well, it's up to you. I won't eat." He echoed.

"Ahem..." After a short dry cough, Walter, who had been silent all the time, looked at the two of them
and took a deep breath. Then he said to the two of them, "except for getting married, what else have
you done that you shouldn't have done?"

Hearing her father's question, Angela knew that it was about their sexual life. She shook her hand and
said, "no! Nothing happened between us. We just passed the Civil Affairs Bureau this morning, so we
signed the marriage certificate by the way."

By the way...

His brother, Barry, cried again because of his sister's stupid intelligence.

Sure enough, Darcy suddenly raised her voice and said angrily, "by the way? Angela, are you out of
your mind?"

Although she felt that perfect marriage was hard to get in her life, and it was not for living together. No
matter how good a marriage was, it was only a part of life. It was not like what they thought, the biggest
thing in a person's life was marriage, raising children.

"I..." Angela wanted to cry, but she had better shut up and say nothing.

Walter kept staring at Edward, seeing that he gave Angela a sidelong glance from time to time. And his
eyes were as clear as a shiny day. He was not afraid of the Xu's parents, but because of respect, he
had been scolded.

The two of them had even got a marriage certificate, and Edward cared about his daughter very much.
Moreover, as a man, he was very clear that whether a man respected his wife or not had nothing to do
with money. It depended on the moral quality of the man and the mutual respect between the couple.

Young people nowadays, which couple didn't have sex before they get marriage? What's more, they
had lived together for a period of time, there's a good possibility that they had sex already!

Although he was disappointed and angry at his daughter's behavior, he was clear that every man cared
about whether his wife had anything to do with others. It was better for her to marry the man she
wanted to marry than to be despised by others.

Because of the marriage certificate, the Xu Family had to agree to it. As for the wedding date, it still
needed to be discussed between the two families. Of course, the Yan Family wanted the two to get
married as soon as possible, so that Angela could give birth to a grandson for the Yan Family as soon
as possible! When they heard that the Xu Family had agreed, they were so happy!

Although Anna was happy in her heart, she was a little unhappy when she thought of the unhappy
attitude of the Xu Family just now. "They didn't allow Angela to marry our Moo moo just now. Why did
they suddenly agreed?"

"After all, daughter will get much concerns of her parents." Replied Jonson, understanding the worries
of the Xu's parents.

"That's right. If Hilda has a boyfriend like Moo moo, I'm afraid you'll lock her in the cage and won't let
her get married." Although her son was about to get married, she felt something was wrong. She
remembered that when Jonson first met her, he didn't look as cold as her son. She was afraid that
Angela would really feel wronged in that respect.

When Angela returned to the S City, it was already eight thirty-seven in the evening. Because most of
Edward's clothes were still in Hilda's room, he went back with her. Hilda was afraid of being strangled
by her brother because that she cheated on them, so she had to hide in the Yan Family.

When she was taking a shower, the hot water made the back of her hand ache. It was not until then
that she realized that Edward's back was seriously injured. After taking a shower, she wanted to help
him apply medicine, so she went to his room and knocked on the door. "Come in." she pushed the door
open and came in.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw the scene inside. Her face instantly flushed and her ears
turned red.