Keep you in my arms

Chapter 137 She Fell In Love With Someone Else

Angela deliberately circled around, but she didn't find Edward.

She felt a little disappointed and wondered if Chuck had lied to her? Because she couldn't find Edward,
she felt a little disappointed and irritable.

The air in the bar was so bad that she felt depressed. So she went to the bathroom. When she passed
the long corridor, she suddenly remembered that her colleague said last time that there was a no
smoking zone in this bar. She paid a little attention to the signal while walking and as expected, she
saw the direction sign of the no smoking area.

Then she followed the sign to the second floor. Sure enough, the environment of the second floor was
much better than that of the downstairs. However, because there was a hot dancer on the stage, the
audience cheered constantly.

The woman was wearing a transparent veil, which made her more attractive the hot figure in the bikini.
It was enough to make people covet with her hot figure. When her long legs opened and danced hot.
No wonder those men would scream.

She had no time to appreciate such a scene. Standing at the stairway, she looked around and was
about to leave when she saw a familiar figure climbing onto the stage. The man pulled the dancing
woman back with a gloomy face.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, she also felt such domineering and frightening gaze. But when she
saw that Edward was holding another woman's hand and putting his coat on her, her heart was
stabbed severely.

He asked her to wait for him in the bookstore, but he didn't come back again. She thought there was
something wrong with him. Although she was helpless, angry and panic, she was more worried about
him. But she didn't expect that he actually came to this kind of place to find another woman...

Although Edward's face darkened, the woman was not afraid at all. She just wrapped her arms around
his neck, and her action made the coat on her slip down. The woman's body clung to his and twisted
with the music.

Tears welled up in Angela's shocked and angry eyes. There was a voice in her heart that shouted at
Edward, "push her away! Edward, push her away!"

However, his hand moved to the woman's waist.

In the noisy and chaotic environment, the two people on the stage looked into each other's eyes, as if
the time had stopped.

Angela closed her eyes in despair, but her tears couldn't stop flowing out.

Seeing that she was frozen and clenched her fists, Minnie who stood behind her knew that she cared
about him. Now she would care about another man being with another woman. She... Fall in love with
someone else...

Like many times before, he wanted to walk forward, hold her tightly in his arms and comfort her. But he
didn't have the courage to take that step!

Finally, he moved his tiptoe forward, and a gust of wind blew past him. When he came to his senses,
Chuck had already strode in front of Angela, grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms.

Angela bumped into his arms. This time, she didn't resist. She threw herself into his warm and thick
chest, trying to hold back her tears, but she couldn't stop it.

Seeing her shoulders trembling, Chuck held her shoulders and took her away.

The moment he turned around with Angela in his arms, Edward on the stage saw them. When he saw
Angela who lowered her head and let another man hold her shoulder and leave.

His heart skipped a beat. He loosened his grip on Vanessa's waist. He jumped off the stage so quickly
that the women around him couldn't help screaming.

At this time, a woman came over and said, "Sir, would you like to..."

Before the woman could finished, she was pushed away by Edward. "Get out of my way!"

The woman was pushed away and fell into the other man, and her face was full of anger and ferocity.
"Fuck you!"

At this time, the enchanting look in Vanessa's eyes was gone. She looked at the woman who was
pushed away with a cold smile, as if she was saying that the woman was out of self-conscious. The
next second, she looked at Edward, who had already run to the stairway, and her eyes were
immediately covered with a layer of frost.

But soon, she came to her senses, picked up the coat from the ground unhurriedly, put it on herself,
and went off the stage. Surrounded by several employees, she walked towards the lounge.

Edward ran to the door and looked around, but he didn't see Angela.

What did he do? He even forgot her and left her alone in the bookstore until midnight. How did Chuck
find her? He must have been watching her for a long time and avail himself of every opportunity!

"Damn it!" He was so angry that he casually punched the rearview mirror of a car.

The rear mirror was destroyed, and his hand was also scratched.

At this moment, someone grabbed him from behind and then threw him a fist.

Minnie had never fought with anyone before, but now he was gasping with anger and couldn't help
trembling because of fear.

You are such a coward! Minnie. Coward! ——

Her roar of "disappointment" back then echoed in his mind all the time.

When Minnie saw that Angela was sad because of this man, he wanted to kill him! He didn't know
where his courage came from. After a punch, he still felt that it was not enough and wanted to give him
the second punch.

However, the first time that Edward was hit and fell to the ground was because he left unprepared. This
time, he was prepared. When his punch came over again, he grabbed his hand and turned it around.
While he was screaming, Edward gave him another punch.

Seeing that Angela was taken away, the volcano in Edward's heart was already erupting, and Minnie
was rushing to the muzzle of the gun.

He vented all his anger on his fist, but when the fist was about to hit the man's face, he suddenly
paused and then let go of him.

Originally, there were already many people surrounding them, watching them fight. After Edward let go
of him, Minnie just stood up and stared at him angrily. Seeing that the two stopped fighting, they
gradually dispersed. After all, fighting was common in this kind of place.

Edward looked at the man in front of him. Although he looked familiar, he couldn't remember who he

Minnie felt dizzy, but a sneer appeared on his face. This sneer, which seemed to have been hatred for
several lifetimes, made Edward frown more tightly.

"It's not strange that Mr. Edward doesn't know me. But don't you know what kind of person Mr. Chuck
is?" Minnie deliberately said, "Mr. Chuck is not as slow as Mr. Edward in chasing women. He has a lot

of ways to win women's admiration once he got an opportunity to stay with a woman in a room alone!"

Hearing that, Edward's heart skipped a beat. He walked up to him and grabbed his collar, "which hotel?

In today's bidding competition, he had seen the man in front of him, who Chuck's guy.

"Are you anxious now?" Minnie deliberately didn't tell him so as to vent Angela's hatred, "have you ever
thought about her feelings when you left her alone in the bookstore? Since you don't take her seriously,
why don't you let another man take care of her?"