Keep you in my arms

Chapter 156 It's Not Easy To Be The Daughter-in-law Of The Yan Family

"Be careful. There are steps ahead." He held her and reminded her.

Lesley said with a smile, "the brides has done what the bridesmaid should do. As her bridesmaid, I'm

The groomsman, Aaron, smiled and said, "I didn't expect that the cold Moo moo would become a slave
of his wife one day."

Hearing the discussions of the two people behind her, Angela wanted to retort, "you think too much. He
is just afraid that I will fall and lose his face." Because as soon as she stepped into the ancestral hall,
someone greeted her, but she had no time to respond.

She followed Edward to the front and heard someone ask, "can we start now?"

"Let's begin!" Replied Jonson.

Then she heard that the host was reciting some simple words of invitation, which sounded a little
similar to the Nine Songs. As the Red Veil covered her head, she could only see the sacrificial offerings
on the altar, which were all good things like peanuts and garnet.

After the host finished reading some words, he threw the Yin Yang cup away. Then he smiled and said,
"the ancestors of the Yan Family are very satisfied with this daughter-in-law. She is the holy cup now."

The people of the Yan Family also had a smile on their faces. At this time, Anna handed over three
books, "Angela, you can recite the rules of disciples and the words of criticism slowly in the future. The
other one is sorted out by our ancestors. It's about how to teach a husband and children. You can read
it slowly in the future."

"! ! !" Slowly reciting? To be the daughter-in-law of the Yan Family, she had to recite these things?

Lesley who was stood next to her was also surprised, but she took it for her.

Holding her hand, Edward reminded her in a low voice, "what are you thinking about? Why didn't you
say anything?"

In such an era, how could she recite the rules of disciples? It wasn't that she resist to recite it, but it
was not easy to remember a whole book! She was going to take a test. How could she waste so much
time on it? Why didn't Edward tell her about it in advance?

"Okay..." She forced a smile and said, "thank you, auntie."

"The ancestors of the Yan Family have agreed. Why do you still call me aunt?" Anna smiled.

Uh... It was not easy to call a stranger mom all of a sudden.

"Mom..." She struggled, but finally called out.

"Yes! Good girl!" Anna had been waiting for this for ten years! As soon as she heard her calling, she
was too happy to say anything!

At eleven o'clock, in the hotel lounge.

Lesley handed her bag to Angela. As soon as she opened it, she saw the three big books. She sighed,
"it's not easy to be the daughter-in-law of the Yan Family!"

"It's indeed not an easy thing to marry a rich man!" Lesley sighed as she only liked science and didn't
like literature.

"The disciples' rules and the Buddhist texts are not bad. If you take the Women's Ring or something
like that, you will be more crazy! But I don't have time to memorize these!"

"It's useful to read these books, but you don't have to memorize them, do you?"

Angela knew clearly about that. Hilda once said that everyone in the Yan Family had to memorize
these three books, especially the rules of disciples. If she did something wrong, she would be punished
to kneel down and write this book from memory.

She told this to Lesley, who said in disgust, "the Yan Family is so abnormal! It seems that I have to
figure it out when I get married in the future. I can't marry someone without thinking. If I take these
things, it will kill me!"

"Maybe you can negotiate on it and write codes instead? Ha-ha..."

Lesley couldn't help laughing and said, "anyway, you are not as bad as I am in terms of literature. I
believe you can recite it soon!"

She wouldn't recite it! She didn't really marry Edward. Why did she has to memory these things?

Angela opened the heat preservation cup, only to find that she had drunk up the water. "Lesley, I have
drunk up the water. I want to drink water!"

She shook the glass of water to her as usual and looked at her eagerly. Lesley glanced at the lounge
and found that the water in the water dispenser was gone. She joked, "you are a bucket! You have
drunk up all the water!"

In fact, when they just came here, there was not much water left. Seeing that she took the thermos
bottle, Angela didn't care about what she said at all. She blinked her eyes and said, "thank you, my
beautiful Lesley!"

"Wait here." Then Lesley walked out of the door.

Lesley closed the door and walked to the end of the corridor. At the corner, she saw a man and a
woman hugging each other. The man had his back to her, but she couldn't see his face, but she felt a

little familiar.

When she was wondering if she should disturb the couple, the woman in her arms cried, "Edward, how
can you be so cruel to me? How can you marry her?"

"! ! !"

Edward?! ! Edward? No wonder she felt this figure so familiar!

Man was really not worth a woman's sacrifice. Before this, she thought that Angela finally met a reliable
man. This man had just finished bowing with Angela, and before the wedding was over, he was
hugging with another woman! No way! She couldn't watch Angela being ruined by a man again!

Lesley took out her phone and took a picture of the scene!

In the photo, the woman held Edward's waist tightly and leaned her head on his shoulder, with tears
dripping. Although she couldn't see her face clearly, but Lesley can remember her clothes very clear.
She planned to figure out which woman was on the wedding scene later. Unfortunately, only the back
of Edward could be seen in the photo.

She thought for a while and decided to ambush here. She would try her best to take a photo of
Edward's face as evidence.

At this moment, a pair of hands suddenly stretched out from her back, grabbed her wrists and covered
her mouth from both sides.

Who is it?!


Under her struggle, he took her away. Seven minutes later, she was taken to the stairs before she was
released. As soon as Lesley was released, she walked a few steps forward to keep a distance from the
kidnapper and turned around to see who he was.

With a smile in his eyes, Aaron said, "don't be afraid. I'm just afraid that you will do something stupid on

This man was the best man of Edward. She heard from Angela this morning that he was Edward's
uncle of the same age with him. She looked at his gentle face. Although he looked harmless, she was
afraid that he was actually a wolf! She sneered, "you helped Edward to cheat on Angela. You are afraid
that I will expose it!"

Are women so sensitive and suspicious nowadays?

"He didn't cheat on her!" He said.

He was on the same side with Edward, so of course he would lie to her. She only believed in her own
eyes, and she never talked nonsense with men. She didn't in a mood to say anything more and just
wanted to walk past him.

The woman looked young, but her eyes were wise and sharp. She was more calm and rational than
Angela. And there was a disdainful look in her eyes, as if she was so furious and going to expose their
lies definitely.

"Alas..." He rubbed his forehead and grabbed her arm to stop her. "You will only hurt Angela!"

Hurt? Was it called happiness to make her immersed in the illusion created by Edward?