Keep you in my arms

Chapter 132 Mr. Edward, The Person You Want Is Here

What was going on?

Angela took a step back subconsciously. The three men finally got the target and ran over her. As soon
as she turned around, her mouth was covered from behind. Then he was dragged into a car.

The three of them got on the car quickly, and Angela was got her hands tied.

She was not a rich or a famous person. How could anyone kidnap her? The only possibility was that
Edward. Although she didn't know how he found out where she lived, she couldn't think of anyone else
who would do such a thing except him.

She stared at them angrily, "did Edward ask you to come here?"

The three remained silent. Angela continued, "how much did he give you? As long as you let me go, I
will give you three times the price."

There was still silence in the car.

An hour later, the car stopped at the pass. Edward was standing by the road. He wore sunglasses, with
one hand pulling the suitcase and the other putting in his trouser pocket. Standing next to him, Lucas
was also pulling his suitcase.

The moment the door was opened, Angela glared at him. The man sitting by the door got out of the car
and said to Edward, "Mr. Edward, the person you want has arrived."

He glanced at the rope on her wrist. He frowned and then reached out to catch her. Angela turned her
face away to show that she didn't want to talk to him.

Edward had always been a modest gentleman. Now it seemed that she had been deceived by him! He
could even kidnap her and force her to do something she didn't want to do! Who can guarantee that he

would not force her to do other things!

Suddenly, she was hold up. She was frightened and struggled, "what are you doing? !"

"You forced me." He said coldly, not in a good mood.

What did he mean by forcing him? Love was a consensual thing. She had already said that she didn't
want to be with him! How could he use such a despicable method and blame that she forced him?

Although her hands were tied, she waved them and hit him on the chin. Edward was not as gentle as
he was in front of her of that in the business world. Everyone held their breath, thinking that this woman
was really brave!

Sure enough, Mr. Edward paused and his face darkened.

Although Angela was bold, she knew that he was cold and indifferent. What's more, a man like him,
who had been owned everything from childhood, would not allow her to come and go at her will?

"You did it first." Although she felt guilty, she said confidently.

"If you behave well, you won't suffer too much." Although he didn't mean to threaten her, it sounded

Then he put her down. Angela muttered, "why should I be obedient?"

He had planned to untie her wrist, but when he heard her words, his hand stopped.

"Mr. Edward, we will be late if we don't leave now."

Edward stopped his hand on hers. Hearing that, he hooked the rope around her with his fingers and
pulled her forward.


What did he mean? Angela tried her best to stay where she was, but he didn't mean to stop.

Seeing that she was struggling hard, Edward gave the suitcase to Lucas and carried her on his

"Edward! Are you crazy! You are kidnapping me! Kidnapping!"

It was almost eight o'clock. More and more people were gathering at the pass. The actions of the two
people attracted the attention of the people around them.

When they waited in line at the pass, Edward put her down and said, "cooperate with me well. And give
me a reasonable explanation when things are done."

Then he untied the rope on her hand and handed her the permit and ID card.

"Why do you have my ID card and passport?" She was shocked.

"If I can find you, will it be difficult to take your identification?" He smiled faintly.

"Do you know that you have violated my privacy by doing this?" It was so annoying. How could he look
through her stuff casually?

"Okay..." He answered perfunctorily.

When she swiped the card and passed through, although Angela was very angry, she knew that he
really didn't use any means before, which just showed his bad nature, didn't it?

Angela walked over and was thinking about how to escape. However, it was not easy for her to run
away as Edward arranged Lucas to be in front of her and behind her was Edward himself. Lucas had

passed the first test, because he couldn't stop there. The staff had been urging him. Angela rolled her
eyes and deliberately put the card in the opposite direction so that she couldn't go through right away.

There were already two or three people passed through in the team next to him, so he didn't dare to
stop for too long. He could only walk forward to a place where he could wait for them. Seeing that she
didn't swipe the card successful several times and that she was not nervous at all, Edward guessed
that she did it on purpose. He went up to take her card and swiped it for her.

He stared at her coldly and put the card back to her palm heavily, indicating her not to play tricks.

Angela didn't like the feeling of being threatened. She took the card disdainfully and swiped it out
through the passageway. Then she ran to the office of the staff at the pass as soon as she passed
through. When she caught a tall and big customs officer, she said in fear and nervousness, "I was
kidnapped. Help me!"

The officer saw that she was sweating, frightened and nervous. Realizing the seriousness of the
matter, he quickly contacted his colleagues through walkie talkie and asked the Customs police to deal
with it.

Behind her, seeing that she was about to run away, Edward quickly swiped the card and ran over.
Seeing him was going to catch up, Angela hid behind the staff and said, "it's him. I don't know him. He
tied me here and forced me to pass the customs!"

Twenty minutes later, in the dark room.

The police returned the marriage certificate to Edward and said angrily, "even if you young couple had
a quarrel, do you know what you did today has seriously disrupted our work?"

She couldn't help shrinking her neck.

How could she know that he even brought the marriage certificate with him! She was totally

Seeing that she was reprimanded, Edward interrupted the police and asked, "can we leave now?"

At this time, the system had found out the identities of the two people. The staff who answered the
phone said to the policeman who was scolding Angela, "supervisor Yu said that release the two people
as soon as possible!"

Supervisor Yu?

How could Supervisor Yu intervene in this kind of thing? It seemed that it was not easy to offend these
two people. The colleague who answered the phone said, "Supervisor Yu said that Mr. Edward should
pass through as soon as possible in case of delay of something important."

How could they dare to disobey the order since Supervisor Yu was even so nervous?

So the staff led them to open a passage so that they could passed through as soon as possible.

Angela put the marriage license into her bag as soon as they came out of the customs. He reached out
his hand and said, "give it to me."

In order to prevent her from escaping again, he had to confiscate her important identification and
mobile phone.

"What are you doing? !" She still wanted to sneak away and go back to the S city! Seeing that he
wanted to take her bag, she protected it tightly.

Edward didn't say anything more. He put her into the car and grabbed her bag and phone.

"Hey! Let me contact my friend first. She will be worried!"

worry? Was it the man on the phone?

With a straight face, Edward turned off her phone directly.