Keep you in my arms

Chapter 152 Are We A Troubled Couple

At ten twenty in the evening, in the hotel room.

After taking a shower and drying his hair, Edward walked to the bed and found that the woman was
sleeping soundly. He tiptoed to the bed, turned off the light and hugged her from behind as usual. The
woman in his arms turned over and rubbed against his chest.

She was like a coquettish kitten. But she was tired and frightened today, and the next few days would
also be very tired, so he didn't want her to be tired again.

Edward held her contentedly, but didn't see her smile.

From the south to the Maldives, Angela was full of energy at the beginning. But in the last few days,
she was listless liking an eggplant beaten by frost.

In order not to mess up her appearance, she couldn't relax even when she was resting. On the last day
in Maldives, her feet had been scraped by high heels. Lucy asked her assistant to look for band aids.
Seeing this, Edward came over and asked, "What's wrong?"

"My feet are scraped." Angela sat on the chair and looked up.

Seeing her aggrieved face, he squatted down and held her feet in the palm of his hand to look at it

Angela rarely wore high-heeled shoes. The skin on her feet was fair and flawless, and it was more
delicate than women who often wore high-heeled shoes. When they were taking photos in the south,
Angela was wearing traditional wedding shoes and didn't hurt her feet. In the past few days of
photographing in Maldives, every set of clothes was matched with high-heeled shoes. In fact, her feet
had been worn out on the afternoon of the first day. In result of the accumulation of hurt, the skin on
several parts of her ankle was broken.

"It's so serious. Why did you deal with it so late?" Edward looked up with cold eyes. Lucy and her
assistants were too scared to say a word.

After getting along with Lucy for several days, Angela became familiar with her. Lucy was good at
taking care of people and always looked at her. It was not her fault. However, Lucy was bold, why was
she frightened to not know what to say because of Edward's words?

She hurriedly pulled his hand and said, "It's normal to be scraped wearing high heels! I just thought that
I could put up with it! "

"Then don't wear it! Lucy, bring me some flat shoes. " As soon as Mr. Edward gave the order, Lucy
asked her assistant to fetch it.

"No! I don't want to wear flat shoes! " Angela stopped her.

"There's still an afternoon left! And there will be a whole day tomorrow. Are you sure? " Edward

She nodded, "Yes! I don't wear flat shoes! "

Angela was not a woman who would ignore her own health for her beauty, so it made him a little
curious. He couldn't think of any reason, so he asked, "Can you tell me the reason?"

She didn't hide anything and complained, "It's all because of you. Why are you so tall? If I don't wear
high-heeled shoes, can I take the photos with you? "

Surprised, Edward chuckled, "So, that's why you don't want to wear flat shoes?"

Although it was not her fault that she was not tall enough, she still felt a little embarrassed. Not only
Edward, but also the people around them couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Lucy thought Angela was more and more adorable. She said sincerely, "This is the cutest height
difference! This is popular nowadays! "

"Forget it, Lucy. You don't have to comfort me! I don't depend on my height. It's not my fault to be short.
Besides, there are high heels. With the help of tools, I can still take photos with him! " She said half
jokingly and half seriously.

His little wife could always say something unexpected to him. Sometimes, he really wanted to know if
her brain structure was different from others! His displeasure was swept away. He pinched her cheek
and said, "Silly!"

"You are the fool! Your whole family are stupid! " Angela dodged him and said.

Edward didn't play with her. He stopped smiling and then he walked towards the photographer. After a
while, he came back. The photographer's assistant ran over and asked, "How do you feel, Mrs.
Angela? Can we take the next set of photos now? "

"Sure!" Although she was still very tired, she wanted to go back to the hotel to have a rest as soon as

When Angela was about to put on her high heels, Edward said, "Don't wear it. Give it to me!"


"You don't need to wear high-heeled shoes in the next group of photos." Edward took her high-heeled
shoes and squatted in front of her, "Come on, I'll carry you."

Seeing that she was confused, the photographer's assistant explained, "Mr. Edward said his wife's feet
were broken, so he asked if he could take them in another way. Considering your feet, Mrs. Angela, we
suggest that you can take a group of photos of the bridegroom carrying the bride walking along the

coastline. The scenery here is good and it will be beautiful when it is shot. But Mr. Edward will work
harder. "

"Carry me on his back? How long will it take? " Angela took a look at the long coastline. It would take a
person dozens of minutes to walk alone, wouldn't it? It was too hard for him to take photos with her on
his back!

"It's hard to say. It depends on the process of taking photos." The assistant explained.

"It doesn't matter. Come on." Said Edward.

After hesitating for a while, she lay on his back. She was 1.60 meter tall and weighed less than a
hundred. She was quite light. After he carried her on his back, the staff straightened her dress.

Edward walked to the designated position and stood up with her on his back.

The blue sea, the blue sky, the golden sand beach, and the elegant wind. Not only the scenery was
beautiful, but also the light was good. Of course, in order to get a good result, the staff would hold an
umbrella for them before they started shooting, but they would be exposed to the scorching sun when
they took photos.

Angela felt hot even in a cool dress, not to mention that he was in a suit.

The strong light of the scorching sun was even hotter. Seeing that the photographer had not been
officially about to shoot, she covered the sun with her hands for him. Edward felt that there was no
sunlight burning his eyes, and then he found her small movements. His heart was slightly warm. He
turned his head and smiled. "Are we a troubled couple like this?"

She blushed and was about to put down her hand when the photographer shouted, "Don't move!"

She blushed and used two hands to sunshade him. He carried her on his back, turned his head slightly
and smiled. Their eyes were full of love.

No one would doubt that they were a loving couple.

On the evening of the 21th day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, all the members of the Xu
Family were in the hotel. Angela came in a hurry. When she opened the door, Mrs. Darcy complained,
"You are going to get married. How rash you are!"

"Am I in a hurry to see you and dad?" Ignoring her mother's rare sternness, Angela held her in her

"Have you moved all your things here?"

"No, Edward said he would arrange someone to send here."

"Why do you still call him by his full name? It seems that you are not close to him."

Angela was stunned and stuck out her tongue.

"Go to take a shower and eat something to rest!" Her mother let her in and closed the door again.

The old woman of the Yan Family attached great importance to the wedding of Edward, and she
insisted to follow the old traditional process. This meant that Angela didn't have to sleep tonight. Angela
had been weak since she was a child. If she didn't sleep all night and on the second day she had to
take photos with guests, propose a toast and so on, Darcy was afraid that she would be too tired to
hold on!

Angela sat down on the sofa and put her bag aside. "It's only four o'clock in the afternoon. How can I
fall asleep?"

"Would you like some tea?" Shawn asked her while pouring a cup of tea. Angela took a look at her
second elder sister, Ella, whose belly was slightly bulging. Then she smiled and said, "Sister, what did
my brother-in-law give you? Are you so fat? "