Keep you in my arms

Chapter 129 Weren't You Tired Last Night

After a happy time, she fell into a deep dream. In this dream, Angela seemed to have dissipated the
fatigue of this year. When she woke up, it was already the noon of the next day, and the bedside was

She buried her head in the quilt, only revealing her eyes. She couldn't help thinking of the romantic
scene last night. It seemed that she hadn't exercised for a long time. The day after she suddenly came
back from climbing, her whole body was sore and soft.

And last night... How many times had it happened? She didn't know if she would get pregnant.

Thinking of this, she was completely awake. She quickly got up to wash her face and brush her teeth,
and went downstairs to buy contraceptives.

In another room, when Edward was on the phone, he suddenly heard some noise in the hall. When he
opened the door and saw Angela, she had already rushed out and closed the door behind her.

Where was she going? Buy some food?

Before Edward could analyze the situation, the person on the other end of the phone called, "Mr.
Edward? Mr. Edward?"

"What?" He came to his senses and closed the door. "Oh! Go on."

Fifteen minutes later, when he just hung up the phone, someone came back. He thought it might be
her, so he opened the door.

She was standing in front of the table, with her back to him, and trying to break something in a hurry.
She walked closer and saw clearly the words on the medicine box.

Contraceptive pill? She just didn't want to have his baby.

His heart sank to the bottom and was whipped hard. Then, a flame of anger was ignited again.

Angela didn't know that he was standing behind her and was about to take the medicine into her
mouth. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her wrist and grabbed the pill from her hand.

"This medicine is not good for your health." He suppressed his anger and said.

"Why are you still here?" she was startled and froze when she saw his gloomy face.

After giving her a cold stare, Edward released her wrist, picked up the medicine on the table and was
about to throw it into the trash can. Seeing that he wanted to throw it away, she grabbed his hand
hurriedly and said, "no! It's okay to eat it once!"

Once? What about the future? She would definitely eat it again secretly, or maybe she wouldn't let him
touch her again?

"Do you know how harmful the medicine is to your body? It might lead to lifelong infertility. I don't allow
this to happen." Edward threw the medicine into the trash can without hesitation.

She knew what he said, but it was her first time to eat. It was not that exaggerated! Was he afraid that
she couldn't give birth to a baby?

"Don't take this medicine again."

He was furious at the thought that she rushed downstairs to buy contraceptive pills as soon as she
woke up. However, no matter how angry he was, he couldn't scold her. But his tone was as serious as
an order, which made her very unhappy.

Recently, she had slowed down her review. She had thought that she could study at ease after she
agreed to get the agreement married. As a result, things came one after another, and she felt very

irritable. Last night, she couldn't help but have sex with him. If she was pregnant, there would really be
no hope.

Although she would be happy for him at the beginning, especially the tenderness last night, which
made her reluctant to leave. But she got up just now and received his scold because that he was afraid
that she couldn't get pregnant. She hated being scolded! What's more, he was so gentle last night. But
as soon as her against his will, he would scold her. Sure enough, men were the same!

Angela thought of her first love, Harriet and Greg. At first, they were all gentle to her, but later, each of
them disappointed her. She suddenly regretted. She thought he might be different, but eventually he
was as same as Greg. The most important thing for him was to have a baby.

Her eyes were covered with a thin layer of tears, but she was stubborn and the tears did not gush out.
She glared at him and turned around to go back to her room.

Angela's eyes were bright and big. Her eyes were full of anger, grievance and tears when she glared at
him, and she looked adorable. Seeing that she felt wronged, Edward realized that he was so nervous
that he almost lost his temper. His anger was mostly gone, but when he saw her leaving angrily, he
grabbed her wrist and asked, "where are you going?"

"It's none of your business!" Angela said angrily.

"Weren't you tired last night? You just woke up. Aren't you hungry?" He remembered she had
hypoglycemia. "I cooked porridge."

She was even angrier when he mentioned last night. She shook off his hand and said coldly, "I don't
want to eat. Don't bother me!"

Before Edward could say anything more, she had closed the door.

He stared at the door for a long time before he came to his senses. He frowned and sat on the sofa,
looking far away.

In the room, Angela sat on the chair angrily. She wanted to cry, but she thought she deserved it. There
was nothing to cry about.

Angela, if you are unhappy, just have a good sleep. When you wake up, everything will be fine! ——

He once said that to her.

Since then, whenever she felt uncomfortable, she would go to bed and have a rest. She would solve
the problem when she was full of energy and her judgment was not affected by anger.

So she decided to change into pajamas and have a sleep first. When she took off her clothes, she saw
herself in the mirror, which was full of his marks. In an instant, she was so angry that she shed tears.

The Yan Family had long wanted him to have a baby, and he also wanted to have a baby with her,
didn't he? Maybe he had lied to her for this purpose from the very beginning. She even doubted if what
he said last night was true.

She put on her clothes, lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Be my girlfriend for three months... ——

Can I take care of you for the rest of my life? ——

I like you, hopeless. ——

There is no 'they' as you said. ——

Do you know how much harm this medicine will do to your body? It might lead to lifelong infertility. I
don't allow this to happen. ——

Edward was so cold and indifferent. He was not as rational as people in the mortal world. He must
have made up a story to say so much? Didn't she know what she was capable of? How could he like

What kind of agreement marriage was just a lie to her. Perhaps it was because he had never been
refused by any woman that aroused his sense of conquest. It was the first time that she had satisfied
him, but he started to ignore her. When he was tired of her, he might treat her worse than Greg.

Although the more she thought about it, the worse she feel, it's better to wake up earlier than to be
discarded after being played with by him.

Hmm... When she woke up, she would deal with it according to her decision.

Angela came to her senses and closed her eyes. In her mind, the three men she had dated flashed,
Harriet, who was as gentle as water to her, Greg, who was full of masculinity to protect her, while
Edward, who was cold and ruthless, said that he liked her...

She didn't know why she hadn't remembered her first love so clearly for several years. At this moment,
she dreamed of the time when she was in blue school uniform of high school. Her white and gentle
face and gentle eyes...

He said, "Angela, if you are unhappy, just have a good sleep. When you wake up, everything will be