Keep you in my arms

Chapter 154 Brother-in-law Is Awesome!

It took nearly ten years for the parents of the Yan Family to expect their baby son to get married. This
not only proved that their son was a normal man who liked women, but also a good opportunity to show
the family background of the Yan Family! Although the gem was expensive, according to the tradition,
wearing a golden pig meant to give birth to two children in three years in a row. With such a good
intention, of course, they hoped that Angela could have more children.

Seeing that she was in a bad mood, Edward stroked her head and said, "don't worry. Just wear it on
the stage and take it off later."

"Okay..." She sighed.

He gently touched her head, and his eyes were as gentle as spring water.

Although Edward was polite and cultivated, he greeted them politely with a faint smile and without
temperature. Only when he looked at Angela, his eyes were so gentle. Seeing this, Darcy's uneasy
heart felt relieved.

At three o'clock in the morning on the 22th June of the Chinese lunar calendar, famous cars slowly
drove to the door of the hotel one by one. Lucy checked Angela's makeup again, and when their
mother said that the auspices hour had arrived, Shawn covered her little sister's head. Wearing a suit,
Barry squatted in front of his sister, while Angela leaned on his back as her mother taught her.

Angela whispered in her brother's ear, "Barry, pay attention to your facial expression. Don't make other
people thought that I am overweight. You have to make others assume you can carry me easily!"

"It's hard for me..." Barry said with a bitter face.

Angela patted him on the shoulder and said, "if you behave well, I'll give you a big red envelope! By the
way, didn't you say that you wanted to buy a SLR camera? If you behave well, I'll buy it for you!"

When Barry heard that she was going to buy him a SLR camera, he was instantly full of energy, and his
waist was a little straight. "I'll send you the link tonight!"

"Ha-ha-ha..." It was the first time that Angela had seen her brother so obedient. She couldn't help

"Don't laugh so happily, or your Phoenix crown will fall!" Shawn reminded.

"Yes! If your crown falls off and Lucy doesn't get in the same car with us, I don't know how to deal with
it!" Lesley said with a smile.

It was not until then that she came to her senses. She restrained herself a little and said to her brother,
"you are really my dear brother. Remember, relaxed and relaxed."

"Sister, I think the best choice you have made in your life is to marry my brother-in-law. We will the
same luck with you!" Barry had tasted the sweetness before she got married. Just yesterday, when
Edward saw that he was very interested in games, he began to chat with him. He only needed to
change a high equipped computer before he became the top player of the ashes level. Edward
immediately asked someone to install a high-end computer for him, which was the highest level at
present that only the employees in the IT industry could assemble!

"What are you talking about! Barry, I'm telling you, don't always ask for something from others!" She
just had a contractual relationship with him. It was not clear if they would break up or not. She couldn't
let her brother get used to being paid for by Edward.

His sister and brother-in-law looked like a loving couple. How could he think of the truth? He thought
her sister was narrow-minded, so she said, "sister, my brother-in-law is so rich. Wasn't he just bought
me a computer? Why are you so stingy? And felt sorry for him... Oh, no, felt sorry for your money?"

"No matter how rich he is, he is not ours. He is from the Yan Family! We can't let others think that we
are greedy for their money!" Angela said that she wanted to pay him the bill of the SLR camera, but
she didn't mean to spend Edward's money. Besides, she must talk to Edward nicely. She couldn't let
him spoil her brother like this. If she broke up with him one day, she would never be able to pay her

It was true that the education of the Xu Family was that they were not allowed to spend other people's
money. Although Barry thought what his sister said was right, he always felt something strange. It was
not until a long time later that he realized that his sister, Angela, had only married someone, but her
heart was outside the Yan Family at the moment.

Barry carried his sister to the gate of the hotel. When he saw luxury cars one after another like a long
line, he was shocked and excited. "Wow... Sister, brother-in-law is so awesome... I didn't expect that he
was so rich but was blind to fall in love with you."

What did he mean by saying that he was blind to fall in love with her?

She patted her brother on the shoulder and said angrily, "Hello! Speak in a normal way! SLR camera!
SLR camera!"

"Hmm... My sister is so beautiful. She is perfect for someone as rich, handsome and talented as my

"Can you behave yourself?" Angela rolled her eyes from the bottom of her heart.

"Can I buy a single lens reflex with integrity?"

"……" Angela believed that if it was in the old times, she would definitely be sold by her brother!

Both Lesley and Shawn couldn't help but cover their mouths and smile.

What Angela didn't know was that she had already been sold by her brother...

After the bride entered the car, the family of the bride, bridesmaids, sisters and so on all got into the
designated car one after another. The black car couldn't cover up the warm and happy atmosphere.

The parents of the Xu Family went directly to the hotel. Looking at the wedding car which was fading
away, Angela's mother, Darcy, was uneasy.

Seeing his wife's sad face, Walter asked, "don't you always talk about it? Angela has been spoiled
since childhood. If she is willful and unreasonable, you're afraid that she won't get married. Now, she's
not only get married, but also marry into a rich family. Why do you put on a long face again?"

"Have you forgotten the fortunetelling in the temple last year?"

"I can't believe it all! I think Edward is a good man! Although the Yan family is rich, they don't look down
upon us these days, do they?"

"I always feel uneasy. The mother and daughter are connected. I'm afraid it's a bad indicating!"

"Look at you. You always worry about nothing, don't you? Well, don't think too much. If they really don't
get along well with each other, it's their fate." Walter patted his wife's hand indifferently, but felt a little
uneasy also.

At the door of the villa on the other side, Edward stood there. Although he was as cold as usual, he
clenched his hands nervously in his pockets.

"They are coming!" Hilda said excitedly when she saw the car coming from afar. Anna was nervous and
excited. Even the usually serious Jonson had a happy smile on his face.

Subconsciously, Edward moved his tiptoes a little. He turned his head a little and looked at the car
driving slowly, hoping them to speed up...

Finally, the car stopped in front of him. According to the rules, Barry got off the car, opened the door for
Angela and opened the red umbrella. Angela straightened her dress and walked out carefully. Barry
reached out to pick her up. The two of them were not in a hurry or slow, but in the eyes of Edward, he
wished he could go straight over and hold her out.

When Edward reached out and took her hand from Barry, he felt finally at ease. He finally married her...

He couldn't help smiling. He held her and whispered, "I heard that the bride can't eat anything. Can you
hold on?"

She froze and didn't know how to answer.

Twenty-three minutes ago, she got on the car and lifted the hood. Then she complained, "why can't the
bride eat? If you don't eat anything, how can you have the strength to get married?"

While complaining, she said to Lesley, "give me my bag!"

Lesley handed the bag to her and she immediately took biscuits out to eat.

"Angela, you broke the rules!" Lesley reminded.

"People are iron and food is steel. How can we not eat? I haven't eaten anything since two o'clock in
the morning! If I starve to death, how can I get married?" She had hypoglycemia. She had been hungry
for the whole morning, but she didn't dare to eat because her mother had been beside her. Besides,
she and Edward were not really married. It doesn't matter not to be discovered for breaking the rules!

Barry had long been used to his sister's unruly behavior. He turned over calmly and reached out his
hand, "sister, I want to eat too!"

Lesley said, "in fact, I'm hungry too... I want it too!"

Angela finished eating and drank some water.

"I feel like I'm back to life!"

In the rear view mirror, Angela finished eating and tidied up her image.

The driver of the car was Uncle Cowell, who had worked in the Yan Family for more than twenty years.
Seeing Angela behave like this, he couldn't help laughing in his heart. He had watched Edward grow
up. He always thought that Edward was too cold and indifferent, as if he was otherworldly. If he married
such a lively and graceful girl, the Yan family would be more like a family?!

Uncle Cowell couldn't help laughing, but he didn't say anything.

"Uh..." Angela couldn't help burping when she heard what Edward said.

She was so full in the car just now that she couldn't help herself!

Edward was stunned, looked at her for a while and found that her collar and mouth were stained with
biscuit crumbs.

Sure enough, his little wife was not a obedient woman.

He reached out to her neck.