Keep you in my arms

Chapter 150 Can You Blame The Whip For Your Short Hand

"I think I continue to use a whip after this! I will definitely perform well in this group!"

Because the previous group were intimate photos, Angela felt very embarrassed and spent a long time
to take them. In this group of photos, the bridegroom had to show his "hen pecked" grievance to show
his bride's higher status. Besides, the bride beat him without a fierce look but sweetly.

At this moment, Angela had a naughty smile on her face. But the cold look of Edward really made the
people around dare not breathe heavily.

Before Mr. Edward went into utterly angry, Angela even slapped him heavily on the palm.

Just when everyone was silent, Edward grabbed Angela's arm and teased her with a cold face, "I think
we can take a few more pictures of lying on the bed. This kind of vulgar thing is not suitable for your

Mr. Edward's words stunned everyone for three seconds.

Lucy was still in a daze, as if asking her assistant, or as if talking to herself, "Mr. Edward, is this... Is he

Mr. Edward, who was said always with a poker face was actually know how to make jokes.

The members of the shooting team still remembered what their boss had told them, so they didn't know
what to do.

"I'm so beautiful. What doesn't deserve me? I just wanted to shoot this set of photos!" Angela dodged
him and said willfully. Then her eyes rolled around and hit him on the shoulder unexpectedly. Edward
dodged her with a quick wit. Seeing that, Angela began to attack again.

The two of them chased one after the other inside the studio.

Edward successfully dodged her several times. Seeing that she was continued chasing after him,
Edward stopped. Angela was annoyed by could not run fast with the tight dress. Seeing him stop, she
ran to him and raised the whip. He was not in a hurry to run away, but stood still with a sly smile on his
face. When she was about to bump into him, he reached out and pressed her forehead.

Angela suddenly couldn't move forward. She was so angry that she waved the stick and wanted to hit
him. She was only two centimeters away from him! But there was only two centimeters left!

He couldn't help but grin when he saw that she was fixed in the same place by him and tried her best to
wave her arms but failed to hit him. And she was already a little exasperated. His ridicule was added
fuel to the fire!

Edward not only bullied her with money, but also made her a scene with his tall figure and long hands!
It was so annoying!

The two of them couldn't stop but have a good time, and they had already forgotten that there were still
so many people around them. Seeing such an interesting scene, everyone couldn't help laughing, and
some people couldn't help but secretly take a small video. The photographer was quick to catch up with
the scene that he pressed her head to avoid her to beat him.

Angela was irritated and resented that she would never give up if she couldn't beat him.

She looked at the whip in her hand and said angrily, "if it's not my prop was too short, won't I fail to hit

"How can you blame the whip for your short hand?" He said with a smile.

She took two steps back to avoid his hand that was holding her head. Then she looked around and
saw a stick lying horizontally between the two shelves. She put the whip on the table and walked over
with her heavy dress lifted in her hands.

Angela wanted to take out the stick, but she couldn't. The stick was in the middle of two cabinets, which
were full of vases and some jade ornaments.

She just wanted to use this long stick to teach Edward a lesson. Her anger made her accumulate all
her strength in her hand. With a pull, the stick came out.

"Watch out!" The photographer was busy checking the photos when he saw her holding the stick. The
person in charge of the venue told him not to take that stick

"Edward, you're dead meat!" Angela didn't hear the photographer's words. She held the stick proudly
and waved it at Edward.

Standing not far from her, Edward was about to say with a smile, "have a try." The cabinet behind
Angela suddenly fell down with a squeak.

The wooden cabinets in the studio were all made of wood. The thick cabinets were more than two
meters high, people would either death or disabled if hit by the cabinet!

The smile on Edward's face was replaced by a nervous one, and Angela had realized that danger was

Wearing such a dress, she couldn't walk fast, let alone run away.

"Ah..." She squatted down subconsciously, closed her eyes and held her head.

The jars on the cabinet smashed to the ground, making a crisp sound. She even felt the pain on her
face after being hit by the pieces of the broken bottle. However, one second, ten seconds, one minute...

She clearly felt something rubbing her head, but she didn't feel any pain. She opened her eyes and
saw many people around her, with their hands underpinned the cupboards to keep it from falling.

In a panic, when she saw Lucy who reached out her hand to pull her. "Mrs. Edward, get up quickly!"

Still in a state of shock, she put her hand on Lucy's palm and was pulled away by her.

"Mr. Edward, come out now!" They couldn't hold on any longer and their faces turned red.

"Okay!" Seeing that Angela had left safely, he came out of the cabinet.

Many people surrounded him and helped him to hold the cabinet. They didn't let it go until Edward left.
The cabinet fell to the ground with a big bang. Angela even felt the floor shake.

It was such a big, tall and thick wooden cabinet. If she had been pressed down just now, she would
have died!

With a lingering fear, she looked at the dust cabinet around her and then looked at Edward. His face
turned red and his fair hand was grazed.

The scene that he blocked the hot water for her appeared in her mind again. The scald on his back
hadn't healed yet. This time, she almost killed him!

Angela couldn't help but tremble, holding Lucy's hand more and more tightly.

"It's all right now!" Lucy felt that her hands were cold and her body was trembling, so she helped her sit
on the chair.

Lucy was a friend of Hilda. She had heard from Hilda that her brother was very strict. If she did
something wrong, she must be punished severely. Although Mrs. Edward was almost hit, it was Mr.
Edward who was injured. This scolding must be inevitable!

Lucy wanted to comfort her, but she only said, "it's all right now!" She couldn't think of saying anything
more. After all, she was also frightened.

Angela also knew that she had made trouble again. Her feet were so weak that she sat down with the
help of Lucy. She kept her eyes on Edward until he took a few deep breaths and turned to look into her
eyes. He was daunting even he was not angry. And currently, his sullen eyes frightened her so much
that she did not have the courage to look back at him.