Keep you in my arms

Chapter 142 Don't Touch Me, Edward!

Her heart was cold, but she could only pretend not to see anything. Noticing her small movements and
the suddenly gloomy eyes, Edward grabbed her arm and explained, "it's not what you think!"

What was that?

She waited eagerly for his explanation.

Edward wanted to explain, but he didn't know where to start. After a long while, he said, "give me some
time. I will give you a reasonable explanation."

With a flash of disappointment, she said, "in fact, you don't have to explain to me. We can cooperate
according to the original agreement."

Although she said in a calm tone, her desperate eyes made him anxious. He grabbed her arm to stop
her from leaving. "I just At the time when he was young and ignorant, he destroyed her. Angela, I only
feel guilty for her."

At that time, he will explain to you that the woman in the bar is just his cousin, or the woman he owed,
so he cares more. In this way, wouldn't it be natural for you to forgive him? ——

Guilt? It was just as what Chuck said. So should she forgive him as he wished? What's the point of it if
she vent all her frustration and the two of them just struggle to blush?

"Yes! I see. Let's go back." She sneered in the bottom of her heart, but forced herself to make a slightly

Anyone could tell how insincere this farfetched look was. Edward wanted to say something more, but
he stopped in the end.

When they returned to the hotel, there were only the two of them left. He said, "I want to tell you
everything about Vanessa."

She was more or less touched by his willing of explanation. She took out a bag of antipyretics, poured it
into a glass and melted it with boiling water. "Go ahead," she said.

"When I was in junior high school, I saw my father with another woman. Later... I often saw him with
different women. My mother often cried in the hall at night. I don't like to go home. I always go back late
for doing homework. At that time, Vanessa often went back home very late too. She is not as smart as
you. She always works hard, but her grades are poor. At that time, I wondered how could there be such
a stupid person in the world. It was such a simple question. She made a mistake three times, and
would be wrong again. One day, she was solving a problem of the triangular function. It was really
simple, but she thought about it for half an hour. After I finished all my homework and didn't want to go
home, I couldn't help telling her how to solve it. Gradually, it became a habit. At that time, we were
young and naive, didn't know what romance was, but curious. She said she liked me, and I didn't reject
her, so we were together. After my father knew about it, he tried every means to force her to leave. I
couldn't get in touch with her these years. If it weren't for me, she might not have been exiled to that
kind of place..."

He kept staring at the glass on the tea table, without looking into her eyes.

She saw that his eyes were still far-reaching, but he had no intention of continuing. She took a deep
breath and asked, "is that all?"

"Yes! That's all the story!" He looked into her eyes and nodded solemnly.

The moment he responded, all her trust and hopes collapsed.

She turned her head away and took a deep breath before she looked into his eyes. Then she slowly
took out a bank card from her pocket, put it on the table, and pushed it to him.

She had been staring at his indifferent face all the time. When he saw the bank card, his face turned

"Miss Vanessa asked me to tell you that she didn't spend a penny of the money you have transferred to
her over the past decade." When Angela said this, her voice was trembling, and at that moment, tears
also flowed out.

If that was all the story he had with Vanessa, why did he give her money? If that was all, why did he
deliberately hide it from her? If that was all, why did he panic when he saw this bank card?

It was not she didn't give him another chance, but he let her down too much. For the whole fifteen
years, the money he gave her was enough for an ordinary person to live for a lifetime. "In the past
fifteen years, he has been paying me monthly, from ten thousand to seventy thousand. How can I still
be angry? When I left that year, I only wanted peace, but I didn't expect to disturb the three people."

So... He was the one who couldn't let go of Vanessa, not her.

Edward wasn't expect that Vanessa would ask Angela to hand over him the bankcard, he was shocked
and didn't know how to explain. He stood up and wanted to hold her, but he had no confidence.

That night, she went to bed early because of a cold. After he finished his work, he also lay on the bed.
He gently wanted to hold her waist so that he could holding her to sleep. When she felt his action, she
quickly hid out.

Did she hate him so much?

Her aversion made him panic. He was afraid that she would leave him. In a hurry, he held her in his
arms more and more tightly. Angela sensed his panic, but she remained unmoved.

Just as they said, men and women were different. They were all like this. Holding one in bed, they
could think of another!

At such a late night, when he held her in his arms, would he miss Vanessa too?

She struggled a little, but she couldn't escape from his grip, so she simply ignored him.

Seeing that she had calmed down, he felt a little relieved. He rubbed her head with his chin and said
gently, "I'm sorry... I promise that I only feel guilty for her."

I'm sorry? If it weren't for the fact that Vanessa had given her the bank card, would he intend to be
perfunctory over? If they just fell in love, why did he send money to Vanessa? Why did he hide it?

She thought angrily, but gave him no response.

Seeing that she was silent but didn't resist, Edward kissed her neck.

"Don't touch me, Edward." She closed her eyes and said angrily.

Why did he have another woman in his heart and she has to be pleased him in his bed? Even if he still
had her in his heart, she didn't want such a love without self-esteem.

Her words were like a knife stabbing into his heart. Although he felt vigorous pain of his heart, he was
afraid of irritating her. He held her in his arms without moving. Although he just held her quietly, he was
afraid of losing her and kept exerting himself.

The next day, it was already ten o'clock in the morning. She was still in her dreaming. It had been more
than an hour for him lay beside her and quietly looking at her beautiful sleeping face since he woke up.

In the past, he always got up as soon as he woke up. But when he heard her even breathing, he
wanted to take another look at her face, which finally had no hatred and coldness.

She was so attractive that even made him, a man who has a pure heart and few desires to stay still on
the bed after woke up.

When he saw her frown occasionally, he would guess what she had dreamed of. When he saw her hair
scattered on her face, he would gently pull it away...

At ten twelve, she took a deep breath and frowned uncomfortably. After sleeping for another five
minutes, she opened her eyes. She looked into Edward's eyes. One was in a trance, and the other was

"Are you awake?" He gently unveiled the hair on her forehead and smiled.

It was really good to see her when he woke up!

When she saw his eyes, she was completely awake and slapped his hand away. Because she didn't
want to see him, she turned her back to him.

He had made up his mind this morning. It was indeed his fault that he didn't confess, but he would
slowly make up for it.

He approached her and hugged her from behind, as if nothing had happened. He asked gently, "don't
you want to get up yet? Aren't you hungry?"