Keep you in my arms

Chapter 113 Mr. Edward Secretary Angela

Angela saw the speaker's face turned pale.

"Thanks to you for leaving our son, or he wouldn't have been able to marry such a good wife like Mary!"
Alina continued.

In fact, except that the Wei Family was richer than the Xu Family, Alina was not satisfied with Mary. But
when Angela and Greg were together, the Xu Family was much richer than the Fang family, so they
could be considered to claim ties of kinship with the Xu Family of a higher social position.

Since then, Alina had not only spread the news that how excellent her son was, but also how rich his
wife was. The L City was just a small town, so the neighbors were naturally disgusted with her
constantly bragging. When the head of the Fang Family and the Yan Family met, Alina became more
arrogant. Just when everyone knew that Greg and Angela were a couple, Angela suddenly demand a
broke up and leave the Fang Family totally unprepared. Of course, Alina felt humiliated, and she
attributed all this to Angela's affairs.

As a matter of fact, Angela was originally kept a low profile. It was because of Alina that her relatives
and friends knew about her relationship with Greg. But it was indeed her who regretted first. She was in
the wrong, so she could not refute anything.

Noticing the expressions of the two, and hearing Alina say "our Greg", Edward guessed that she was
Greg's mother.

"Mom! Why did you say so much to such a person?" Pulling Alina's arm, Cherry sneered, "she doesn't
like our Greg. It's her bad taste. Mary is so excellent. Isn't she more suitable to be the daughter-in-law
of the Fang Family?"

Angela clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Edward looked at her and waited for her to retort, but
she didn't. When Alina was about to leave with her daughter, Cherry said to Edward, "Sir, I advise you

not to be with some vain women. This kind of woman is greedy for your money!"

Seeing that he was tall, handsome and well-dressed, Cherry guessed that he must be a rich man. In
her opinion, Angela really didn't deserve such a handsome man since she treat her brother like this!

From the very beginning, she knew the financial conditions of the Fang Family. She hadn't spent a
penny of Greg in the past year when she was with him. Even if he gave her a gift, she would find a way
to return it. The price was not lower than what he bought. Why did they say that to her? And they are
talking nonsense in front of Edward.

When she was about to lose her temper, Edward suddenly said indifferently, "really? Then I feel lucky
that I am still rich. Otherwise, I can't marry such an excellent woman as Angela if I have a poor family
just like Greg."

Edward's tone was very light, but it was destructive. He not only said that the Fang Family was
incompetent, but also indirectly said that Mary was not as good as Angela. Alina and Cherry were
smart enough to understand what they meant on the surface. When they heard that the Fang Family
was despised because they didn't have money, their faces turned livid with anger.

Was he glad that he's rich? Was she excellent?

Angela was stunned and looked at Edward, who had been holding her wrist all the time. Seeing her
expression, he said, "let's go."

"Okay!" Angela didn't intend to attend Greg's wedding, but her mother and sister saw her, so she had to
bite the bullet and let Edward lead her in. Leaving Alina shouted at Cherry, "what's wrong with our Fang
Family? Our Greg is a college student! He is also good-looking!"

"Never mind, mom! It's because he is a city man who always bullies people. Today is Greg's wedding.
We don't want to argue with him!"

Speaking of this, Alina thought of something and followed her in a hurry.

Greg and Mary held a buffet lawn wedding. Edward took her downstairs, passed by the spare indoor
restaurant and opened the glass door. It was the main place of the wedding.

The parents of the Wei Family were greeting guests outside the glass door. Seeing that Edward came
in, Richard was shocked first, and then he walked up to them excitedly and greeted, "Mr. Edward, it's
such a great honor to have you here!"

In the large-scale activities of the Anson Bank, Edward had been invited always, but he had never
attended. Even for the sake of the bank, he had always asked Manager Lucas to attend. It seemed that
the Wei Family didn't dare to invite Mr. Edward to the banquet. They didn't know why he would come.

"Congratulations, President Richard." He didn't say anything but smiled faintly.

But if Edward could come, did it mean that he could trust Mr. Edward more?

"Please come in!"? Richard greeted him warmly with a glory face.

"President Richard, just do your own business. You don't need to entertain us." Edward said politely.
Then he walked inside with Angela.

"Okay! I'm sorry for the less consideration, Mr. Edward."

The guests came one after another, and Richard was indeed really busy. But he felt a little weird and
couldn't help looking at their backs. But he didn't take it to heart soon because the guests came one
after another.

The sweet poster of the newly married couple was everywhere, and the artistic photo gallery was also
filled with photos of the two of them. Beside the photo gallery, there was a table on which red

envelopes were signed in. Edward walked over and took out the red packet he had prepared in

Angela was lowering her head and looking at Edward was writing down her name. His handwriting was
smooth and beautiful, like a calligrapher. In a trance, as if he was in the Wei, Jin and Southern
Dynasties, Edward was a talent like Wang Xizhi, a renowned calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

When she was immersed in her fantasy, she heard a familiar voice.? "Ed... Mr. Edward? Secretary

"What?" Angela raised her head, just like Edward.

Standing at the table, Yvonne, who was collecting red envelopes, was stunned. She asked in surprise,

Yvonne was confused!

Why did Mr. Edward come? Secretary Angela was his female companion. Did it signal the relationship
between the two?

"Yvonne?" Angela looked at her in surprise, "are you here for the wedding too?"

Why didn't she remember that Greg knew Yvonne?

"Mary is my cousin. I'm just here to be the bridesmaid!" She explained.

Yvonne Wei and Mary Wei. Just judging from the names, she should have guessed that it might have
something to do with them. Why didn't she think of it?

At first, both his classmates and Greg's relatives and friends in L City thought that Angela would
become his bride. No matter who had been looking at them with blessing, or who was waiting to laugh

at them, it was really embarrassing that the bride was not her at length! What made her even more
crazy was that apart from her classmates in the L City and the university, even the colleagues of the
DC Capital Group were there.

Angela really wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself in silence.

"What? This is our Angela! We just said that you were so close to almost became Greg's wife. How
could you not attend his wedding?"

Dianna deliberately raised his voice, patted her shoulder and smiled.