Keep you in my arms

Chapter 136 Saw His First Love Again

Where on earth did he go? He hadn't come back for such a long time. Was there anything wrong? If he
hadn't taken away her phone, she wouldn't have been so embarrassed.

She gave the phone back to the shop assistant in despair and said "thank you". Then she walked
outside like a puppet with a broken line. The bookstore was right opposite the convenience store.
When she returned there, she sneezed several times in her T-shirt because of the cold night.

Edward was a man of his word. Something must have happened since he didn't show up for such a
long time. She squatted down and rubbed her arms. Although she was so lonely and helpless, she still
begging him not to be hurt.

At this time, a pair of leather shoes appeared in her sight.

"Where on the earth are you ——?" She suddenly stood up and looked up, but didn't see the face of

"It's so late. Why are you here alone?" Chuck frowned and asked.

In order to maintain her self-esteem, she said, "I... there are too many people here. I got lost."

"Lost?" He didn't seem to believe this reason.

"Yes! It happens that the phone is not by my side." She was a little nervous, but she had to admit that
she was really happy to meet someone she knew at this time.

Seeing the hope in her eyes, Chuck was stunned.

She thought for a while and asked, "by the way, do you have Edward's number? Can I make him a call
by your phone?"

"I don't have his phone number." He said lightly. Seeing the stars in her eyes dimmed, he continued,
"but... Maybe I know where he is."

Angela looked at him with doubt, and he said, "would you like to wait for him here or follow me to find

When people choose to believe one or not, they did usually the final decision by comparison. Was the
man in front of her worth her trust?

"Is there anything wrong with Edward?" She was a little nervous.

"How could I know?" His face was cold, but he answered perfunctorily.

That's right. But how could he know?

At this moment, her stomach growled and she immediately blushed.

She had dinner at around four or five o'clock today. It was normal for her to be hungry now, but when
he heard it, she looked even more embarrassed!

Thirty minutes later, she finished the steaming noodles in the convenience store. He asked her, "do you
want to stay here and wait for him, or follow me to find him?"

It was already twelve o'clock in the morning, but he hadn't shown up yet. She said, "I'll go with you to
find him."

Hearing such an answer, he was satisfied like a fish finally hooked. When he turned around, the corner
of his mouth slightly raised. But in an instant, the smile disappeared.

She followed him to a car parked on the roadside.

She saw a figure beside the car. Under the night lamp, she felt a little familiar, suddenly her heart was
hit hard.

Was it...

Seeing that she suddenly stopped, he turned around and asked, "what's wrong?"

Her face was a little pale and she shook her head with a faint smile.

How could it be? How could the world be so small? She must have mistaken him for someone else.

However, the closer she got to him, the clearer his face was, and the more restless she was.

When she could finally see him clearly, she saw him smile at her, as gentle as five years ago. She was
no stranger to such a warm smile.

"Minnie..." Her lips trembling, but she still called out the man's name.

The assistant of Chuck was his uncle's son, Minnie. He used to dote on her, but in the end, he went
abroad without saying a word and even abandoned her.

During this period of time, Chuck asked him to investigate Angela. At first, he was shocked, then
immersed in sadness. Now, he pretended to be relaxed but still smiled with a pale face.

After a while, she came to her senses and pursed her lips.

"You know each other?" Seeing the strange expressions on the two people's faces, Chuck asked.

"Angela is my classmate in high school." Minnie explained.

Huh! High school classmate? What a high school classmate! Because of him, she ran home in the rain
for a full hour before the college entrance examination. On the second day, she went to the college

entrance examination with her fever, but in return, she only got the word "his old classmate". Although it
was in the past, he still owed her an explanation.

In fact, when she was in the third year in college, she had heard from her high school classmate that
Minnie had returned. She thought he would come over her and explain to her why he left, but he didn't.
Later, she thought that since she had decided to be with Greg, she shouldn't think about the past
relationship. But she didn't expect that when she met him face to face, her mood was somewhat

She restrained her surprise and smiled, "yes! We are in the same class in high school!"

Minnie was stunned and forced a smile. Seeing that Angela didn't say anything more, Chuck said, "get
in the car and let's go to the Mu Shadow."

Mu Shadow? She remembered that she had been to this bar once on her colleague's birthday. Was
there also this bar here?

Thirty minutes later, they arrived at the gate of Mu Shadow.

Before she opened the door, she heard the rhythmic music. Looking out through the window, she saw
the tall and thin beauties traipsing in and out of the bar, the heavy metal decoration, almost the same
as in the S City.

It seemed that this shop was a chain store. Last time in Mu Shadow in S City, she was almost belittled,
so there was still a shadow.

But Chuck said he took her to look for Edward. Was he here?

"You can go back now." Chuck knew that Minnie didn't like this kind of place, so he asked him to go
back and have a rest.

In the past, he would gladly accept it, but this time, he replied, "Mr. Chuck, didn't you say last time that
you wanted to take me to see night life?"

Then he was about to park the car.

"Oh?" Chuck raised his eyebrows, glanced at him and then secretly glanced at Angela. He had a rough

Angela followed them into the hall. The rhythmic music, colorful lights, and the beautiful women
dancing on the stage... Everything dazzled her.

Chuck ordered several bottles of wine and poured her a glass. Angela was busy finding Edward in the
messy and noisy environment, and she just pretended to take a sip.

The place was a little large and the light was not bright. She looked at Edward for a while but still
couldn't find him. Therefore, she left her seat for the reason of going to the bathroom so that she could
find him as soon as possible.

Seeing her leave, Minnie stood up and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

From the moment Angela came in, she began to look for the figure of Edward, but didn't even give him
a sight. Maybe she had no place for him in her heart for a long time, but he was still worried that she
would be hurt in such a complicated environment!

Chuck looking at the two people who were leaving one close after another. There was a hint of interest
in his eyes. He couldn't help smiling. Then he put down the wine in his hand and followed behind.