Keep you in my arms

Chapter 127 They Are Not You

Edward was wet with only a bath towel on his lower body. He turned his head and saw her red face and
uneasiness. He frowned slightly. Nowadays, people were so open. Besides, he was just naked to the
waist. Why was she so embarrassed? Besides, it was not the first time that she had seen him naked.
Why hadn't she gotten used to it? If he hadn't felt the conservative nature of the Xu family in person, he
would have thought that she was a girl of the last century.

It seemed that he had to get her used to it as soon as possible. With her slow rhythm, she might not be
able to give birth to a child until she was seventy or eighty years old!

He had been staring at her since she opened the door. Angela knocked on the door and came in
initiatively. And now she was in a dilemma. She didn't dare to look at him. She could only stare at the
floor and said, "I...I Do you need my help to apply you medicine on back?"

"Okay!" Edward wiped the water off his hair and lay prone on the bed. "The medicine is on the bedside

Her mind was full of the scene that his bare chest muscles and water beads sliding across his skin
texture just now. Then she remembered the first time they met because Edward threw her on the bed
without saying anything. He sat on her waist to prevent her from struggling out. She was forced to
watch him take off his clothes. Now when she remembered, the picture was still clear. She was afraid
to resistance at that time and didn't think too much. But now, she didn't know what was going on. She
just saw his upper body naked, and her body had an uncontrollable reaction...

He hadn't seen her come over for a long time. Then he turned his head and asked, "what's wrong?"

She felt very embarrassed. She just looked at the upper part of his body. Why was she so
embarrassed? After she came to her senses, she braced herself and walked over.

Edward's back was as smooth as if it not belongs to a man's. But now, the upper part of his body was
scalded red, and there were two blisters near his neck. Her hand was scalded a little. It hurt even when
the hot water flowed through when she took a shower, not to mention the big wound on his back and
the blisters.

She felt guilty at the thought that he had suffered for her.

She wiped his face carefully and applied the medicine gently. She said, "don't put on your clothes now.
You can wear them after an hour."

"Okay." He stood up as soon as she finished.

Angela was afraid that she would see something she shouldn't see, so she quickly stood up. Seeing
that she wanted to run away again, he said, "I'm a little thirsty."

Before, if he said this, she would definitely say, "what does it have to do with me?" But now she was full
of guilt, so she dared not refuse.

"Oh! Wait a minute."

When she came back after pouring water, Edward had already put on his home clothes. It was easy to
get infected if the clothes rubbed on the back. She frowned, "why do you put it on again?"

If he didn't put it on, she wouldn't even look at him, let alone stay in the same room with him.

Angela walked over with a cup in her hand, not noticing the towel he threw on the ground. With this
step, she slipped and leaned her whole body towards him.

"Ah!" She threw herself on him and he reached out to hold her. Instinctively, she reached out to grab
him, and he took a hasty step forward, but unexpectedly, he also stepped on the towel. His center of
gravity was instantly unstable, and when she grabbed him, he could only press her over.

Enduring the pain on his back, Edward held her waist with one hand and put the other on the back of
her head.

The sky and earth were spinning, and her back hit the cold and hard floor. She squinted her eyes to
prepare for the pain, but it was not come as expected.

Still in a state of shock, she opened her eyes, only three centimeters away, and his cream like skin was
in front of her.

How could a thirty-five year old man take such a good care of her appearance? This was Angela's first

The touch between the clothes kept stimulating him. Fortunately, she grasped his back tightly and the
pain kept him awake. However, when he saw Angela staring at him doubtfully, he couldn't help asking,
"what are you thinking about? So absorbed."

"Skin is as smooth as milk. How did you make it?" Angela's mind still lingered on the sentence "You are
the only handsome man in the world". When she was a child, she had imagined that she, dressed in
white and holding a sword, was a chivalrous woman in the world, and could also meet a handsome and
elegant man.

But she knew that reality was reality, and these dreams were just the beautiful things in her youth. But
now she was aroused the youth fancy image by Edward.

"Are you praising me?" He looked into her eyes and asked.

"What?" She suddenly came to her senses and felt his fiery gaze, her heart beating faster.

The warm breath, the beating heart, the flushed cheeks, and the dodging eyes... These were not
strange to him at all.

Angela had him in her heart, but she was unwilling to open the door. At this moment, he didn't want to
wait outside anymore. Since she didn't want to open it, let him push it away!

"Angela... Can I take care of you for the rest of my life?" His deep eyes made her a little stunned. He
moved his hand up from her waist and gently brushed away the hair on her face. "Perhaps I owe you in
my previous life, so I feel that I only love you in this life! I never thought about getting married before I
met you. But now I understand what marriage is. It's a kind of belonging. I only belong to you, and you
only rely on me."

Usually, his eyes were as soft as the spring sun. It was clearly so sentimental, but there was no trace of
impatience and desire. This kind of sweet words, which were not driven by the physiological desire,
was a fatal temptation.

She was so shocked that she opened her mouth slightly, and her eyes were full of surprise.

"I like you. There is no cure."

She was light and gentle, as beautiful as a naive girl. She wanted to tell herself that it was just a trick of
a man to cheat a woman, but she couldn't help believing and wanted to have it.

"Can I trust you?" She began to waver and asked unconsciously.

"Of course." He smiled, with love full of his eyes.

Angela's heart skipped a beat, and she looked away with fear.

"Are you willing to believe me?" He had always been calm, but he asked cautiously.

"I don't know..." She was not sure. First Harriet, then Greg. All the people she trusted had abandoned
her at length.

Angela was stubborn. Although she would still be sad in her heart, she tried her best not to show it.

Edward also guessed seven or eight percent and chuckled, "you can't spend all the money of the Yan
Family for a few lifetimes. How can I be with others just for money?"

"I'm not beautiful, just as you said when we first met." Although Angela wouldn't get angry because of
what he said, she would be sensitive and feel inferior.

"The more I look at you the more I feel you're beautiful!" He said sincerely.

"I will grow old and there will always be young women. Even if you are eighty or ninety years old, they
are willing to be with you." She was really worried about the handsome and rich Edward.

"They are not you." He looked at her seriously and did not say anything, but she could read the
promise from his eyes.