Keep you in my arms

Chapter 133 All Right, Stop It

"You bastard! Edward! How can you do this to me? I don't want to come here. What do you mean by
kidnapping me here?" She really regretted that she had made an agreement to marry him. The thing
that was already got a deal was messed up because of her impulse that night.

Edward put her bag on the other side and leaned against the back of the chair to take a rest.

Seeing that he ignored her, she was even angrier. She reached out her body and tried to take her bag

At the moment she hooked up her schoolbag, she felt his warm palm on her back.

"You just submitted the resignation application. If the company doesn't approve it, the fastest time you
can leave is a month later." He explained lightly.

She picked up her bag and stood up, but her wrist was grabbed by him. She sneered, "even so, you
don't have the right to confiscate my ID and cell phone, do you?"

"I'm just your husband. I'm just keeping it for you."

She wanted to pull her hand out and said, "no, thanks."

"I think it is necessary!" He grabbed it and put it back to where it had been. Seeing that she wanted to
take it again, he held her in his arms and said, "well, stop it. Let me take a nap."

He leaned back on the chair wearily. Sitting on the passenger seat, Lucas turned his head and said to
her, "Mr. Edward hasn't had a good rest these two days."

Angela raised her head. The dark circles under his long eyelashes were indeed thicker than before.

Her heart was stabbed, but she would never admit that she felt love for her.

She just found herself an excuse. Since she was forced to be here, she didn't rush to escape. Besides,
she hadn't had breakfast in the early morning, and she was already hungry. She could have a rest first
before making any plans!

She wanted to pull herself out of his arms and sit straight. He pulled her into his arms again. "stay."

They were not the only ones in the car! Edward was shameless. But she was not!

"I won't take my bag. Let go of me."

Edward ignored her. She felt helpless. When she was about to pull herself away again, she thought of
what Lucas had just said and his dark circles. She sighed in her heart and could only lie on his body
like this. Fortunately, their destination was not far and they arrived in twenty minutes.

He opened his eyes and said to Lucas, "take her back to her room first, and then you come here."

"Yes, Mr. Edward!"

'Take me to my room first?' That was to say, he wouldn't go with her?

She was overjoyed. When she was about to take her bag, he took it away and said to her, "wait for me
in the hotel. These things will be returned to you!"

Looking at his back, Angela was furious.

Lucas said, "we should have come yesterday. It's just because I can't find you, Mrs. Edward. So we
postponed our schedule to today. Fortunately, we can make it!"

Mrs. Edward? The title made her uncomfortable.

"Manager Lucas, you'd better call me Secretary. Angela!" She said awkwardly.

"No way? The CEO has said that you are going to get married next month. It's time for me to call you
Mrs. CEO."

Next month? Who said she would marry him?

Angela was speechless: "......"

How childish Edward was! And they didn't really get married, and he couldn't wait to announce their
relationship! He forced her to marry him. Wasn't he afraid that she would run away from the wedding
and embarrass him?

Hmm... Maybe that's why he kidnapped her back?

Angela didn't notice that there were two pairs of eyes staring at her in a car at the door of the hotel.
One was full of sadness and lost in thought, and the other was full of interest and cunning.

Although Angela didn't want to be at the mercy of others, she had no other choice at present. She got
out of the car and wondered how to get her bag and run away. She had thought that it wouldn't be
difficult for her to run away since only Lucas was watching her, but it turned out that she had
underestimated Edward's vigilance.

When they arrived at the door of the hotel, the four bodyguards were waiting there. Lucas told them a
few words and said to her, "then Mrs. Edward, you take a good rest. I have to go downstairs to do my
work. By the way, the CEO said that if you are afraid of boredom, you can watch TV and books inside,
and if you are hungry, you can order directly."

Rest? It sounded so good. He just wanted to put her under house arrest!

Although she didn't want to vent her anger on Lucas, she was really unhappy. She stormed into the
room and slammed the door.

It was the first time that Lucas had seen Angela behave like this. He was stunned for a long time.

Angela had always been polite and spoke as gentle as a soft girl. He didn't expect that she would lose
her temper and like a little chili. No wonder Mr. Aaron would say that every time he mentioned
Secretary Angela.

Mr. Edward's taste was really different from that of ordinary people. Although Mr. Angela was kind of a
good-looking, she was not exceedingly beautiful. There were so many long legged models and
beautiful women, or women with a good temperament like those in books, but he just liked Angela?
Was that Hilda said true that Mr. Edward liked tomato and the tomato noodles she cooked was very

Edward had done a good job in kidnapping. All the books she needed to review were available, and
she opened the wardrobe and found girls' clothes of her size. Last time, she said that she had to wash
the new clothes before she could wear them, so this time there was a faint fragrance of detergent on
the clothes.

However, no matter how hard he tried, kidnapping was wrong! Angela decided to be angry to the end.

Angela ordered some food first and then concentrated on her study.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, the door was opened. Angela looked up and saw Edward come in. He
took off his coat and loosened his collar.

He sat on the sofa, thinking of Chuck's smiling face.

Although it was risky to win the bid this time, Chuck's reaction was not as usual. Could it be...

He looked up at Angela, who had already walked quickly to him and reached out her hand, "return my
phone to me first. I want to call my friend!"

It seemed that Chuck would not let him go since he had been keeping an eye on her.

In the past five years, chuck had been against him many times. He had thought that maybe the DC
Capital Group had offended Chuck when he purchased and merged the company before, but after
investigation, he found that it was not true at all. He always believed that one person could not aim at
another for no reason. In the past, he didn't take Chuck seriously, but now Angela was involved, so he
had to be careful.

In the two days when she was out of his sight, he had asked people to look through the S City. Finally,
it was Chuck who gave him a phone call and said a place name with sarcasm, "the western city of BH

Later, he sent someone to wait in the western city of BH City and finally found her whereabouts. At that
moment, he was happy but anxious. Why did Chuck know where she was? But judging from the voice,
it was not Chuck who answered the phone for Angela...

It was the first time that Edward had read the word "danger" from him.

He was lost in thought and didn't hear what she said at all. Seeing that she stretched out her hand, he
took it and pulled her into his arms.

"Ah!" Angela was caught off guard and fell into his arms. She tried to get rid of him, but was held tightly
by him.