Keep you in my arms

Chapter 153 He Who With Massive Money But Few Words Will Die Early!

"What are you talking about?" Angela was always so straightforward. Darcy really felt that no matter
how hard she tried, she couldn't teach her well.

Ella laughed, touched her belly and said, "ha-ha-ha... If Edward can work harder at night, you will soon
become so fat!"

"Ha-ha... Ha-ha-ha..."

Seeing the three people laughing happily and hearing Ella's words, Angela understood what was going
on. She blushed and mumbled, "I don't want to get pregnant..."

If she was pregnant, how could she have time and energy to study?

Darcy patted her head and said, "you're old enough not to talk nonsense! If you marry someone and
don't have a son or a daughter, how can you gain a foothold in his family?"

"What do you mean by that? It seems that giving birth to a baby is to consolidate your position in the
family? Do you think it's the fight for favor in the imperial harem?" Angela retorted as she was rubbing
her aching head.

"No matter what age it is, you will be looked down upon by their family if you don't have a baby.
Besides, if you don't have a baby, who will take care of you in the future?" Darcy frowned again, "you'd
better give birth to a son! If you can't have a son with such a rich man like Edward, you can't guarantee
that he'll have a child with another woman."

"It's not that I'm afraid of it. Said Shawn. It's just that it doesn't matter if you have more children under
the permit of the economic condition. According to the economic condition of the Yan Family, they can
receive superior education no matter how many children you have. Besides, they will definitely hire a
nanny. You also have time to do your own things. What does it matter?"

The problem was that she and Edward just reached an agreement to get married and they were just
boyfriend and girlfriend. How could they give birth to a baby so soon? Besides, if she had a baby, how
could she concentrate on her study?

"I'm still young!" She smiled awkwardly and then lowered her head to drink tea.

"Alas! You are still young, but Edward is already thirty-five years old! Give birth to the baby as soon as
possible. When the baby grows up, Edward will be old!" The age of Edward was always a thorn in
Darcy's heart.

"Edward is 35 years old now. If you two have a baby next year, and if your child graduates at the age of
23, he will be 58. If your child still needs to study abroad or go to graduate, then he will be in his fifties
by the time he graduates..." Shawn calculated roughly.

Therefore, if she gave birth to a baby at the age of twenty-eight, that was to say, three years later, their
child would finish reading and then Edward would be sixty-five to seventy years old!

No wonder the people of the Yan Family were so anxious!

"So, if he has a child now, that can also be called he has January chicks..." Angela frowned and said

"Why are you looking for an elder! It's okay if he live longer. But what if you are being left alone and
old?" When Angela got old, she would probably be gone. Who would take care of her daughter? Tears
welled up in Darcy's eyes again.

Seeing her mother crying, Angela became a little anxious! She said, "aren't you looking forward to my
marriage? I'm getting married. Why are you crying again?"

"How can I not worry about you if you marry him? He is so rich. And still looks so young in his thirty-five
years old. When you have a child in the future and get old, I'm afraid that he will find another woman.
Besides, he is much older than you. What if he leaves early and leaves you alone? If you can have a

Angela has a headache like a Monkey King being cursed. Seeing her nagging, she interrupted her,
"wait... So, if I give birth to a baby, I will grow old. Then I won't have a baby, okay?"

"That would be worse! If you don't have a son, you will have no status. At that time, you will be old and
have no son to rely on. Even if he doesn't abandon you, when you are seventy years old, who knows if
he is still alive or not. Then who will take care of you?"

So, should she get married or not? Should she have a baby or not?

"In that case, she will live alone for the rest of her life whatsoever. How about I divorce him before the
wedding starts?" She muttered.

"You naughty girl!"

Seeing her mother's angry face, Angela interrupted her immediately, "all right! All right! Look, he is so
handsome, and so is my son! He is so rich. I will have a son in the future. When my son inherits his
family business, he will leave much earlier than me. Isn't this property all mine? Isn't that mine? Look,
at that time, I will have a rich and handsome son, and no one will restrain me, isn't it good? !"

"Angela..." No one would expect her husband to leave early? Although Ella thought it was funny, it
seemed that Angela had gone too far.

"Ha-ha-ha..." Shawn couldn't help laughing and said, "well, didn't people say that it's best to find a
boyfriend in IT Industry? 'who will die early with massive money but few words', ha-ha-ha... Edward

didn't talk much and the IT men also worked for him. He was richer and most importantly, he was
handsome! Your child must be very beautiful in the future!"

"You... What are you talking about?" Darcy was really pissed off by her two daughters.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door. Shawn walked over and opened the door and
happened to see the indifferent face of Edward, who was followed by several people with bags in their

The four women in the room were all stunned. Just as Angela thought, everyone was afraid that they
would hear what Angela said just now. Angela felt a little guilty. Seeing him, she stood up and asked,
"Why are you here?"

Didn't he say that he had a meeting in his company and wouldn't come today?

"What? Aren't you happy that I'm here?" His tone was indifferent, and his eyes were unfathomable. No
one could tell what his emotion was.

"Yes! Why am I unhappy?" She was afraid of this kind of his expression most. She couldn't tell whether
he had heard it or not.

Then he walked in and greeted Darcy, "Hello, auntie."

"you are coming?" Darcy smiled awkwardly and gestured for her eldest daughter and second
daughters to help for the things.

Angela looked at the bags and asked curiously, "Why are there several more?"

"Yes, mom bought those two bags. That bag..." He rubbed his head with a headache and continued,
"last time uncle Huang's son got married, the bride wore eighteen golden pigs on her neck, so this time

my father bought twenty."

"Twenty? !" Although this thing was not too heavy, but there was a certain weight with the Phoenix
crown. Did they want to hang her neck?


"Well..." Angela grabbed his arm and said, "as I said, jewelry is more expensive, isn't it? How about I
wear those? This golden pig..."

Thinking of the rows of golden pigs with smiles on their faces, Angela felt inexplicably happy. It would
be ridiculous if she had so many pigs on her? Moreover, they would definitely take photos at that time.
With the family background of the Yan Family, they would definitely be on the news. She didn't want it!

"You can wear jewelry only when you change into wedding dresses, and wear golden pigs when you
are dressing on cheongsam."

"I don't want..." She pulled his sleeve and said with a sad face, "I don't want to wear it, Edward. My
mother also asked me to bring six pairs of bracelets, and your mother also gave me ten pairs of dragon
and Phoenix bracelets. How long is my arm? How can I wear so many?"