Keep you in my arms

Chapter 146 Go To Sleep On The Sofa!

Angela's words amused them. Lucy said, "if you are ugly, then no one in the world is good-looking!"

"That's it! This makeup will be fine!" She held Edward's hand and said, "look, they said I am not ugly in
this makeup. It's not embarrassing for you."

"I didn't say it was ugly." "I just don't like it." He said.

"Edward! Did you do it on purpose? You just like to play tricks on me of the things I don't like, don't
you?" If he keep pushing her, she would rather not get married!

Edward knew that the girl was thinking too much. He grabbed her wrist, pressed her back to the chair
and said, "put on a more mature makeup."

As soon as she heard this, she muttered discontentedly, "I'm young. No matter how hard I change, I
look much younger than you."

Angela didn't realize that she really behaved like a child when she was muttering. Hearing this,
Edward's face darkened and he sighed heavily.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Lucy finished her third makeup, making her look gentle and like a
beautiful married woman. The make-up matched his mature and steady appearance. He nodded with
satisfaction and said, "well, that's it!"

Angela was so sleepy that she didn't notice how graceful she was at the moment. Hearing that he had
chosen the makeup, she immediately stood up and began to take off the gold ornaments on her head.
Seeing that she was so anxious that she accidentally pulled her hair, Lucy quickly said, "Mrs. Edward,
let me help you to take it off!"

When she took off the headwear, she hurried into the bathroom, followed by two female assistants to
help her take off the dragon and Phoenix gown. After changing back to casual clothes, Angela felt


After removing her makeup, she picked up her bag and walked out. When Edward came out after
changing his clothes, he saw that she was going out, so he grabbed her arm and asked, "where are
you going?"

She was not familiar with this place. How could he let her go out by herself?

She thought for a while and said frankly, "I want to get a room by myself."

Edward didn't tell him. He only booked a room. In order to avoid anything happening again, he'd better
not share a room with a wolf!

"I won't do anything to you." He said.


If she believed what a man said, she would not be Angela!

She smiled and said, "I'm afraid I'll do something to you."

He was stunned and said with a sly smile, "I don't mind!"

"I mind!" She was not stupid enough to believe that he would really let her rest easy all the time.

Edward moved his eyes and loosened his hand, saying nothing.

Why did he let her go so easily this time? It was not like him at all?

An ominous premonition arose in her heart, but she still went out of the hotel room smoothly.

In the room, he called Lucas, "have you booked all the rooms in the hotel?"

"Yes! Because it's rush hour, there are not many rooms left." Answered Lucas.

"Good! Keep an eye on whether there is a room available. Book it as soon as possible." He was
making tea with one hand and the phone in the one.

"Then what are these rooms for?" Lucas still didn't understand why Mr. Edward still booked so many
rooms since the makeup artist and the whole shooting team had rooms?

"Leave it there."

"Let them leave it there?" Lucas thought he had misheard.

"Yes, leave it there." After hanging up the phone, he put it aside and made two more cups of tea.

He would like to see what she would do in order not to sleep with him.

He unhurriedly sent the cup he gave her to the opposite side of the tea table. At this time, Angela came
back. He turned his head to look at her. From her disappointed expression, he could tell the result of
her reservation.

"The tea is ready. How about having a cup of tea first?"

She glanced at Edward who was drinking tea calmly and thought about the receptionist's words.

"I'm so sorry. All the rooms had been booked in the past five days."

"Is it because of the summer vacation?"

"There is also a reason!"

There were also reasons for this...

The reason why he could be so calm was that he had known there was no room here for a long time, or
perhaps it had something to do with him.

She muttered to herself, 'can you willful if you have money?! How could she be bullied by him like this
just because he was rich!

Hmm... Ok! Money could indeed bully her, at least now she had no other choice.

Angela sat opposite him angrily and took a sip of tea.

Noticing that she was just angry, Edward asked, "are you going to have dinner?"

She took out her phone and was looking for a hotel nearby. The nearest one was about three
kilometers, which was a little far. The key point was that there was no room. She was not familiar with
this place, and it was about eight o'clock now. It was not convenient for her to find another hotel!

"Let's eat!" How could a person not eat? It's a waste of not eating! I'd better spent every penny of him
on eating and led him live a poor life!

In the dining room, Edward seeing that she ate more than usual today, she burped and didn't stop
eating. Feeling something was wrong, he asked, "do you like it very much?"

"I will make you poor." She said with food in her mouth.

Hearing that, Edward was stunned. Then he held back his laughter and said, "you are so silly! How
much is it worth? It's not as expensive as buying a crown jewel for a year's meal!"

Angela didn't say anything during the meal. It turned out that she was sulking.

She was stunned by his words.

That's right! This meal cost only a few thousand dollars. The Phoenix crown she bought in the H
Administrative Region that day was several million dollars. She might as well buy a few more crowns or
precious gems...

Seeing her in a daze, he knew that she didn't expect that way was to spend his money more easily. He
was still smiling, which frustrated her.

"Edward! I heard that every daughter-in-law who married a rich family has a black card. I'm going to
marry you, but I haven't seen it!" If she really had this card, she must use it to make him poor. He
always bullied her when she was poor!

"You don't like to spend my money, do you?" He lowered his head and said.

Angela had been brainwashed by Lesley recently.

"There is nothing in the world that belongs to us. Edward doesn't belong to you. Even if you lose him
one day, it won't be a pity! At least you used to have it, right?"

What Lesley said reminded her of Zhu Ziqing's words, "I came to this world naked, and I will go back
naked in a twinkling of an eye!"

She didn't have it from the beginning. During the period of the agreement marriage, just take it as the
happiness she stole!

"I was out of my mind before, but now I'm fine."

"Ha-ha-ha..." Edward found that his wife was getting more and more open-minded recently and said
such funny words from time to time. This might be her real face?

Seeing that she had almost finished eating, he asked, "do I need to take you to spend money?"

When she was full, she leaned against the chair lazily and said, "I'm a little tired today. It's still a long
time. I'll spend it slowly in the future."

"So you want to go back?"


In the hotel, Angela took a shower and cleaned herself up. Seeing that Edward was still in the
bathroom, she asked the waiter for another set of quilt and put it on the sofa. Then she climbed onto
the bed and fell asleep.

More than ten minutes later, Edward dried his hair and went to bed. Angela pulled the quilt over and
covered her head with it, only showing her eyes. She kicked his feet and said, "go to sleep on the