Keep you in my arms

Chapter 135 He Didn't Come Back Again

As expected, Angela didn't go to the bathroom directly. She said in Mandarin that she wanted to borrow
the phone from the receptionist. The receptionist listened carefully and finally understood what she

He stood aside, watching her press the phone number of the other party skillfully, his heart was like
stabbed by a needle.

Ten minutes later, she returned to her seat. With a straight posture, Edward lowered his head and ate
the food on the plate. After getting in touch with Lesley, she felt relieved and her appetite was much

Angela ate slowly without giving him a single look. It was the first time that he had been ignored, and
he felt very uncomfortable.

She got in touch with him and had an appetite now. Why didn't she look at him? Would she be so angry
for just a quarrel?

Although Edward cared about it, he still looked indifferent.

Twenty minutes later, the two of them finished their meal in silence.

Seeing that she was full, he paid the bill and took her out.

After walking out of the door, Edward grabbed her wrist and said, "I'll take you to a place."

Before Angela could react, she was led into the crowd by him. H Administrative Region was an island,
surrounded by the sea on all sides, adjacent to the S City. Because of the history of being colonial, the
economy had developed dozens of years faster than that of the mainland. Although the development in
the mainland was not worse than here in the past few years, there was still a difference between the
two regions in development.

It made her feel good that Edward said in such a high spirit that he would take her to a place. He led
her across two streets and entered a bookstore. The shops here were very small. Although the
bookstore was short and narrow, it had a rich collection of books.

"The books in the mainland are heavily expurgated. Almost all the books here are not deleted. I bought
"The Golden Lotus" in my study room here." Then he took out a Book of Wang Xiaobo from the
bookshelf and said, "he revealed the nature of human nature with sexual description. It's worth

Angela had read a small part of it, and she felt like she was reading a pornographic book, and she
didn't read it later.

"Well, I've heard that his book is worth reading." She took the book and turned to the back
subconsciously. When she saw the price, she was shocked. Two hundred and fifty Just a book? Two
hundred and fifty dollars?

Noticing her shock, Edward explained, "there's a strict supervision on the infringement of copyright
here. The books are usually sold at a high price, but they are worth buying!"

That's because you are rich!

Angela thought to herself, but she agreed with him, "plagiarism should be strictly investigated! This is
also good for the creation of better literature!"

Since they were in the bookstore, the two of them didn't dare to speak too loudly. Seeing her open a
book, Edward bought two cups of coffee. Angela had found a seat and sat on the chair. He also found
a book to read.

The two of them were immersed in their own thoughts, and time seemed to stop.

Two hours later, it was getting dark and the lights in the bookstore were on. Angela was not affected at
all. As a matter of fact, Edward wanted to take her to another place as planned and raised his head.

Because the table was in front of the French window. As long as he looked up, he could see the street
outside the window. Just then, when he looked up, the street lights were all on, and he saw a familiar
figure on the other side of the road.

There were two lanes, and even if across the road, he could see clearly.

A white T-shirt, a pinkish silk dress, and her waist length hair floated in the night wind. Her pure face
hadn't changed much except for a little mature after more than ten years.

Edward's heart skipped a beat.

"Wait for me here!" After saying that, he stood up and ran out.

Angela was startled by him, but when she realized it, he had already run out and disappeared in the

What did he see? Why did he run so fast? What about her if he left? However, he seemed to say let her
wait for him here just now?

At first, she wanted to calm down and continue reading, but she felt a little uneasy at the thought of his
leaving in a hurry. In the following times, it was difficult for her to calm down. She thought he would
come back soon.

Ten minutes, half an hour, one hour... Until ten o'clock in the evening, the pedestrians on the road were
as many as running water at first, then gradually become fewer as it's getting late. She was very
nervous, but he still did not come back.

"Miss, our shop is about to close." The shop assistant reminded her politely.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" She stood up in panic and walked out of the shop.

She didn't have her ID card, cell phone or even cash with her. Just now, he drove her to dinner, so she
couldn't recognize where she was. He asked her to wait for him before he left. Another hour later, when
the last shop nearby closed, she fell down to the bottom.

During this period, she also tried to borrow a phone from a passer-by. But the local language here was
not Mandarin. She asked several passers-by to borrow a phone, either the other party would not
understand what does she meant or take her as a liar. Finally, she walked into the convenience store
that was open twenty-four hours a day. The shopkeeper lent her the phone with doubt.

She only remembered her own, father's and Lesley's numbers. If she called them at this time, they
must be more anxious than her, so she chose to call herself. When she heard "Hello, the number you
dialed is powered off. She was on the verge of breaking down.