Keep you in my arms

Chapter 149 Is There A Knife In Mr. Edward's Arms

As long as I'm your husband, that's enough... ——

Why were there always some flaws on the originally perfect things? How happy she would be if he only
cared about her?

"Hmm... We have to get up early tomorrow, don't we? Let's go to bed early." She tried to put on a smile.

He had done everything he could. He had never done anything so attentively, but in the end, he still got
such a result.

Seeing that she was unwilling to say more, his eyes gradually dimmed.

This night, he still slept with her in his arms. Although it didn't go further, at least she didn't reject him
now. As long as she was in his arms, everything would be fine.

Edward didn't notice that the corners of his mouth were gradually rising. The two of them closed their
eyes tacitly, but they were awake in the first half of the night. They didn't fall asleep until two o'clock in
the morning.

The next day, Angela was awakened by a knock on the door. She covered her head with the quilt
painfully and rolled it up to continue sleeping. Seeing her like this, Edward, who was taking care of
himself, couldn't help but chuckle.

Normally, she would get up early to study. Now it was almost eight o'clock, but she was still sleeping so
soundly. Last night, when she was in his arms, she wanted to move, but she controlled herself. He was
afraid that she didn't sleep much because of what he said last night.

"If you don't get up, we can't take photos." He stood aside and looked at her wrapped in the quilt.

"Okay..." She snorted angrily and turned her back to him, indicating that she didn't want to talk to him.

At this time, someone knocked on the door again. "Please wait a moment," replied Edward.

One of Lucy's assistants was a man. He didn't want other men to see his wife's sleeping face.

"Haven't you got up yet?" He asked again.

Angela didn't reply and continued to sleep.

Was it not easy to wake her up?

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "if you don't get up
now, I will do what I want to do but didn't do last night."

What he wanted to do but didn't do last night...

Still sleepy, she didn't know what he meant for a while. Then she heard his ambiguous voice, "I don't
mind letting them wait outside and hear your voice."

"! ! !" Suddenly, she understood what he meant and opened her eyes. He put his hands in his pockets
and standing straight with a smile as he saw her opened her eyes.

Angela was so frightened that she couldn't fall asleep. She got up, washed and changed her clothes.
Seeing that she had taken care of herself, Edward went to open the door.

This set of wedding photos included the majestic palace style and the style of the regions south of the
Yangtze River with rivers and bridges.

The first set was a photo of the bride and groom in their dragon and Phoenix gown and a photo of the
traditional clothes of the Han dynasty in their home.

After changing the first set of clothes, the two of them came to the indoor studio. According to the
photographer, the two of them sat on the couch and took several pictures of them tasting the tea across

the small tea table.

Next, there was an intimate photo of the couple.

Seeing Angela standing stiffly next to Edward, the photographer said, "the bride gets closer to the

She tilted her body a little, but still kept a long distance from Edward.

The photographer was a little helpless. "Get closer! Be closer!"

Wasn't this close enough?

She had to move a little more.

Seeing this, the photographer frowned and simply said, "change a posse! Groom, you are lying on the

Edward lay down and looked like a lazy young man in the leisure time in the afternoon.

"Bride, lie on the groom's body."

"! ! !" She was a little surprised. "Lie on him?"

Are you kidding me? Lying on his body in front of so many people?

As soon as he heard that she was going to lie on him, Edward suddenly smiled and said, "Hilda has
finally chosen a good team."

Good photo crew...

Seeing the terrified look on Angela's face, Lucy covered her mouth and smiled, "is there a knife in Mr.
Edward's arms?"

Although the two had been intimate, but they had never tried to behave intimate like many other
couples. He was really looking forward to enjoying the feelings of her lying on his chest.

"Hurry up, bride! There were still a lot of photos to take! Mike, go and help the bride!" The photographer
thought it was because of her inconvenient dressing that she hesitated.

"Do we have to do this?" She was a little annoyed.

The photographer frowned and said, "not necessarily. Or you can have a deep kiss."

A deep kiss...

"Well, forget it. I'll take this one." She lifted her dress and climbed up. Edward reached out and pulled
her. She sat on him and stared at his smiling face. She felt uncomfortable.

It was lucky for Edward! But they were all here. Finish the shooting as soon as possible!

She lay in his arms, and he naturally held her shoulder.

"Well, the bride closed your eyes..."

She closed her eyes obediently and heard the photographer say, "the bridegroom peeped at the

Then, the make-up artist, Lucy, came over to help her tidy up her clothes. The light was turned on by
the lamplighter. In this way, the first intimate photo was finally completed.

After the literature and intimate theme were finished, they began to take some more nifty photos.

"The bride is standing there with a whip. The groom knelt down."

Kneel down...

Should I ask Edward to kneel down?

Should a cold and indifferent person like Mr. Edward would cooperate with them to take such a photo?
All of a sudden, Lucy became more interested in him. She had known him for so many years, but she
had never seen him in such a humble manner!

Edward stood aside and frowned.

Angela held the whip and looked at it for a while.

Did he want her to hit him this time? This was much more interesting than lying on him!

She turned her head and asked the photographer excitedly, "are you going to take the picture of
beating him? I can take this one well!"

"Ha-ha..." Lucy and several assistants couldn't help laughing.

He frowned tightly and said to the photographer, "delete this group of photos."

The photographer and other staff had heard about Edward since they came here to take photos. The
superior told them provide them an excellent service and not to make Mr. Edward angry. Hearing that
Mr. Edward was going to cancel it, they hesitated and looked at each other without knowing what to do.

Lucy knew men's knees were made of gold, not to mention a man like Edward. How could he kneel
down so easily?

"No! I like this set of photos, Edward!" Angela asked the photographer excitedly, "do you have a whip?"

The CEO said he wanted to delete it, but his wife wanted to take it. So should he take it or not?

Everyone was stunned and didn't know whether they should take the photos or not.

Although Angela was lively, but there was no other emotion on Edward's face except frowning. Even
Lucy, who had just thought it was a joke, got nervous at the moment.

Although he was usually cold to her, he always accommodate himself to her. How could Angela know
what kind of person he was in other people's eyes? She didn't realize the tension at all. She couldn't
wait to wave the whip in her hand, deliberately showing a condescending expression. "Stretch out your

Edward indeed stretched out his hand, but to grab her whip. Angela was quick witted and beat him in
the palm, with a playful expression on her face.

She didn't realize that when the whip fell on his palm, everyone present took a deep breath.