Keep you in my arms

Chapter 144 Paint Eyebrows Would You

While she was in a daze, the saleswoman had brought over a complete set of phoenix coronet.

"Because Chinese wedding is popular in recent years. This Phoenix crown is specially designed for
Chinese wedding. I wonder if you two like it?" She looked at Angela when she asked the question.

The saleswoman knew that he was a big customer as she saw that he was so generous to buy so
many jewelry at once. Every time he looked at his fiancée, his eyes were full of stars. She guessed that
as long as this lady agreed, the business would be successful.

Phoenix crown, golden hairpin, earrings, necklace, bracelet...

A whole set of Golden Phoenix crown jewelry, each of which was delicately carved. The golden color
and bright red color of the traditional wedding were matched, like a declaration of the beginning of a
gorgeous life.

She stared at the Phoenix crown on the tray, and a scene of a girl waiting to be married with rich dowry
appeared in her mind. She couldn't extricate herself from it for a long time.

Seeing that she was absent-minded at first, and then lost in thought, although the expression on her
face was unpredictable, it could be seen that she liked it.

"If you like, you can order it according to your size."

"Then take this one too!" He took out his bank card and handed it to the saleswoman.

The saleswoman happily took over his card and asked another one to write the order for them. Angela
did a double-take and said in disbelief, "I don't need that."

"You must look good with this." His smile was full of expectation.

This marriage, at the beginning, was just to take respectively what they needed, but now it became
unclear. In addition to the unknown commotion in the heart, there was also inexplicable panic in this
kind of relationship with unclear boundary.

"All the things in the wedding banquet of the Yan Family are necessities." He knew she was burdened,
so he added. Sure enough, after saying that, her tightly frowned eyebrows were slightly loosened.

It was only a few days since she came back from the H Administrative Region. It seemed that she had
experienced more than ten years. When she saw the familiar street in the S City, she felt very warm
and excited.

"I want to live with Lesley before we get married." Said Angela.

These days, he had led a probe on Lesley and found out that she was Angela's best friend who had
played with her since childhood. She was not as mean as Christa. But her obvious resistance made
him a little uncomfortable. However, he didn't object and said, "yes."

He sent her to the apartment in the Western City of BH City. Seeing her enter the gate, he didn't drive
away immediately.

He called Aaron, "how can I keep her?"

The person on the other end of the line was first stunned, and then said lightly, "I remember you told
me that the best way to control a person is to use his or her weakness."

It was better to get married on 22th June of the Chinese lunar calendar.

This was the most suitable date for marriage recently, less than twenty days. Wedding dress, wedding
gowns, Phoenix crown, wedding invitation, wedding banquet... They had to plan everything in such a
short time.

"Isn't it too urgent?" Anna asked with a frown.

"You've been urging him for more than ten years. My brother finally married you a sister-in-law. Why do
you think it's too soon now?" When Hilda heard that the two were going to get married, she was even
happier than her annual income of more than 100 million.

"It's hard to pick a good day. Twenty days are enough. We can always make it." At one time, Jonson
thought that he couldn't wait for this day. His son was finally going to get married. Even if they got
married immediately, he would agree, let alone there were twenty days to get prepared!

Then, Edward said to Hilda, "how about you in charge of wedding plan?"

"Twenty days! It's a large-scale. If I screw it up, I'm afraid I'll be beaten to death by grandma. Never
mind, you'd better leave it to our uncle!"

Although the people of the Yan Family were busy, they were also excited.

At the same time, the people of the Xu Family were busy informing their close relatives and friends.

Choose wedding dresses, try on the wedding dresses, try makeup, shoot wedding photos... Angela
didn't expect to be so busy of the wedding! When she discussed about wedding with Greg, everything
was simple because of the financial reasons. She didn't expect that Edward's wedding would be so

On the third day after she came back, Edward picked her up to take wedding photos. Seeing her
running out in a hurry, Edward raised the corners of his mouth slightly. He got off the car and carried
the luggage to the car.

"Thank you!" She got on the car and thanked him, out of breath.

But in the past two days, the two of them had discussed a lot of things, and they were too busy to even
take a breath. The two of them had already put aside the unhappiness that had happened in the H
Administrative Region.

"I'll be back two days before the wedding. I need to shoot two sets. I'm a little busy in half a month." He
said to her.

"Half a month? It only takes one day to take wedding photos, doesn't it?" She hadn't made any
progress in her study recently.

"The wedding photos were taken in Maldives. It's said that the photos taken there were good. But the
dragon and Phoenix robe is in the south of the Yangtze River. Let's go to Hangzhou first and then go to
Maldives after finishing the shooting of Chinese style."

Angela didn't expect to go so far to take a wedding photo. She suddenly felt a little tired and sighed,
"it's not easy to marry into the Yan Family."

"Ha-ha..." He couldn't help chuckling.

At first, Edward didn't want to take Chinese wedding photos. Angela was obsessed with the traditional
dragon and Phoenix gown. He had just ordered a set of dragon and Phoenix gown embroidered with
gold threads for her. With the help of the workmanship, Angela didn't know that the dress alone cost
two million.

Someone was already waiting for them at the airport of Hangzhou.

Because they began to take photos on the second day, the dragon and Phoenix gown was sent to try
on in the evening, and the size was perfect.

The dresser asked her to sit in front of the dressing mirror and try on her hair.

At this time, Edward came out in a Republic style bridegroom's suit. The moment she saw him in the
mirror, she was stunned. She couldn't help but turn around to look at him.

Edward was tall and thin. He was born with a hanger and a handsome face. Wearing a black Chinese
tunic suit, he looked like a person from a republic novel.

"What's wrong?" Seeing her staring at him, he thought the clothes were not beautiful.

"Very handsome!" She smiled and felt proud.

The next second, she was lost in thought again.

It was dangerous to treat him as her man and think so proudly.

Hearing her praise, he became happier.

"I'm sorry. I left my stuff in the car. I'll go downstairs to get it." The make-up artist said and hurried down
to take it.

There were only two people left in the room. He walked to her, looked at the cosmetics on the table,
pointed at a box of things like pigment and asked, "what is this?"

"Eye shadow, cheeks or something like that."

This woman's cosmetics were so complete that it was really terrible. He pointed at a box of pigment
that was a little less colored and all in deep colors. "Then what is this?"

"That's the eyebrow powder. It will be more natural than the eyebrow pencil." She thought to herself,
'he has a sister anyway. Why doesn't he know this?' But why did he ask these questions?

"Oh..." He stared at her for a moment, walked to her back and put his hands on her shoulders. "Angela,
let me help you with your eyebrows."

"you help me? Can you?"

He didn't even know eyebrow powder. How could he say that he wanted to help her with her eyebrow?