Keep you in my arms

Chapter 155

As soon as she saw his hand, in front of so many people, she wanted to avoid it but she dared not. So
she braced himself and stood there. Until his hand gently touched her neck and flicked a bit on her

Fortunately, his tall body blocked her from being seen by others. Although Angela covered her head
with a red veil, she could still see the scene below his chest.

"You are not stupid. You know to eat something." He said lightly, but full of affection.

All of a sudden, her face turned red and even her ears turned red. Noticing her difference, he held her
hand and said, "it's not your fault."

There must something wrong with her head if she ate nothing! Of course she had to eat when she was
hungry! How could he blame her!

"Brother, sister-in-law, grandma is urging us. They said that we can't delay the auspicious time!" Seeing
the two whispered with each other sweetly, Hilda urged them.

His fair and long hand held hers and they walked inside step by step.

"Your hands are as soft as a catkin, and your skin is as smooth as milk." other than the words "soft"
and "slender" of a woman, this sentence was also suitable to describe him! For a woman who has a
crush on beautiful hands, the good-looking hand of Edward was a fatal temptation! What a beautiful
hand! How would be well that if only she could be held by him all her life!

Step by step, she suddenly became a little nervous.

"Watch out the stairs."

He whispered in her ear gently. At that moment, her heart seemed to be swept by goose feathers, soft
and itchy.

As soon as they entered the door, the voice of grandma Carol came, "Moo moo, you finally live up to
grandma's painstaking efforts and deceived a daughter-in-law back!"

The grandma's words surprised everyone present. Only Hilda was so bold that she burst into laughter.
Angela was stunned at first, and then she couldn't help but chuckle.

Edward was speechless...

"Ahem..." He coughed to warn the two of them not to make a fuss with their grandmother. Then the two
of them restrained themselves and showed a serious expression.

However, the grandma didn't care about other people's reaction. She smiled happily and came over
again. She held Angela's hand and said, "Oh, my good girl, I finally expect you to come to the Yan
Family. Although the Yan family is a little harsh and men are not reliable, but you can rest assured that
as long as I'm here, I won't let you suffer."

Puff... How could she say that about her grandson?

Carol touched her smooth hand and looked at her with affection.

Thinking of what grandma Carol had said to her alone in the hospital, Angela couldn't help smiling and
said obediently, "yes..."

"The incense is ready!"

Not long after grandma Carol finished speaking, someone handed her three incenses. With the incense
in one hand, Edward took her hand and walked a few steps forward. It was not until then that she

discovered that there were a shrine, candles, and all sorts of rare things in front of her.

She followed Edward and bowed for three times, gave the incense to him. He inserted it into the
censer. When she thought she could go to the hotel, Hilda said, "Dad, the ancestral hall is also ready!"

"They've already finished bowing here. We can go over now!"

Ancestral hall? The S City had already been urbanized, especially in the center of the city. There was
no ancestral hall at all. But outside the pass, there were many, but the vast majority of them were
ancestral hall of hundred surnames. Later, Edward told her that the ancestors of the Yan Family were in
C City, where they worshiped sacrifice rite. Since their grandfather's generation, the Yan Family moved
to the S City. Except for the important ceremony, they seldom went back. Most of the time, apart from
being shrewd in business, business people also needed luck. Besides him, the people of the Yan
Family all believed in heavenly destiny and believed that the sacrifice rite should not be forgotten.

So, Grandpa hired a Fengshui master to build an ancestral temple of the Yan Family on the hillside
behind the villa.