Keep you in my arms

Chapter 140 She Will Be Fine...

After taking a shower, Angela came out of the bathroom. Many of her favorite food had been displayed
on the table. A waitress stood at the table and saw her coming out of the bathroom. She said politely,
"Mrs. Edward, please have dinner!"

She looked around curiously and didn't see Edward. The waitress explained, "Mr. Edward said he went
out for something."

Angela couldn't figure out why a waitress would stay here if he left?


After drying her hair, she had breakfast hastily and then lay down on the bed.

At two twenty in the afternoon, the waitress' phone vibrated. Seeing that it was from Mr. Edward, she
quickly went to the balcony to answer it.

"Did she eat?"

"Yes, but she didn't eat much."

"Does she still crying?"

When she just came back, she cried and said that she wanted to take a shower, and she was still
crying as she entered the bathroom. He didn't know how to face her, so he had to escape. But he was
afraid that she would do something to hurt herself after being hit so hard, so he had to find someone to
watch her.

"She fell asleep after dinner. She didn't sleep well last night." She was sleeping heavily now. The
waitress replied.

Last night, Minnie told him that Chuck had already prepared the amorous incense. So, last night... Did
he make her so tired?

Thinking of this, his heart seemed to be pierced through a hole, and he could not breathe because of
the pain. Tears welled up in his eyes and he clenched his fists in his pockets. "Hmm", he replied and
hung up the phone.

At nine o'clock in the evening, he returned to the hotel. Angela was still sleeping. He asked the
waitress, "hasn't she woken up yet?"

"She woke up at about four o'clock and drank a large glass of water, went to the bathroom and went
back to sleep again. She asked if she wanted to eat something. She said she was not hungry and had
a headache and wanted to sleep, so she slept till now."

He frowned and said to her, "ok! You can leave now."

"Okay, Mr. Edward."

After taking a shower and drying his hair, Edward walked to the bed, but found that she didn't move at

She was not a light sleeper, but she didn't sleep so deeply. He frowned, and she turned over, curled up
and continued to sleep. At this time, he found that her head was shrank in the quilt, and he could see
her trembling through the quilt.

Are you cold?

Seeing this, he turned up the temperature of the air conditioner a little. Then he gently lifted the quilt,
got into it and held her in his arms.

Her body was as hot as a boiled egg, and she herself was constantly trembling. Edward's first reaction
was that she had a fever! Subconsciously, he reached out and touched her forehead. It was so hot!

He quickly sat up and called Lucas to go downstairs to buy a thermometer and antipyretics.

Fifteen minutes later, Lucas took her temperature, looked at the electronic thermometer and exclaimed,
"oh my God! 38.7 ℃. It's a high fever!"

"Are we going to take her the hospital?" Edward seldom got sick, and even if he was sick, he had a
private doctor.

Lucas said, "that's unnecessary. I just bought the antipyretics for high fever and low fever respectively,
and let Madam to take them first. If the high fever can't be cured in an hour, we have to send her to the

"Okay!" Edward took the bag, found the medicine to bring down the high fever, and put it on the
bedside table with boiled water.

"Angela." He helped her up as he called her name.

Angela was in her dream where she seemed to fell into the cold lake and trembled with cold. Then she
felt thirsty as if she was entering the Flaming Mountains. When she suddenly heard someone call her,
she let out a little impatient groan.

"Angela, get up first. Take the medicine before you go to bed."

Such a gentle voice... Did Mr. Edward say that?

Before this, he had always thought that there was only a cold tone in Edward's words!

Taking medicine? Was there chocolate?

In a daze, she thought it was when she was a child, her father coaxed her to take medicine. She
frowned and said, "you didn't give me chocolate..."

"Chocolate?" "It's more than thirty-eight degrees. I don't think there will be an illusion." Lucas said

In a worried mood, Edward said to Lucas before he could explain, "go to the convenience store and
buy some chocolate."

In Angela's dream, her father asked her mother to take chocolate. She was angry. Why did he ask her
to take bitter medicine and her mother who was cooking to take chocolate? Every time it was his
mother who did the housework, and his father also asked his mother to bring him a coat, shoes, water
bath... Couldn't he do it by himself?

"You go ahead!" She said vaguely and stubbornly.

Edward had meant to let her take the medicine first. He brought the water to her lips. As soon as the
glass touched her lips, she pressed her lips tightly and refused to open them.

"Is she still sleeping?" Lucas felt that she was in a dream. "how about we wake up Mrs. Edward first
and then let her take the medicine?"

Angela had slept for a whole day. She should be able to wake up this time. Afraid that she might have
an illusion, Edward said, "send her to the hospital!"

Hearing that he was going to take her to the hospital, she suddenly woke up from her dream. She
opened her eyes and saw herself lying in the arms of Edward and manager Lucas standing aside. She
wanted to sit up straight.

She was weak all over and her head was heavy.

"She is awake!" "Secretary Angela, you have a fever. Take the medicine first," said Lucas excitedly!"

have a fever? It turned out that she was sick? She thought it was because the air conditioner was too

Seeing her awake, Edward handed her the prepared medicine. Angela drank it obediently and then lay
back in the quilt. Seeing this, Lucas said, "then I'll go back first. If you need anything, please call me


Edward replied without raising his head to look at him, Edward tucked her in but didn't dare to sleep.
He took her temperature every fifteen minutes. An hour later, Angela's temperature finally dropped to
thirty-seven point five. Still remained a little worried, he called his private doctor, doctor Li, to explain
him the situation.

"Let the patient have a good rest first and take her temperature in the next morning after she get up.
Generally speaking, she will get better after taking the antipyretics."

Hearing the doctor's words, he was a little relieved.

After hanging up the phone, Edward didn't go back to sleep. Instead, he went to several convenience
stores that were open twenty-four hours a day and finally found the chocolate she liked.

Back to the hotel, he put the chocolate on the bedside table. He thought she would be in a good mood
when she woke up!

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he lay back on the bed and fell asleep with her in his

At this time, the clock in the hotel showed that it was 3:29.

The second day, when Edward woke up, there was no one beside him. All of a sudden, he woke up
and opened the door of the bathroom, but she was not there.

He pushed the door open and asked the bodyguard, "where is she?"

The bodyguard said, "Mrs. Edward woke up this morning and said she wanted to go out for a walk. We
couldn't persuade her, so Andrew had to go with her."

Then he called the bodyguard called Andrew and asked where Angela was. Edward changed his
clothes as soon as possible, washed himself and went out.

After what had happened to Chuck, he really couldn't let her suffer any more harm.