Keep you in my arms

Chapter 131 His Men Are Here

Hilda called again, "Hello, the number you dialed is powered off..."

Did she think he couldn't find her after she turned off her phone?

Clenching his fists more and more tightly, he bit out her name angrily from his heart, "Angela..."

On the other side, Angela turned off her phone and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I thought it was Lesley's phone, so I answered it," said Bob guilty, who was standing aside.

Austin was Lesley's colleague and lived in the same apartment, he came to work with her because they
were in the same team and were working on the research of a product of the company recently.
Because other colleagues were working overtime at their own home, Bob mistakenly thought that it
was from the leader of the team who called Lesley, so he answered the phone without looking at the

"It's okay!" As long as he didn't expose her whereabouts, it was nothing, she smiled and said.

"It's almost half past nine. Lesley, how about we cut our work tonight and go to the company to study it

The girl sitting in front of the desk didn't raise her head and said, "Oh! Then you can go back! And close
the door for me."

Lesley was a good friend of Angela, who had known each other since the kindergarten. The two of
them had been in the same school from primary school to high school. Different from Christa, her
relationship with Lesley was the kind of confidant who could not see each other for a long time but
would talk to each other without reserve as soon as they met.

Lesley was not tall, less than 1.60 meter. She had a fair baby face and with a pair of round black frame
glasses. She looked very artistic. Her skin was so good that no pore could be seen. She looked like a
high school student anyway.

After Bob left, Angela sat next to Lesley, wiped her hair and exclaimed, "Wow! Lesley, you are going to
reach the peak of your life!"

"It's a little early for you to say that. I don't know if I can successfully develop it. Even if the research is
finished, it's just a small project. It's not a big deal." Lesley smiled, showing her two cute tiger teeth,
which were very pleasing.

"That's great..." Angela leaned on her shoulder and sighed, "Alas We studied together. Why are we so
far from each other when we go to college?"

"Of course not? We have our respective major in. I'm good at science, but I always rack my brains to
write composition. I'm not as easy to write as you are!" What Lesley said was true. If it weren't for
Harriet, how could she get wet in the rain the day before the college entrance examination? She had a
fever on that day, but she could still entered into the undergraduate university. Angela was really
excellent, okay?

What's more, she preferred literature to science, but she chose science for Harriet. When they applied
for the University, they had a deal that they would apply for the same major, but Harriet chose to study
abroad secretly.

At last, she got the news from her classmate.

In the review of the past twenty years, she believed that the so-called love in the world would only end
up give a slap in her own face. Now she was very sober. Just as Lesley said, it was not too late to
make amends. Last night, she wanted to give herself another chance, but when she saw Lesley rise in
her field, she felt that she had been delayed too much.

Love and vows were just a stunt for men to satisfy their private desires.

Seeing that she kept silent for a while with her head down, Lesley pushed her and joked, "what are you
thinking about again?"

"I'm just wondering what would I look like if I refused all the people who expressed their love to you just
like you?"

"Ha-ha-ha... Just like me, I buried myself in writing programs and watched the hair line getting higher
and higher!" Lesley knew that there was a gap in her heart, so she comforted her, "isn't it better to be
like you? Edward is so handsome that he can't spend all his money in his family for several lifetimes.
You can buy whatever you want. Unlike me, a single woman like me can only write program and can't
earn so much money all my life! Just be content!"

It would be fine if she didn't mention Edward. But when it came to him, she regretted. "Alas You are
single because of your ability. I will try my best!"

"What? He didn't treat you well?" He even blocked the hot water for her. It didn't look like he was

Angela wanted to explain, but she didn't know how to explain when she thought that she had agreed to
get married on an agreement, so she had to smile as respond.

"I don't think he is a bad man! If he dares to bully you, I will help you teach him a lesson!" Lesley was
very loyal. When she said this, she was even thinking about how to invade the system of the DC
Capital Group to make them anxious.

All of a sudden, something occurred to Angela. She was a little excited and asked, "Lesley, did you put
the photo on Greg's wedding last time?"

Her computer was broken during the summer vacation when she was in the third year of college. She
asked Lesley to borrow a computer to her and put the pictures on her computer. She didn't expect that
she would set a trap for this.

"Don't be too moved! If it weren't for your sake, I wouldn't have let him go so easily!" She said proudly.

"Oh my God! Because of this, I have lost one hundred thousand!" She couldn't tell her. Because of this,
she even became the one-day girlfriend of Edward. Although nothing happened that day, she finally
agreed to marry him by agreement!

"How is that possible? I did it perfectly. How could they find out it was me?" Lesley was confident in

"They haven't found it yet. I'm just worried that you will be put in jail."

"Angela! Can you have some confidence in me?" Lesley was pissed off.

"Come on! All right! It's okay. It's all settled. I'm really moved that you help me vent my anger." Seeing
that she was about to lose her temper, Angela held her neck and said.

Lesley calmed down a little. Today, she received a call from Angela. She only heard that she wanted to
stay here for a period of time. Because she was too busy, she didn't ask more. Judging from her sad
face, it seemed that she had a quarrel with Edward.

Angela thought for a while and decided to tell her the truth. "Lesley, I have something to discuss with

"What's the matter?"

"The exam is in five months. I want to prepare for it here."

Hearing that she was going to live here, Lesley said excitedly, "really? That would be great. Just live

"How much is the rent for a month?"

"Don't talk about the rent. If you were here, my house wouldn't be as mess as this. And whether you
live here or not, I have to pay the rent. I often worked overtime until ten o'clock. It's a waste of time to
just come back and have a rest! Just live here at ease! When you were admitted as a graduate or a
doctor and become the backbone of our country. And become riches and honor one day, don't forget

Hearing this, Angela felt relieved. Her savings were only more than 10000. If she didn't need to pay the
rent, she could save some money until she finished the exam. The rent could only be remembered, and
she could pay it back when she was able to.

On her first day at Lesley's home, she cleaned up the room thoroughly. On this day, Angela had a good
time. Although she sometimes wondered if Edward would come to her, she thought that he would be on
a business trip to H Administrative Region tomorrow, so she thought he should be too busy to have

It had been a long time since Angela went to study so calmly. As expected, only when she saw through
the world would she know what she wanted the most!

Two days later, Angela went downstairs to buy the food at six twenty in the morning as usual. As soon
as she walked out of the door, she saw three men in suits looking at her at the same time.