Keep you in my arms

Chapter 147 The Play Is Over. Can You Sleep Now

She wanted him to sleep on the sofa?

He glanced at the short sofa and smiled helplessly. "Do you think I can sleep on that sofa?"

She was stunned. Not to mention him, even if she slept on it, she still had to bend her legs. He was
twenty centimeters taller than her!

Noticing that she was aware of the problem, Edward ignored her request and took a corner of the quilt
to get in.

He always held her in his arms last several times because they slept in the same bed. Occasionally, he
would tease her to sound her out, but she was so controllable and didn't have sex with him. In the past
week, although she had slept with Lesley in the same bed, she didn't know if she was in a trance or
not. She always wanted him to hold her and sleep comfortably. If it went on like this, she was afraid that
she couldn't control herself!

When he crawled into the quilt, she jumped off the bed and dodged him like he was a beast.

She was fine a few days ago, but she hadn't seen him for only a week. Why did she resist again?

He frowned and asked, "what's wrong?"

She looked at him, only to find that his eyes were clear, and there was no lust in his eyes. But anyway,
she couldn't get used to sleeping in his arms. It was a very dangerous thing!

After thinking for a while, she didn't answer him and went to sleep on the sofa.

She wrapped herself in the quilt with her back to him. Edward gradually got used to her strangeness.
As long as she didn't leave his sight, he wouldn't make things difficult for her. When he saw her lie
down, he turned off the light and fell asleep.

Ten minutes later.

"Ah Choo..."

"Ah Choo..."

"Ah Choo..."

The light was turned on. Edward sat up and said, "don't sleep there. You'll catch a cold."

"Edward, turn off the air conditioner!" The air conditioner was blowing on the sofa. If it blow until
tomorrow, she would definitely catch a cold!

"Are you sure you want to turn off the air conditioner?" It was so hot that even the electric fan couldn't
help her cool down!

She sat up straight, wrapped in the quilt because of cold and only revealed her face. She trembled and
said, "turn it off!"

She was so cold!

Edward glanced at her, picked up the remote control and turned off the air conditioner. Seeing her lying
back on the sofa, he turned off the light and lay down.

Twenty minutes later, Angela turned over for the fifth time. Although she sweated a lot, she didn't dare
to say anything.

Open the air-conditioning was cold, and without it, it was so hot that she couldn't fall asleep! But why
didn't he move? Doesn't he hot?

"Edward..." She called softly.

"Yes..." He answered wearily.

Hearing that he was still awake, she asked, "are you hot?"

"Yes." He still answered wearily.

How could he not feel hot in a summer night of thirty degree Celsius without summer sleeping mat?

"How about... Shall we turn on the air conditioner?"

"You will catch a cold."

"Raise the temperature?"

"It was 26 degree Celsius just now. If I raise up higher, it will become heating."

In fact, the temperature of the air conditioner was not low, but she just under the air outlet of air
conditioner, so it was cold.

"But it's so hot. How can I sleep?" She frowned and said worriedly.

Suddenly, the light was on again. The sudden light made her eyes uncomfortable. She squinted and
when she opened her eyes, he was already standing beside her.

"You..." Before she could ask, he had bent over and picked her up.

"Hey... What are you doing?" She was so scared that she struggled.

Edward had never accommodate himself to anyone like this. Although he was willing to accommodate
himself to her every time, she was really not easy to please! Since he couldn't satisfy her anyway, it
was better for him to make the decision!

Ignoring her shock and struggle, Edward threw her on the bed and turned on the air conditioner with
the remote control.

"Edward, don't you feel cold? Do you want to sleep on the sofa?"

He had turned on the air conditioner with the remote control. When he heard her question, his hand
stopped, turned his head and said indifferently, "I want to sleep with you!"

Angela took his words seriously. She blushed and got out of bed in fear. Seeing that she wanted to
escape again, Edward grabbed her arm from behind and pulled her back.

"You sleep on the bed tonight!" His voice was domineering and cold.

I want to sleep with you! ——

"You bastard, Edward! I don't want to sleep with you!"

A rogue? When did he treat her like a hooligan? When he was in the H Administration District, he didn't
do anything to her in order to take care of her feelings. How could she call him a rogue? It seemed that
even if he was a gentleman, she would always think of him as a dirty man. If so, was it necessary to be
a gentleman to her?

He frowned slightly, and his face was a little gloomy. He tightened his hand.

"Ah..." The strength behind pulled her back and she fell on the bed. Without slacking off, he directly
crossed her waist and pressed her with his body.

"Rascal?" He raised his eyebrows and smiled wickedly, "why am I a rogue?"

The warm breath approached and scratched the tip of her nose, making her itchy. She was like an
infuriated little tiger, stretching out her little paws. "Aren't you just acting like a hoodlum now? !"

"As a husband, I'm afraid you'll catch a cold, so I suggest you sleep in bed. But you are too
disobedient, so I have to take special measures. How can you called me a hooligan?"

"Edward, don't get too involved in the play, okay? We have reached an agreement to get married.
There is no one here. How can you say a husband and a wife?"

"An arranged marriage? Have you read too many novels? Your gown alone costs nearly ten million.
Wedding, wedding photos, betrothal presents... Although I am rich, but I am not a playboy with
marriage! Or do you regret marrying me?" He looked indifferent at first, and then came out of the words
with his eyebrows raised and in a threatened tone.

Angela was frightened by his serious expression and her face turned pale. "What did you say? !"

"You... Angela is my wife. You will marry into my family in proper, formal manner. We have got the
marriage certificate and are about to take wedding photos. After a few days, the wedding will be held.
The whole world knows that you are my wife!" He smiled gently, with domineering and warning in his

They had reached an agreement to get married. He said that as if she had really married him! But
when she looked at his eyes, she found that he was not joking at all! The plot was turned over so fast
that she was unable to react for a moment.

"You, you... Is it..." She frowned and thought for a while. Then she got closer to his ear and asked, "is
there someone monitoring us?"

So, he couldn't tell anyone about the agreement?

Edward was speechless: "......"

Sure enough, his little wife's mind was different from others.

"No..." He said with his dark eyes.

There was obvious displeasure on his face, and Angela hesitated. She said in a voice that only could
hear between them, "I see. Is there someone monitoring here? I said it in such a low voice that they
couldn't hear. I know. I'll sleep in the same bed with you, but you are not allowed to move..."

Before she could finish her words, her lips were covered by his thin lips.


Why did Edward kiss her again out of no reason?

She wanted to struggle, but she didn't dare to resist too fiercely at the thought that someone might be
spying on them. After a while, he let go of her, and she was panting with a red face.

Is it because... The play is over. Can you sleep now?

She looked at his slightly angry face and waited for him to leave her. Then the two of them could go to
bed quickly.