Keep you in my arms

Chapter 145 Edward, I'll Strangle You!

Said Edward, raising his eyebrows. He was born with confidence.

"No, I'm afraid I'll be disfigured."

"Disfigured? You're wrong. It's a miracle!" He said calmly.

Then he picked up her eyebrows and raised her chin, lowering his head and painting carefully.

Here comes interest of Edward. She really wanted to stop him, but she couldn't.

When the make-up artist returned to the hotel, she saw the bridegroom was painting the bride's
eyebrows, she looked at her three assistants in confusion. The three of them looked at them with
interesting, and one of them replied, "Mr. Edward said he wanted to draw an eyebrow for his wife."

Another assistant also whispered, "you really showed off your affection."

She looked up and he lowered his head. The scene was so beautiful under the decoration of the
dragon and Phoenix gown! The four of them couldn't help taking a few photos and posted them on
wechat moments.

After more than twenty minutes, Edward put down the tools in his hands. Angela was about to turn
around to look in the mirror, but her face was turned back by him.

"Don't move. I'll take a picture first." Then he took out his phone and stood behind her. Seeing that he
was going to take photos, Angela smiled cooperatively.

His face was very close to hers. They took a very intimate photo.

"All right!" Edward was so quick that she didn't see the photo of the two people clearly.

When she turned around and saw herself in the mirror, she couldn't help screaming, "ah..."

What the hell was this eyebrow? The edges were as sharp as knives, and the color was as deep as
ink. Two ugly eyebrows appeared on her beautiful face. It was so ugly. Why did he take pictures?!

The make-up artist and the three assistants couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Ha-ha-ha..."

"Edward!" She stood up and said, "I'm going to strangle you!"

As she spoke, she wanted to pounce on him. However, she forgot that she was wearing a dragon and
Phoenix gown now, so it was not easy for her to move. She was tripped and threw herself into his

Seeing that she was a little embarrassed, Edward calmed her down and couldn't help laughing, "ha-

"You bastard! I will strangle you to death!" Then she reached out to pinch him.

"This is the first time I've helped someone else draw an eyebrow!" He grabbed her wrist and said with a
smile, in a tone that "you should be honored." "I don't care!" Hearing this, she became more furious and
struggled, "it's so ugly. Give me your phone!"

"No way. This is the first time I draw an eyebrow for you. I plan to wash it out and put it in our room in
the future." He said proudly.

"No way!" She reached out and wanted to take out his phone from his pocket, but it was held firmly by
him. "Edward, if you dare to do so, I will... I will..."

After thinking for a long time, she couldn't think of anything to threaten him.

"So what?" He raised his eyebrows.

"If you do this, I'll ask Chuck to snatch me in the wedding!" Although this was too much, as long as she
could delete the photo, she would do anything.

His eyes dimmed for a moment, but soon became bright. He smiled and said, "you are so ugly now. He
won't want you. Only I am blind."

She only heard the first sentence, and had no mood to try to understand the latter one. She said
angrily, "delete it quickly! If you don't delete it, I'll call him now!"

Then she turned around, trying to find her phone. She didn't see it and asked the people who were
laughing beside, "have you seen my phone?"

One of the assistants took the phone from the chair for her and said, "this seems to be yours, Madam."

"I was just kidding." With a smile in his eyes, he covered her phone with his hand and hugged her
gently. "I hope you can be really ugly. And they don't fight me for you."

The four people next to him sighed, "wow..."

Hearing that he did it on purpose, Angela pushed him away and said, "you really have an ulterior

He was pushed away by her, because she did not understand the meaning of his words. He sighed,
and then approached her. He did not deny that he whispered, "I only have a bad intention for you,
especially at night."

Hearing this, she became anxious and flustered.

The four people next to them saw them flirting with each other and looked at their affectionately. Seeing
that she was angry and ashamed, they hooted, "Mr. Edward, can you stop showing off your love?"

On the other side, Angela was afraid that if she continued to make trouble, he would do something out
of line in front of them, so she had to sit on the chair in anger.

Edward used to be cold and silent, let alone bully others. She didn't know since when he began like to
bullying her. If he wanted to bully her in the future, how could she resist?

She shouldn't have agreed to this marriage!

Seeing her sighing in front of the dressing table, he was about to say something when his phone rang.
He looked down at the number on the phone, and the smile on his face disappeared, and he returning
to his usual serious and indifferent expression. He didn't answer the phone immediately, but walked out
before answering it.

Angela didn't paid attention to these, but she only used the makeup remover to wipe the "thick and ugly

The make-up artist Lucy said, "it's the first time I've seen Mr. Edward joking with others!"

Lucy was one of Hilda's best friends, a top makeup artist.

make fun of? He wanted her to make a scene!

"I must have done something wrong in my previous life to meet him in this life." She was really upset.
She had planned to study hard, but the path was off again and again. Although they were get married
by agreement, she could see that Edward took it seriously. If he just took it seriously, it was nothing.
She was afraid that if she continued to fall in love with him like this, she would never be able to climb
out in the future

"Madam, you saved the world!" The assistant smiled and said, "you've got such an excellent man like
Mr. Edward!"

In this world, people always saw their own bad aspect, just as they always saw the good of others.
They were so one-sided to live. If Edward really loved her with all his heart, why did he always avoid
her to answer the phone?

She smiled and said nothing.

When the make-up artist was helping her with her makeup, Edward sat aside and stared at his phone
for a long time before he put it down.

Thirty minutes later, after she finished her make-up, Lucy asked, "what do you think of this make-up?"

The first time Lucy saw her, she thought of peach blossom makeup. Angela's makeup looked like a girl
of 16 years old, tender and beautiful!

"It's much better than the thick and ugly eyebrows!" She said with a remained angry. People couldn't
help laughing. Lucy said she could draw more for her and let her choose. Angela thought it was
troublesome, so she said, "I think this makeup is good, and I'll choose this!"

"What do you mean, Mr. Edward?"

He looked at her and frowned, "change another one."

Angela was already nine years younger than him. Although her makeup was beautiful, it was too
tender! Although he didn't look old, he was mature and steady. She was so innocent and lively, like an
old ox eating tender grass!

As soon as she heard that she was going to sit here to try other style of makeup, she quickly stood up
and said to Edward, "I think this is good!"

"Good girl! This makeup doesn't look good!" He pinched her cheek.

"I'm not good-looking. Don't make things difficult for Lucy!" As long as he didn't torture her anymore,
what was the matter of admitting that she was ugly?