Keep you in my arms

Chapter 151 I Won't Hide Anymore

Angela lowered her head and pulled her hand out of Lucy's palm out of fear. Her hands were clenched
in her lap.

Edward walked over step by step and stood in front of her. She felt a heavy stone pressing on her
heart, making her out of breath. She felt that the person above her was staring at her for a few
seconds, and then she saw him pick up the whip beside.

His hand was fair, slender and good-looking, but now it was bruised and grazed.

Angela was so scared that she almost killed him! But she was the one who did the wrong thing. Her
father had said that the one who did the wrong thing was the least qualified to cry.

Fear and guilt were both entangled in her heart, but she held back the tears in her eyes and pursed her

This time, she wouldn't fight back.

Edward squatted down and knelt on one knee. Then he stretched out his hand to open her tightly
clenched hands because of nervousness and held them.

Huh? From the strength and the touch, why did she feel a trace of comfort?

Angela thought it must be her illusion and her heart was still hanging in her throat.

Seeing that she still didn't raise her head, he gently put the whip in her palm. When she was in a daze,
his eyes were soft, and there was a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
dodged. I shouldn't have bullied you. You almost got hurt by the cabinet."

She suddenly raised her head, her face full of surprise.

What did he just say? Was he apologizing? Did she hear it wrong?

With a faint smile, Edward held her hand on her thigh and gently stroked it to comfort her.

Her hair fell from her forehead, and her guilty eyes showed a blank expression, embarrassed and

Usually, he looked at her with cherish, let alone now she was trembling, aggrieved, guilty and stunned.
He would have held her in his arms and comforted her if not being in front of so many people, let alone
blaming her.

"You, you... Don't blame me? " Angela widened her eyes in disbelief.

"Do you still want to hit me? I won't hide anymore. " He looked up and met her slightly surprised eyes.

I was wrong. I shouldn't have dodged. I shouldn't have bullied you. You almost got hurt by the cabinet.

Do you still want to hit me? I won't hide anymore. ——

When she was a child, she was naughty and always made trouble. She spilled the soup and broke the
bowl. When she was in primary school, middle school and high school, it seemed that she always liked
to make trouble. She was complained by other parents that she bullied her classmates, that she broke
the window, and that she was punished by the teachers... Sometimes, when her father heard this, he
would directly pick up the clothes rack next to him and hit her on the shin without saying anything.

She had always been scolded by her parents because she liked to make trouble since she was a child.
However, after she met him, it seemed that she was the most wronged one in all troubles. Every time it
was her who made trouble and it was her who hurt him, but he never blamed her in a tone.

He had a cold face. Shouldn't he be angry and lose his temper? But he comforted her instead!

With his eyes wide open, the mist that had been filled with fear suddenly surged up. She couldn't help
but burst into laughter, crying and laughing. She even raised her whip and hit him on the shoulder. "You
are so stupid! You always look for trouble! "

Seeing her smile, he was finally relieved. Then he stood up and held her in his arms, whispering, "From
now on, even if you hold a knife, I won't hide."

She couldn't help but burst into tears, but with a hint of sweetness. "That's what you said!"

This time, she didn't reject his intimacy. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his waist, pressed her
cheek against his abdomen, and closed her eyes to enjoy his comfort.

From now on, even if you hold a knife, I won't hide. ——

She built a towering tower in her heart and locked herself on the top of it, tightly closing the door. After
climbing up the tower, Edward finally waited that she opened a window and gave him a moved face.
However, none of them had ever thought that this sweet joke, with sunshine breaking into her heart,
was destined to smash them to pieces