Keep you in my arms

Chapter 139 No way... No way...

He grabbed her wrist to prevent her from breaking free.

"Don't!" Angela was so anxious that she cried, "Mr. Chuck, you have saved me two times. I know you
are a good person!"

"I have saved you two times. Will you help me this time?" While saying that, he began to make a pass
at her. "Oh... No, we are helping each other."

"You ——" she dodged his palm, resisted and begged, "please don't do this!"

But Chuck ignored her struggle and began to pull her shirt. She screamed and struggled with all her
strength, but soon she felt a sense of coolness from her body.

The more she resisted, the more aroused his desire to conquer. He whispered in her ear and touched
her soft part with his rough palm.

She found that her heart wrenching scream gradually became light and urgent, and her strength was
completely taken away.

"Edward..." The only thing that could make her resist was to shake her head desperately and the tears
that streamed down her face.

After she called his name subconsciously, she felt so humble. Edward just wanted to fool around her,
but she couldn't help falling in love with him.

He kissed her on the skin behind her ear. No other women had called another man's name when they
slept with him. All of a sudden, he was not in a hurry to tease her. He looked into her desperate eyes
with pity and said, "originally, I didn't want to tell you..."

She was stunned, but she didn't stop crying. "Mr. Chuck, please let me go..."

"No way! Angela, do you know that I fell in love with you at the first sight?" He reached out his hand
and wiped her tears. "In order to make Edward give you to me, I have spent a lot of money on credit,
even if I only get you once!"

Angela's eyes widened, "what do you mean?"

Seeing her eyes full of surprise, he continued, "if he hadn't set up this trap tonight and given you to me,
how could I give up this bidding?"

Her face was pale, but the darkness concealed her embarrassment.

Even if He really didn't love her with all his heart, but she would still hold a glimmer of hope. Even if...
He had another woman in his heart, but she still felt that he had her place in his heart. Even if... He
might not take her so seriously, but she still didn't believe that he would be so despicable.

"You are lying!" She won't believe what he said! Moreover, if that was the case, why did Edward not
deceive her into a room of Chuck's room? Why the trouble? Unless...

"You think I'm lying to you, probably because you think he can send you directly to my bed. But... Have
you ever thought that maybe he knows that I like you and wants to use you to control me. If he hadn't
acted like this, how could you believe what happened between you and me was because you had no
choice. At that time, he will explain to you that the woman in the bar is just his cousin, or the woman he
owed, so he cares more. In this way, won't it be natural for you to forgive him?"

Chuck said it casually. It seemed that there was nothing to refute. But she insisted, "you are lying!"

She tried her best to hide her guilt and embarrassment in her eyes. She stubbornly shed tears and
tightly pursed her lips.

There was an unreadable emotion in his eyes. After a long time, he came to his senses. His thin lips
moved, and then slowly approached her ear...

It was a night in a strange city. Angela didn't know that the train in her life was off track again. Before
she met Edward, she really didn't know what it meant to be smashed into pieces.

The next morning, she went out of Chuck's room with red eyes. There were two men in the corridor.
Two of them were sitting on the ground, with one head buried in his knees and the other leaning
against the wall. The moment she opened the door, the two trembled like frightened birds, and then
their desperate eyes were filled with complex emotions.

Angela's eyes were swollen. Tears welled up in her eyes when she saw Edward. However, her eyes
were full of despair. She took a deep breath because of sadness and walked up to him.

Last night, he rushed to the room with Minnie and knocked on the door. He knocked on the door for
forty minutes, but there was no response. He tried his best to open the door and call her name with full
of his strength. He couldn't even think of any way to let her out to see her. Edward had never been like
this, as if he had lost the whole world.

The moment he saw her, he stood up. When he saw the marks on her neck, he seemed to have been
drained of all his strength. His face instantly lost its color and his eyes darkened for a few seconds.
Fortunately, he held the wall so that he wouldn't fall.

Angela took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. "Edward, you have got everything you want.
Can you give me back all my stuff now?"

What does she mean by got what he want? She made him lose the most precious thing. Did she
know? Did she know?

He had never thought that he would cry so uncontrollably in front of a woman. He trembled all over. He
clenched his fists and finally couldn't help but raise his head and roar, "ah..."

Tears streamed down Angela's face. Suddenly, he pushed her against the wall like an angry cheetah
and punched her with his fist. At last, he hit the wall beside her ear with all his strength. The sound of
his broken bones and flesh rang in her ears. Her heart was hanging for a moment, but finally returned
to indifference.

He gritted his teeth as he imprisoned her in his shadow and tried his best to control his anger and
hatred. He was so afraid that she would be raped by Chuck. He thought he had the ability to protect her
for a lifetime, but he didn't expect it to come so soon.

His Angela was so pure, only belonged to him, only to him...

Angela's head suddenly got wet, and his sobs became clearer and clearer. Finally, he held her in his

He seemed to comfort her, but also himself. "No, it won't... It won't..."

He was crying, but it seemed that he was smiling, but his tone was so desperate that it made people
feel sorry for him.

The woman in his arms also burst into tears, but with resistance and hatred. "Why did you bring me
here... If I hadn't come, such a thing wouldn't have happened..."

"I'm sorry..." He was so regretful. He thought it was the safest to take her with him, but he didn't expect
that his carelessness would make things like this.

Edward didn't know how he took her away, and she was also in a trance. She didn't know how she was
taken back to the hotel by him. But when they left, they didn't see the person who was still sitting on the

ground and crying bitterly.