Keep you in my arms

Chapter 148 Why Does It Hurt

Her cheeks were as red as peaches, and she looked particularly cute because of curiosity in her eyes.
He looked from her bright eyes to her cherry-like lips, and his Adam's apple couldn't help rolling. His
mind was full of the scene that he had sex with her. For a moment, his body was very hot.

Edward's skin was fairer than many women's. His face turned a little red, and his usual indifference
was gone. Holding back his desire for her was like a child who wanted to eat candies but couldn't get

Was there still such a gentleman in the world? He had tried his best to hold back his desire. Just
because she didn't agree, he could still control himself not to touch her. That was why she felt he was
more and more reliable.

Except that his face was slightly red, he seemed to be unable to scratch, revealing a sad expression.

She couldn't help laughing in the bottom of her heart. Although she tried her best to hold back her
laughter, the secretly happy expression in her heart inevitably climbed up the corners of her eyes.

What? Was she laughing at him?

"What are you laughing at?" He asked.

His blazing breath wrapped her. As soon as he spoke, her forehead was wiped by his warm breath. It
was itchy, and there was a sudden desire in her lower abdomen.

He must has an intolerable desire as she was now.

She quickly pulled the quilt to separate them.

Desire, there was desire in her eyes!

Just like a starving child, Edward was eager to eat the food in front of him. Seeing her eyes, he
grabbed her wrist immediately.

"Ah!" There was fire between them originally. The two of them rubbed their skin together, as if adding
oil to the fire.

"We are a real couple."

Angela was devoured by his desire, she shook her head and tried to push him away.

It would be better if he didn't move. As soon as he moved, she was rubbed more uncomfortable by the
little thing of him. He pressed her down subconsciously, making her unable to move.

She was like a sheep pounced on by a hungry wolf, pressed to death, and even felt that the wolf on her
body was about to bite down.

The dangerous breath came to her face, and she was frightened to use all her strength to resist. He
was so tall. How could she push him away? She could only wave her arms and beat him, "Edward! You
can't do this! Get out of my way!"

"Don't move... I feel bad..." He pressed her and breathed hard.

This kind of breathing and the warm breath of his body made her face red, and she could not help but
feel a heat in her lower abdomen.

chill! Angela, calm down! Men were animals that thought with their lower bodies. It was just an impulse.
She couldn't fall for it anymore! Thinking of the day when he was with another woman...

Hmm... However, since Edward was in his thirties, it was normal for him to have a few relationships. He
who can be called pure as he has only one emotional experience. He didn't mind that she also had two

Incorrect! You can't just think that way! Angela, it's dangerous for you to think so! Although she had two
relationships, they were completely broken up. How could he give money to her for more than ten

If you marry a rich man, you must have kept a woman outside! ——

There was no connection between money and morality of a man. Even if he couldn't afford it, he could
ask women out! ——

Let's just turn a blind eye to these things. Do you think you can find a better one after divorce? ——

Angela felt that all kinds of public opinions appeared in her mind, and she didn't know who to believe
for a moment. She just felt very sad. She liked Edward and wanted to get him, but she knew that he still
had another woman in his heart. She tried to persuade herself not to mind, but her heart would hurt

However, if she took this step, it meant that she had to accept everything he had and try to pretend not
to know, just as the aunts had said, turn a blind eye to it...

Her heart ached so much that she could hardly breathe.

"Edward..." She tried her best to call his name, "it hurts."

Hurt? He didn't move. Why did she feel pain?

She tried to push him away with an uncomfortable expression on her face.

"What's wrong with you?" Noticing that there was something wrong with her, he stood up a little and
asked at a loss.

She didn't say anything. She just curled up sideways, grabbed the clothes in front of her heart and took
a deep breath.

"Angela!" He wanted to pull her over, her face was not as red as before, but a little pale. Her lips were
tightly closed, and her eyes happened to meet his eyes.

When he saw the resentment in her eyes, he was stunned. "What's wrong with you?"

She used to be together with Minnie, and had almost married Greg. But she had never been like this.
When she thought of the dubious relationship between him and the other women, she felt pain in her
chest and even a little suffocated.

Did she like him so much?

She asked herself in her heart, but closed her eyes and shook her head.

Frightened by her strange behavior, Edward asked, "are you feeling uncomfortable? Let's go to the

She didn't understand that each of her relationship was so pure that there was no room for the other
people. But how could he care about another woman so much even if he had loved her for more than
ten years. She couldn't tell whether his care for her was true or not...

Angela didn't reply. She just closed her eyes with tears in her eyes. He was frightened and called her
nervously again, "Angela? Where does it hurt?"

'why is she so stubborn? 'what's wrong with my heart? It's a burden to my heart.'.

"I'll take you to the hospital!" Then he sat up, straightened his clothes, got out of bed and bent over to
pick her up.

She closed her eyes all the time, only to feel that her body was lifted up by him.

"Ah!" She was so frightened that she opened her eyes suddenly, but because of fear, she grasped his
clothes tightly on his chest. "I'm fine!"

"You are so painful that you can't even speak. Why are you still so stubborn?" He frowned and walked
towards the door.

"Wait! Edward, I'm really fine. I just..." She was so angry that she felt a pain in her chest, but it was not
as serious as going to the hospital!

She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. How could he believe her?

"But what?"

She only liked him, but he liked two women at the same time. She didn't want to be so humble! If he
knew that she was jealous, he would find her weakness!

"I'm just overwhelmed by you!" Then she was about to get out of his arms.

She tried to avoid eye contact with him. Her words were vague, and there were emotions in her eyes,
but she didn't want to say it. It was obvious what she was saying an excuse!

Edward didn't let her go and asked seriously, "tell me, what happened?"

She can't even admit it anyway!

"I'm really fine! I have a heart problem!" She didn't dare to look into his eyes, so she had to lower her

He frowned and put her on the bed after a while. He also lay down and hugged her. "I will wait for you
slowly until you are willing to."

"What do you want?" She turned her back to him and asked deliberately.

"I can do nothing to you." In the business world, he had seen through so many cunning thoughts, but
he couldn't see through her.

There was love in her eyes when she looked at him, and he also tasted her passion that night. But the
next day, she began to avoid him because of the birth control pills. When she saw him with other
women in the H Administrative Region, she was so desperate, but she just didn't want to admit it. She
didn't want to accept him anymore. She didn't want to believe him.

"I..." She had thought about it thousands of times. Even if he only wanted to use her young body to
reproduce, even if he had another woman in his heart, she still wanted to accept him!


She was not a person who was ease at hide herself, but every time she was about to say something,
she would swallowed it.

"It doesn't matter, Angela. As long as I'm your husband, that's enough..." He would give her enough
time. He believed that she would always be touched.