Keep you in my arms

Chapter 143 Don't Take It Off

"I want to go home."

In the past two days, he had taken away her phone, completely isolated her from the world. Originally,
she was not uneasy because of him, but now she felt unusually anxious. She was afraid that he would
keep her under house arrest like this all the time.

With her back to him, she opened her eyes and said this, tears filling the corners of her eyes.

Her disappointed and uneasy words were like a cold wind, sweeping across his heart. The original plan
was that he would take her to the top of the highest mountain in the H Administrative Region after he
finished his work. Like all couples, they would watch hundreds of lights at the top of the mountain. He
wanted to take her to see the most beautiful scenery, and then buy the most dazzling gem, so that she
could wear the dress in the latest fashion show in Paris every day and become the object of envy all
over the world... He was thirty-five years old, but wanted to give her love and romance of twenty.
However, his fiery heart only felt cold at the moment

He held her tighter, but finally let her go.

If he reluctant to take her back, she didn't know what to do after she got up. She just closed her eyes
and continued to sleep.

With a sigh, Edward had to call Lucas and ask him to bring her bag here. Angela was distracted by his
phone call, but she held her breath and didn't open her eyes. He held her in his arms again after hung
up the phone and whispered in her ear, "go shopping with me. When you come back, I'll return your
phone and ID card to you."

Then he stood up and walked to the bathroom.

Angela opened her eyes and frowned. But when she thought that she could get her phone and ID back
as long as she bought something with him, she straightened up and sat up.

Hearing the sound behind him, he raised the corners of his mouth slightly.

When they were about to leave, Lucas had already brought her bag. With her eyes lighten up, Angela
was about to take it. Edward took his bag and put it on the shelf, "I'll give it to you when I come back in
case you are not concentrated."

So she could only watch him close the door until she couldn't see her bag.

Edward took her into a jewelry store. Although she didn't know much about luxuries, she knew that the
street they were in was selling luxuries.

In the shop, the jewelry in the glass cabinet under the light were shining brightly.

The waitress welcomed them warmly, "what can I do for you two?"

Angela took a look at the ring next to her. It was a rose gold ring worth ten thousand dollars, which was
a cheap style in the shop. Even a ring alone was worth at least one hundred and twenty thousand. She
just came to accompany him to buy something, so she smiled faintly, The waitress quickly
recommended several styles to Edward and said, "these are all popular among young ladies. They are
very suitable for your girlfriend!"

Perhaps it was because she was always regarded as his girlfriend that she didn't care about these
words now. She took a look at the several necklaces, one of which looked a little familiar. It was a
delicate necklace made of platinum, and the pendant was a swan decorated with diamonds.

Angela stared at the necklace for a few seconds. The saleswoman picked it up and said, "if you like it,
you can try it on!"

"No, thanks... I just feel like I've met it somewhere before."

Seeing this, Edward put his hand into the suit pocket and took out something. As soon as he let go, the
swan's drop appeared in front of her.

At that moment, Angela's memory was opened. When they dated for the first time, he took out this
necklace and gave it to her.

The dazzling Swan circled in the air. Suddenly, she saw something carved on the crown of the swan.

She didn't see the carve on the necklace which the saleswoman showed her just now!

She couldn't help taking the necklace and looked at it carefully, only to find that there were three words
of "Angela".

"You... Always with you?"

That day, he wore the necklace for her. He also said that it has been blessed by eminent monks and it
was good for her luck. At that time, she just wanted to get rid of him, so she didn't accept his kindness.
She didn't expect that he would still bring it with him.

"Yes!" He nodded and said, "I don't know when you will agree, so I take it with me every day."

She was stunned with her eyes wide open, unable to say a word for a long time.

For a moment, she was moved. But the next second, she lowered her head with doubt.

Seeing that she still remembered the necklace, Edward walked up to her, threw her hair aside and put
it on her again.

She felt the warmth of his fingers rubbing against her neck when he put the necklace on her, and her
heart beat faster and faster.

In the past, she was so afraid to accept his kindness and owe him anything. But now she began to care
about his good to her. In the same way, she began to magnify his love for her, hoping to have his good
to her all the time.

Angela touched the necklace and her emotion became complicated.

"Your boyfriend is so romantic!" The waitress stood aside and was so moved to hear that.

He is not my boyfriend...

She wanted to clarify, but she was tired of explaining. In the end, she swallowed her words and just
smiled faintly.

In the past, she would always be very serious to say that he was not her boyfriend, but this time, she

Although Edward was still calm, there was joy in his eyes.

Then, Edward asked her to choose a bracelet for the elderly, a lady's necklace, and two necklaces and
rings suited to young people.

Edward asked for two bracelets and two lady necklace. When he picked up the ring and put it on her
middle finger, she shrank back immediately. He held her hand tight and said, "we'll get married after we
go back. You can wear this one before the wedding ring is ready."

Wearing the ring in the middle finger meant that she was engaged.

Besides, this ring was worth tens of thousands. How could he say she was wronged? Angela just didn't
like to wear it. "I'm not feeling well with a ring on my finger."

Seeing that she was about to loosening the ring from her finger, he quickly grabbed her hand and said,
"don't take it off."

He frowned and said overbearingly.

Why not? Why did she have to get his permission to wear it or not?

"So you two are engaged? !" The saleswoman looked at her with admiration, "your husband is really
handsome and considerate. How happy you are!"

Suddenly, Angela understood what he meant by being domineering. So, did he want to announce to
others that she was married?

She stole a glance at him and saw a smile on his face. He replied, "yes."

"Do you two still need to buy wedding rings?"

"We have already customized it." He answered.

Customized? Did he even choose a wedding ring?

"I wonder if you two will hold a Chinese or western wedding?"

He didn't think about it. He looked at her subconsciously and asked, "which kind of wedding do you

Speaking of the wedding, she once dreamed about it. She liked traditional culture, so she naturally
liked to wear a Chinese-style wedding gown. She hoped that happiness could be as happy as the
happy Lydia and never lose its color.