Keep you in my arms

Chapter 141 Why Do You Vent Your Anger On Clothes

Angela was sitting on the swing in the park. When he arrived the park, she just opened a chocolate
with her head down and put it into her mouth.

Before he went out, he picked up the watch on the bedside table. Seeing that she didn't bring chocolate
with her, he brought it over. The box of chocolate was held in Edward's hand. Because he used too
much strength, the box was a little deformed.

She didn't see Edward. She handed the chocolate to the bodyguard and asked with a smile, "would
you like to have some too?"

Now she could show such a sincere smile to everyone except him.

How dare Andrew eat her food! He was afraid that if Mr. Edward saw him, he would lose his job.

He shook his head and took a few steps back deliberately to keep her at a distance that he could
protect and not too close.

Edward's heart ached and he walked over. It was not until then that Angela saw him walk towards her.
The smile on her face gradually disappeared. Seeing him coming over, Andrew nodded respectfully,
"Mr. Edward."

"It's cold here. You still catch a cold." He reached out his hands and want to take her away.

Angela lowered her head to hide the emotions in her eyes. After a while, she stood up from the swing,
picked up the bag beside her and gave it to him. "I met Miss Vanessa in the hotel. She said that your
coat was left in her place."

At the mention of Vanessa, he was stunned.

After a moment of silence, she smiled and said, "she is very beautiful!"

He didn't know why he felt uncomfortable when he heard that she praised Vanessa sincerely.

But he didn't expect that although she thought that Vanessa was beautiful from the bottom of her heart,
she was also distressed.

Without a word, Edward took the clothes from her hand, walked to the trash can and threw them into it.

Even if it's less than 10, 0000 dollars, Mr. Edward's suit is at least worth tens of thousands dollars!
Even Andreas felt it was such a waste to throw it away. Angela was stunned, "you..."

But when she saw the haze on his face, she pursed her lips and did not continue.

"Let's go back!" He held her wrist and wanted to take her back. She didn't mean to leave. She stood
where she was and asked, "why did you throw your clothes away?"

Shouldn't she be angry? The night before yesterday, she also saw him cover this suit on another
woman. Didn't she really care about it at all? If she saw this clothes in the future, would she always
think of this thing?

"No!" He said coldly.

Angela looked into his eyes for a long time and said, "I... In fact, you don't have to think so much.
That's your private affair... We have made a deal before that if you want to marry someone else one
day, we will cancel the agreement."

"Angela!" He suddenly raised his voice and roared.

She was startled and wanted to pull her hand out again because he was so fierce to her. In his angry
and hateful eyes, she exerted a lot of strength to pull her hand out.

The night before yesterday, she was afraid of losing him. Now that she was not afraid of this, would she
be afraid of him?

"It's the person who did the wrong thing. Why do you vent your anger on your clothes?" She said it
without expression. Then she walked to the trash can. Because the bag was dirty, she took out his
clothes out of the bag and threw the bag again.

She straightened her coat and suddenly paused, because she saw several lipsticks on it.

The scene of their intimacy that night flashed back in her mind.