Keep you in my arms

Chapter 138 Don't...

His words irritated Edward and he lifted his collar hard. Minnie had always been a frail scholar. It was
the first time that he had the courage to fight with someone. When he saw that he was irritated, he was
not afraid at all, but felt very relieved.

Noticing the complacent smile on his face, Edward was so angry that he pushed him to the ground.
When he was about to punch him, he said, "if you want to take her away, shouldn't you save some

With his cousin, Chuck's character, if he wanted to get that woman, he must try every means to sleep
with her first. It was understandable if Chuck really liked her, but he knew very well that the reason why
he approached Angela was that she had been with Edward.

Although he was also anxious, he didn't have the courage to strive. Now, only the man in front of her
could save Angela.

Hearing this, Edward's clenched fists stopped in front of him.

There were only two streets in total in the H Administrative Region. Because the area was small and
expensive, the buildings were a little dense. Through the car window, she looked at the street lamps
and retreated. It was a strange city and a strange state of mind.

Angela once thought that she had no feelings for Edward at all. But when she saw him holding another
woman, she realized that the grief was no less than the despair of being abandoned by Minnie. What
she was more afraid of was not the loss of Edward, but the fact that she had fallen in love with him...

She put her hands on her thighs tightly and couldn't help trembling.

"Is the air conditioner too cold?" Seeing this, Chuck asked.

"What? A little..." But in fact, it was not because she was cold, but because she lost control of her

Chuck turned up the air conditioner, but she still felt utterly cold in her heart.

Fifteen minutes later, outside the hotel, Angela felt a little embarrassed, but she still bit the bullet and
said, "Mr. Chuck, can I borrow money from you to check in a room? I'll pay you back when I get my
bank card and phone back!"

Hearing this, he turned around and stared at her. Chuck was always expressionless. Compared with
Edward's indifference, he was as cold as if his coldness could through people's body. Angela couldn't
guess any of his emotions because of his stare but felt fear.

He didn't respond. He led her to the reception, took out a card and handed it to the receptionist. "Book
another room for me."

When she heard what Chuck said, she looked at him gratefully.

When the receptionist saw the card, she immediately became nervous. She carefully checked it in the
computer, and then said in fear, "sorry, Mr. Chuck, the hotel is full. And you have already used the
priority, so you can't get another room."

Chuck frowned. The receptionist was so scared that she couldn't help trembling. Hearing this, Angela's
hope was extinguished again.

"Are there still five priority rooms left?

"All rooms are occupied."

He fumbled for his wallet in his pocket, took out a bank card and handed it to her. "Help me clean out a

"It's almost one o'clock now..." The receptionist was in a dilemma.

"What? You can't do it?" Chuck said in a cold tone. Even in summer, people would feel cold from head
to foot.

The receptionist lowered her head and trembled violently. Seeing this, Angela held his arm although
she was a little afraid of Chuck and said, "forget it, Mr. Chuck!"

The H Administrative Region was known as the "paradise for shopping". It was a world of luxury, and
filled with people from all over the world every day. The hotel was full in the three hundred and sixty-
five days of a year. He did it on purpose to make her willing to enter his room.

"Mr. Chuck, is there a sofa in your room?" She had been with Edward for a long time and knew that it
was impossible for them to live in the economic room. And the high-star hotel rooms would be
equipped with sofa. If there was, she would just stay there for one night.


Hearing this, Angela was a little excited. "Can I sleep there tonight?"

"That's the only thing we can do now!" He sighed.

Angela followed him to the presidential suite on the twenty-seventh floor. As soon as she entered, she
smelled a faint fragrance and waited for him to turn on the light. She then saw that there was a
lavender lamp on the bedside table.

"I'll take a shower first. Enjoy yourself." Then Chuck went into the bathroom.

In view of the previous times, every time Edward finished his shower, he would come out with a bath
towel. While he was taking a shower, she quickly asked the waiter for a quilt and pillow, spread them on
the sofa, and then quickly lay down and closed her eyes.

In the same room with a strange man, she was so scared that her whole body broke into a string.
Although she was tired, she couldn't fall asleep. She closed her eyes, but her head was very clear.

The sound of water flowing in the bathroom stopped, followed by the sound of the hair dryer. After a
while, the sound of the hair dryer also stopped. When she thought he would turn off the light and go to
sleep, a footstep approached.

Was he coming over? What did he come here for?

She pretended to be asleep, but her heart was hanging in her throat. She could feel that someone was
staring at her for a long time, but in the end, he still left and went to bed and turn off the light.

In the quiet and dark room, there was only dim Lavender lamp lingering with smoke. When she heard
his steady breath, she dropped her guard a little.

She got up at six o'clock in the morning. She was first taken here, and then walked around in the
afternoon. After such a torment at night, she was really sleepy! But under such a situation, she slept
very lightly. About thirty minutes later, she felt a little hot and woke up again.

The room was air-conditioned. How could it be so hot?

She opened her eyes subconsciously and saw a figure standing in front of her.

"Ah..." In the darkness, she was frightened by the figure and sat up. The next second, she recognized it
was Chuck.

With his head lowered down, he was staring at her. Although she couldn't see his eyes clearly at the
moment, she saw his Adam's apple rolling up and down. A strong sense of crisis came to her. She
asked, "why don't you sleep?"

He suddenly bent down and wanted to hug her. She shrank back into the sofa and raised her voice out
of fear, "what are you doing?"

"Don't you feel uncomfortable?"

When his warm breath brushed her ear, her body was restless.

When did she become so sensitive? She was afraid of him. How could she have a react? And as he
said, she felt a little strange.

She felt thirsty, hot and powerless.

All of a sudden, she remembered the time when she was drugged by Christa. It was exactly the same

At this time, he pressed down and imprisoned her.

"Ah Don't..." Angela put her hands on her chest and turned her head away in fear. She was so anxious
that her whole body was trembling with fear.

Angela's strength was like striking a stone with an egg. He picked her up and threw her on the bed
while she was struggling in fear. She struggled to get up from the bed like drowning, and he had
already took off his shirt and pressed her on the bed again.

"Ah..." She screamed and tried to wake him up, "Mr. Chuck! We were set up! Wake up!"

"A trap?" He smiled and said, "it doesn't matter. It's better than two people suffering, but..."